Wordless Wednesdays: Big Boy Haircut

Haircuts in our home are pretty few and far between. Personally, I don't think that I have one since January! We have always had issues with B and haircuts. We had a few successful runs at a salon in town, and then we had a particularly bad experience, where B was scratched (acidentally, of course) with the scissors, and every haircut attempt since then has been a miserable failure. I tried to cut his hair myself, at home, several times, and they mostly ended up being meltdowns. I resorted to trying to cut it while B was napping, and he would wake up as soon as he heard or felt the scissors near him.

B and his super long hair.

So... his hair has been super long for a long time. Last week, I could hardly stand it anymore. His bangs were so long that he was having trouble seeing anything, and I couldn't see his eyes. My husband didn't seem to think it was a big deal, but I'd had it, and was ready to take matters into my own hands. I sat B down one afternoon last week, and we had a talk about his hair, and haircuts in general. I pulled a strand of my own hair forward, and together, we used the real scissors to snip off a piece of my hair. After he was convinced that a haircut wasn't going to hurt, I put on a video, gave him a snack, and got to work, snipping away at his hair, as quickly as I could.

I wound up cutting off quite a bit!

B was supper good for me as I worked on his hair, trying my best to get it even. I know I didn't do a super great job or anything, but his har wound up looking much, much better, and now everyone is a lot happier, now that he can see, and his hair is a bit more well groomed. Hopefully, our next haircut experience will be pleasant, too.

Lookin' sharp!

Do your kids like having their hair cut?


  1. I remember when my Brother was your sons age and he was so cute after getting his hair cut. Your son looks so cute in his new hair cut. What a sweet smile!

    1. Thanks, Karen! I love his haircut, too! Hopefully he'll be as great as he was about this the next time!


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