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Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder and Sr. Contributor, Ondria Witt.

Good Eats- What's For Dinner Tonight?

Tonight is family night out with my parents, our friends Derek and Hannah, after our musicians rehearsal at church. No telling where we'll wind up going... but we'll have to make an effort to be home earlier than usual, because we are trying to stick to a pretty tight bedtime routine with B.

Whatcha Reading?

I haven't been reading a whole lot, myself, other than lots of articles online, about how to deal with separation anxiety in both parents and children. We're weeks away from B starting preschool, and it's going to be quite an adjustment for the two of us.

Listening to Anything Good? 

Jason Grey, Elevation Worship, Jesus Culture, 311, and a mix of this and that on Pandora and Spotify. I have also been listening to tons of children's music, searching for great songs to teach to the kiddos at Weekday Church School this year.

Whatcha Been Watching?

Hubby and I are on Season 3 of Sherlock- we're slowly watching the last 2 episodes, because it will be a long time before we're able to watch new Sherlock episodes, which won't air until sometime in 2015! We also just started watching 'New Girl' on Netflix, from the beginning. Since B is no longer napping during the day, and going to bed around 8 pm, hubby and I have a bit more chill time in the evenings. I think we're both already hooked on this show- it's seriously hilarious.

I Dreamed a Dream of...

I can't remember any dreams from the past week, but poor B has been having trouble getting to sleep. He's noticing shadows, and is higly convinced that the tall desk in our bedroom is a big bear at night-time.

What I'm Lovin' this Week...

My sweet little boy's lovey-dovey nature. B is just being a peach this week, and I am loving it! I am soaking it up like a sponge, knowing that we will soon be spending part of our days apart from one another, three times a week.

I am so Done With...

No longer dating my hubby. Seriously, we have days where we get into bed and ask each other if we had any sort of physical contact at all that day... did we hug today? We get so wrapped up in the go, go, go, and our busy routines, that we forget we're more than just roommates! We're making plans to have a date night this weekend... we need one!

What I'm Looking Forward to...

Spending some time with my dad and pal Derek this Saturday, collaborating and writing some new worship music together. We haven't gotten together to write or record in a long time, because our schedules never seem to allow for it! This has been a long time coming, and I can't wait to see what we can come up with, as we allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.

What are some of the highlights of your week so far? 
Can't wait to hear from you!

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