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Yum! Mystery Chocolate Box Subscription {Review}

I love chocolate, in pretty much most forms, and I have passed that love down to S. She and I will gladly choose chocolate flavored something over fruit like our boys do. I was super excited when Ondria approached me about doing a review that was all about chocolate. This opportunity also involved subscription boxes, which are all the rage right now. Mystery Chocolate Box is a brand new dessert subscription box, but with something extra unique about them.
Mystery Chocolate Box is a completely different experience than normal subscription boxes. It was started by a family, who was using a fun tradition they had of finding interesting chocolates and bringing them home for everyone to taste test and enjoy. The family then sits around the table, tasting the chocolate, and guessing what is in each bar. After everyone has had a chance to guess, they reveal what is in each chocolate they have tasted. This is such a fun experience for them, they felt it would be just as much for others to do too. June 2014 was their first month!
Mystery Chocolate Box is a very simple, yet very exciting sort of game. Every month you will receive a box with 3 mystery chocolate bars. These bars have been carefully selected and the outside wrappers have been removed so everything is secret. Once you receive the box, you enjoy the 3 bars and taste test them as you guess what ingredients have been used, you can do this alone but will be a lot more enjoyable with family or small group. Then, you go online and submit your ingredient guesses to the Mystery Chocolate Box website and wait for the reveal. If you get all 3 correct, you will win a special prize. For as low as $16 a month, depending on subscription plan, you can belong to this new fun and delicious game of Mystery Chocolate Box.
When my box was shipped, I was sent a quick email letting me know to be on the lookout for it. With chocolate shipping during hot summer months, we wouldn't want to have a mess(but they even thought of a way to prevent that too). Peter, the founder, was very friendly and gave me a few pointers to help me on my Mystery Chocolate Box journey too, I appreciated this extra touch.
My Mystery Chocolate Box package has arrived.
Love this!
Opening up the box we found an aluminum foil wrapped package and a letter on the top.
The foil really helped keep the chocolate bars safe and fresh, no melting either thanks to two cold ice packs that were placed underneath the chocolate bars. I stuck our box in the fridge just to be on the safe side, knowing we weren't quite ready to try out our box that day.
Once we were ready to play and eat, I took the box back out of the fridge and we got to exploring our Mystery Chocolate Box. We first came upon our letter, dated June 2014. The letter thoroughly explains how the box works and how you go about playing the game.
Important allergy information is also included, this is a must with all the allergies out there. This way everyone can play and not have to worry about ingesting something they cannot.
The final piece of paper in the box is the main game and instructions
and a card to make notes for your final guesses.
Now, on to the chocolate!
Inside the box were three separately wrapped chocolate bars, labels removed, and ready to be eaten.
My tasters are ready to go
First up was Bar A
Bar A was not a favorite of either kiddo. We all thought it had a very "fruity" smell to it, along with a spiciness. It had some sort of crispy feature as well and we couldn't decide if it was dark chocolate or not. We had fun writing down our guesses and couldn't wait to see what it was, we were pretty confused on this one.
Now on to Bar B
Bar B was definitely dark chocolate, which made me happy. YUM! It also had some sort of nut in it, but we couldn't be sure which one.
Lastly, Bar C
Bar C was the most well received by both kids and was milk chocolate. I was a big fan of this one as well. It was very simple, sweet, but tasty and had some nut in it as well, although not one we could pinpoint.
Our guessing card filled out
We also saved some of each bar and played again with my parents and sister. They added in some other input and made me even more confused. We all thought it was a great conversation time and we enjoyed sitting around and guessing.
After we had all of our information, we went to the website to make our guesses.
It had all three bars listed and space to fill in your ingredient list guesses.
You can then submit your guesses and if you get all three right, you will win a prize. I knew that I would not be getting any prize this time, my chocolate palate is apparently not as great as I thought.
Within a few weeks, the big reveal will be listed on the Mystery Chocolate Box blog. We were so excited to find out what each bar really was. Mid June our answers were ready to view and we headed to check them out.
Bar A: Organic Lemon Ginger Chocolate with Black Pepper by Equal Exchange
Bar B: ECI Vanilla Nib by Theo Chocolate
Bar C: Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts by Divine Chocolate
We were really surprised to see what all we had missed and what we had gotten correct. The people who had guessed correctly were thrilled they knew what was in the bars, but absolutely none of us guessed Bar A!
Want It? Buy It!
Ready for a unique and fun subscription box? Mystery Chocolate Box is great for a group conversation, family get together, or even on your own. You can follow Mystery Chocolate Box on all of their social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.


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