Get Ready to Head Back to School with Back to School Readiness Week

Truth time: This is my very first ever experience (as a parent) with Back to School time. I have no previous experience, except that of my own from my childhood. My little guy is heading off to preschool for the very first time next week, and we have been busy preparing by attending orientation, open houses, shopping for school supplies, etc. The hardest part, aside for the adjustment that I will have to make, as I will not have my little pal at home with me three mornings out of the week, is prepping B for the preschool experience, and talking through any fears or anxieties he may be having about going to school. Thankfully, Back to School Readiness Week is here, and ready to help parents with the transition of their kiddos heading off to school.

The Nothing But The Truth Publishing-sponsored Back to School Readiness Week begins with the launch of a unique new children's book on the subject, Stewie Boomstein Starts School, that is getting rave reviews from educators, parents, and children alike. Secondly, Readiness week will include daily email tips from child and education specialists that parents can sign up for, as well as special downloads and at-home projects so families can come together around this important issue.


Stewie Boomstein Starts School is a fun and helpful 48-page book that is divided into two parts. Firstly, a fun story about Stewie Boomstein and secondly, there is a parent tips section in the back of the book. The parent tips section includes concrete tips for parents from our interviews with two renowned child and education specialists. Studies have shown that transition practices, such as those we recommendin the tips section at the end of the book, significantly improve a child's academic achievement well beyond kindergarten.

I was able to preview the book through a special e-book copy, and will soon have a hard copy to review with B, which we can't wait to share with you- as well as a special giveaway. At first glance, I know we're going to love this book. I have already read through it, and really love the story. I think the story will be helpful to both parents and children who are anxious about the start of school. The illustrations are whimsical and fun, and the story is engaging for little readers.

The back of the book contains helpful questions from Stewie's mom, and answers from experts, such as how to find out what will be covered in class, and how you as a parent can get on board and continue the learning outside of the classroom. Plus, there are lots of other great questions that many of us have as our children head to school for the first time, with great answers and advice.

Want It? Get It!

During Readiness Week, parents can sign up to get a free Daily Back to School Readiness tip delivered into their inbox. Here is the link to sign up. Back-to-School themed art projects are downloadable on Nothing But the Truth.

Stay tuned for our full review and a special giveaway of Stewie Boomstein Starts School!

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  1. this is a great idea for a book. im sure it will be much needed here


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