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A Monthly Surprise with Surprise Ride! {Review and Giveaway}

Summer came to a quick close almost a month ago for us and we are already back to school. Wow, that was a fast summer and we crammed as much fun in as we could. Now that school is back in session, I still want the kids to have some fun in the evenings, between homework and all of our other activities. One thing they always love is getting mail. B gets the mail everyday after school and the first question is "Did I get anything?". Most days it is just unfun stuff like bills and junk mail, but on special occasions, we get fun surprises.

 A Monthly Box of Adventure!
Founded on 3 simple principles-1) Kids are brilliant, 2) Curiosity fuels success, and 3) Everyone loves getting a surprise in the mail, Surprise Ride is a monthly, kid friendly, activity kit, delivered right to your home. Surprise Ride was created by two sisters, Donna and Rosy, who had struggled to find unique gifts for their nephews. The gifts they were searching for needed to add value to the boys' lives, foster creativity, and empower them with experiences. They decided to create their own way to reach out to kids and help them expand their horizons.

Surprise Ride offers a monthly themed kit with hands on learning and fun in one box, delivered to your mailbox. Each box will be full of materials to do fun and exciting activities, while exploring something new in our world.  Surprise Ride has worked with experts to plan the highest quality activities, they have been kids tested, and each box is a complete surprise until it arrives at your door.  With a variety of subscription options (1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month), each box includes a "Checked Bag"-all of the supplies needed to complete the projects for the monthly theme, "Carry Ons"-a book, a snack, or other fun surprises to go along with the ride, and "Travel Guide"-the famous Surprise Ride booklet with lessons on the theme, interesting facts, and ways to continue exploring the theme. The Surprise Ride box is geared for children 6-11, but can be fun for kids of other ages too.

I worked with Surprise Ride, who offered to send us a one month themed box to let the kids play with and explore. It was shipped to B, they like to address it to the child so they feel extra special. I love this! I know my kids love seeing their name on something from the mailbox. I couldn't wait to check out this company, who has even been featured on Shark Tank.

Our Surprise Ride box is here!

One kiddo is super excited to see what came for him.

We were sent the July Themed Box

The first thing we came across is the Surprise Ride Guide. This Guide gave us all the basic information for our Theme--PowWow, American Indians. Our essentials would be designing a dream catcher and creating a tribal drum. Our extras would include a dance rattle, animal slide whistle, worry stone, North American Indian activity book, and a Pop'd Kerns snack. On the back side were all of Surprise Ride's social media links.

B could not wait to see what was inside the actual box now that he knew what should be there.

The box is jammed pack with fun, we could not wait to get it all out and get started.

The Surprise Ride July Themed PowWow box includes all of this:

Once everything had been taken out of the box, we found our PowWow guide. This "Travel Guide" gave us a lot of neat facts about the American Indians and ideas to use throughout our exploration of the box.  


Did you know that the American Indians invented Lacrosse? It was originally known as stickball and is a very popular sport played all over the US today.

Next we browsed the instruction sheets for our two design and create projects. Number one was a dream catcher, it listed the supplies that were included and step by step instructions to complete it.

We also found the supply bag for creating our dream catcher.

On the opposite side was information about creating a tribal drum, again with supply list and step by step instructions. It also included information on what drums are used for in the American Indian culture.

Drum making supplies


We also found a worry stone

A Pop'd Kerns snack

A dance rattle

An animal slide whistle

A North American Indian activity book
Everything that was listed was included and looked really neat to explore. One day after school we let B get started.

His first choice was trying out the Pop'd Kerns snack, "A corn crunch like no other", in original flavor. These kernels of corn are all natural and gluten free and offer just the right amount of crunch. B had a few handfuls and I had a small sample too. Daddy even tried some when he came home. They were very unique in both texture and flavor, we all thought they were decent and different. 

Next it was tribal drum building time. B followed the instructions step by step, using all of the supplies that were included. We needed nothing extra, everything we needed was already supplied by Surprise Ride. I love that I don't need anything, because inevitably I would have been without something we needed to complete this craft on our own.  


 Then we had a small performance with our new creation.

 Showing off the worry stone, ours represents a trickster-how perfect for my silly boy!

S needed to get in on some action too, she found the dance rattle and animal whistle and put on a show of her own.

Big brother also let her do some of the activities in the North American Indian book. She had fun doing the word search all on her own.

She also did the same/different activity.

The last part of the Surprise Ride box was creating a dream catcher. B decided that since he had gotten to make the drum, S could make the dream catcher.


All done with our dream catcher, ready to hang over S's bed.

 Overall, the Surprise Ride box was fun and educational. The activities were hands on and allowed them to explore something they probably would not have on a normal day. I love that they shared this box, even though it was addressed to B. It was a great way for both of them to learn and create together, being 5 and 7 they both were able to handle the information and understand most of the facts.
Want It? Buy It!
 You can join the ride by ordering your monthly box here. Surprise Ride is truly a fun experience that will be different every month. Make sure to read the FAQs for anything you might be wanting to know more about. You can also follow Surprise Ride on their social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, along with their blog and join their newsletter by registering your email at the bottom of the webpage.

Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a monthly box from Surprise Ride. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.
Click on 'Read More' to go to the giveaway entry form.
 Many thanks to Surprise Ride for our July PowWow Box!


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