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I can't believe that it's almost time for the kiddos to head off to school again. This summer has flown by faster than I wanted it to, and soon we'll be consumed by busy schedules, and school! B is only just starting out in preschool, and will once again attend our Weekday Church School program at church, which is held once a week. I'm no where near ready to think about Back to School Shopping, but low and behold, it's time! B has grown so much this summer that he's already wearing a size 5T in a lot of his clothing pieces (he's still 3 years old, by the way- 4 in October). I have had to keep a pretty good supply of next size up clothing handy, because I never know when the next growth spurt will hit, and he'll need that larger size.

A few weeks ago, I came across Think Geek, when I was doing a bit of online shopping for B's fall clothing. I knew he would need some new t-shirts, and wanted to go ahead and get a few before he headed out for our vacation. Since 1999, Think Geek has offered a place for Geeks to come together, and get their geek on. Think Geek offers a wide selection of all sorts of gifts, apparel, decor and collector items. I was so excited to find Think Geek, because my husband definitely geeks out over some of the things he likes- especially movies, as does his best friend, and B is just starting to get into the world of superheroes, LEGOs, Star Wars, etc.

I was able to select a few items from Think Geek for B, and they arrived packaged in this fun envelope, with the Think Geek monkey logo.

I had a lot of fun shopping around on the Think Geek site. They had such an awesome variety of geeky gifts, and I already made a few notes of things my hubby might like for Christmas (I start Christmas sopping early!).

For B, however, I selected three character t-shirts- a LEGO Movie Tee, Peter Parker Tee, and a HULK tee.

All of the kids superhero t-shirts were brightly colored, and very exciting to look at! I knew B was going to be so surprised, and I couldn't wait to show the tees to him!

B all but 'geeked out' with his daddy, when they opened the shirts!

None of us could pick a favorite right off the bat, but B insisted on wearing the Peter Parker/Spider man shirt first.

B hadn't been feeling particularly well the day the shirts arrived (had a bit of a summer cold), but when I presented him with his new t-shirts from Think Geek, he perked right up, and was ready to play superheroes with us.

The Peter Parker Shirt is a striking blue color, and features a camera, Peter's name tag, a pencil, glasses, and a Spider man t-shirt printed underneath the button down.

B wore his new t-shirt over to Grammy and Papa's house, and couldn't wait to show it to their dog, Syd.

B proudly wore this t-shirt all day, telling us that he was Spider-boy B.

The Peter Parker shirt is soft, comfortable, durable, and has been B's favorite shirt out of the three to wear again and again. He feels super swesome when he wears his Spidey tee!

The next tee that B couldn't wait to wear was the LEGO Astronaut Benny tee from the LEGO Movie.

I don't know a single kid who doesn't love LEGOs. We play with LEGOs daily at our house, and all three of us really get into building. B loves to create with LEGOs, and when we were on our trip, we surprised him with a visit to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. We saved his LEGO t-shirt for the Discovery Center, and B felt so super cool walking around the LEGO place with his LEGO t-shirt on. It just made the experience even more fun for him, and for us!

B, rolling around in a sea of giant DUPLO bricks at LEGOLAND Discovery Center.

The two biggest LEGO fans I know, enjoying a walk through MiniLand!

B really loves his LEGO Astronaut Benny Kids Tee from Think Geek! He loved wearing it at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and has worn it several times since then. This tee is a size 5/6, so it fits him well, and he has a little room to continue to grow into it, which means he can wear it through the fall, and possibly through winter!

Last but not least, B loved his HULK T-shirt, too!

With preschool upon us, I thought the 'H' is for HULK t-shirt was really fun. I wasn't sure if B liked Hulk all that much, but after he saw his older cousin C wearing a HULK t-shirt, B was going HULK crazy! All of the Avengers heroes are looked up to in our house, and HULK definitely makes the list of awesome superheroes in our book!

My little superhero, modeling his HULK shirt!

We have been having so much fun with the superhero t-shirts. We've even been incorportating the superheroes into our Letter of the Week Preschool prep lessons at home! 

A is for Aquaman
B is for Batman
C is for Captain America
D is for Daredevil
E is for Elektra
F is for Flash
G is for Green Lantern...

All of the t-shirts we recived for review from Think Geek are awesome! They all fit B really well, and hold up against daily rough and tumble activities. All of these shirts have already been worn and washed a handful of times. For cleaning, I simply machine wash them in cold water, with like colors, and lay them flat to dry. I can't wait to continue to build B's fun t-shirt collection from Think Geek, because they have such a great selection of infant and kids apparel!

We have a lot of big family events coming up in the next few months, and I think that Think Geek is going to be my go-to shopping destination for gifts for the boys! Cousin C is turning 10, my hubby's birthday is in September, B's 4th birthday is in October (and we're having an Avengers party, per his request), and Think Geek has an incredible selection of gift options for my favorite guys!

Check out some of these cool gift options...

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Helicopter Rescue

Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan

Autobot Logo Tee

LEGO Star Wars Kids Tee

I can't wait to head back to Think Geek to to some more major browsing for gifts! I really want to surprise my hubby, especially, with a really geeky gift for his birthday! If you're looking for the perfect gift for your favorite geek, superhero, etc, or if you just want to add awesome apparel or collector's items to your home, or strike up a geeky office prank war with your cubicle neighbor, Think Geek has everything you could ever dream of finding (and more!).

Ready to Get Your Geek On?

Head on over to Think Geek and take a look around! Shop by category, or interest. You can save on shipping when you spent $75.00 or more, and there is customer service help available 24/7. Each product on the Think Geek site has a clever description, with product info, and plenty of customer photos, showing off their Geekdom with their Think Geek gifts or purchases!

Think Geek is social, and would love to connect with you via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Special thanks to the cool folks at Think Geek for allowing us to review their awesome selection of superhero tees for kids!

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