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Get Back to Healthy Habits with Blender Bottle #Review + #Giveaway

I hate to admit this, but I am one of those people who is pretty terrible at eating a good breakfast, drinking enough water, taking my vitamins, etc. Basically, self care went out the window after I became a mom, and I've been in denial ever since. This year, I've really started to buckle down, and take better care of myself. This new way of daily life, should have been how I was taking care of myself all along. Now I make much more of an effort to eat a balanced breakfast- at home or on the go, drink way more water than I'm used to, getting in my daily exerise, and I've gotten back to taking a daily multi vitamin.

Sometimes, all it takes to make small changes that will have a big impact, is to have some really awesome and helpful products that just make it easier and more convenient to make the better choice. Blender Bottle offers an array of products, which are designed to allow you to grab your beverage, snack, protein powders, vitamins/supplements, and take them with you, wherever you need to go. The Blender Bottles contain a special stainless steel mixer ball, which allows you to shake/mix your drinks, all in one bottle! Blender Bottle products are BPA free, and the recipe combinations for use with a Blender Bottle are endless!

I was so excited to have been offered the opportnity to try out a few Blender Bottle products. This time of year, we're going, going, going all the time, and it's important to me that we bring along water, and power snacks, no matter where we're headed.

We've got a package from Blender Bottle, and B can't wait to check it out!

Ta- da! We received not one, but two Blender Bottle SportMixers, and the GoStak!

I was thrilled to receive two Blender Bottle SportMixers! I received the 28 oz SportMixer, and the 20 oz SportMixer. The GoStak was going to be perfect for taking along simple snacks, vitamins, etc- but it's also ideal for taking along protein powders, supplement powders, drink mix-ins, etc.

Two SportMixers, and the GoStak- no more excuses!

I couldn't wait to begin using the Blender Bottle SportMixers! I am so glad that I received each size of the bottle, and that they are in girly colors- pink and purple. There's no chance my husband will try to swipe these, unless he is completely desperate! The SportMixer bottles are water bottles- redefined. While they may look like 'just another water bottle,' they are actually so much more than that! Let's explore...

Pink and purple Blender Bottle SportMixers- these BPA free water bottles are available in 12 different colors/color combos, and show liquid measurement in ounces on the side of the bottle.

The Blender Bottle SportMixers have a non-slip grip around them, helping you to easily hold or carry your water bottle with no slippage.

Along with the non-slip grip area, and the measurements being right on the bottle, the Blender Bottle SportMixer also has an awesome top/lid, which is easy on/off, it has a flip top lid, with a loop, which makes for easy carrying by hand, clipping onto bag, etc.

Each Blender Bottle SportMixer contains a small stainless steel mixer ball, which mixes your drink, right in the bottle, and re-mixes, each time you shake the bottle.

There are so many uses for and recipes you can use with the Blender Bottle SportMixers. I truly dislike drinking water. My husband literally has to stand in the kitchen with me, and watch me pour a glass of water to make sure that I am actually getting some water into my system each day. I dislike the taste of water, become nauseated if I drink water when I haven't eaten, etc. Having the Blender Bottle SportMixer is really helping me get much more water in each day, and not only that, it helps me track how much I've had to drink, thanks to the handy measurements, right on the side of the bottle. 

You can use a variety of different ingredients to create your own unique flavored beverage in the Blender Bottle!

Since I dislike drinking plain water, the Blender Bottle SportMixer is really helping to get a flavorful experience. I sometimes use powdered water flavor enhancers, which turn plain water into peach tea, or something of that nature. All I have to do is simply pour the mix in with the water in the Blender Bottle SportMixer, make sure the mixer ball is in the bottle, put the lid on, hold my finger over the cap, shake it up, and it's good to go. The Blender Bottle gives me a smooth mix each and every time- no powdery clumps left floating around in my beverage!

I've also been creative with coming up with my add ins for my water, such as sliced cucumber and mint, orange or lemon slices, and even blueberries and raspberries! They give the water an amazing natural flavor boost, which makes me want to drink even more water!

Now, I keep a Blender Bottle SportMixer beside me at all times of the day!

Having the Blender Bottle SportMixers has been so wonderful! I have stopped drinking coffee after 9 am (I used to drink it until noon!), and am drinking nothing but water from that time on. I keep a Blender Bottle SportMixer near me all day long, and if I leave the house, depending on how long I plan to be gone, either the 28 oz or 20 oz SportMixer comes with me. 

Blender Bottle SportMixer Product Details

Patented BlenderBall® inside
(316 surgical-grade stainless steel)
BPA Free
Phthalate Free
Top rack dishwasher safe
Ounce and milliliter markings
StayOpen™ flip cap
Leak-proof design
U.S. and International patents issued and pending
Designed in the U.S. and manufactured in China.
Product Dimensions:
20 oz: 3.0”(at base) x 3.625”(at top) x 7.75".35 lb.
28 oz: 3.0”(at base) x 3.625"(at top) x 10.0” .40 lb.

Check out some of these amazing recipes others have been mixing up in their Blender Bottles!

I also received the GoStak, which is an incredibly awesome, stackable, portable set of containers for your little snacks, drink mix-ins, protein powders, vitamins, etc. The GoStak is a series of four containers with screw on lids, each container a different size. You can mix and match how you stack the containers, using all of them, or just as many as you need or want. One of the lids has a carry handle, so you can screw that onto the top, and carry all of the containers at once!

Here's the GoStak, all unscrewed and ready to be filled...

I have been using the GoStak to pack and store healthy snacks for me to nibble on through out the day. I have a bad habit of going for the sweet stuff in the house, and if we have cookies lying around, I guarantee that I will break down by 3 pm, and grab a cookie. Pre-portioning out healthy snacks each morning, helps me to stay on track.

I usually fill up the GoStak with a morning snack, a lunch time side, and an afternoon energy booster.

The GoStak containers are the perfect sizes for me to pack baby carrots, clementine slices, dried cranberries, and a spoonful of all natural peanut butter. Whether I am home for the day, or have to be on the go, I make sure that my GoStak is packed and ready. I keep it in the refrigerator, so everything stays fresh, and when we head out the door, the GoStack comes along. There's nothing worse than being out somewhere and craving a snack, and breaking down and stopping for some junk. The GoStak is helping my family to stay focused on eating healthy snacks, no matter where we are!

Break it down and go by 1, 2, 3, or all 4 containers of the GoStak!

My snacks for the day, all stacked and ready!

The GoStak is perfect for anyone on the go, and the containers make it easy to pack healthy snacks. I've packed dried fruits, trail mix, nuts, fresh fruits, fresh veggies, hummus, yogurt, a bit of ranch dressing, etc., in the GoStak for healthy snacking at home, or away. It's a breeze to pack, clean, it's easy to carry, and it's truly awesome!

Use the BlenderBottle GoStak for Just About Anything

GoStak Product Details

Twist 'n' Lock™ system
BPA and Phthalate free
Fits inside BlenderBottle Classic & SportMixer bottles
Freezer safe
Dishwasher safe
Jar diameter: 2.25"
U.S. and International Patents Pending

I don't leave the house without my Blender Bottle SportMixer, or my GoStak!

Bottle Blender products are great for anyone who's on the go, and wants to bring along water, protein shakes, healthy snacks, protein powders, mix-ins, etc. Take your Blender Bottle products to the gym, to work, to school, to play groups, to meetings, to rehearsals, pack the GoStak containers in your child's lunchbox, etc! Don't leave home without your Blender Bottle products!

We love Blender Bottle! Check out their awesome products, including...





Any of these wonderful products from Blender Bottle would make a great gift for college students, athletes, moms on the go, teachers, etc!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Blender Bottle to learn more about their wonderful products, and to browse all of the awesome products that are currently available. Stay connected with Blender Bottle by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube! You can also check out the Blender Bottle Blog for updates, recipes, and more!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own Blender Bottle Prize Pack, containing a Blender Bottle SportMixer, and Blender Bottle GoStak! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older, no PO Boxes, please. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to our friends at Blender Bottle for allowing us to try their awesome products, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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    Desiree Dunbar

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