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Summer Comfort for the Whole Family in Gold Pigeonl Sandals #Review + BOGO Deal!

Summer is surely here, and we have already been having a ton of fun! When we're not traveling, or enjoying fun family adventures, B and I are at home, working, playing and learning. When it's not too hot, we spend much of the day outside. We love to be outdoors, but when you have a three year old, there's a lot of in and out, back and forth, potty breaks, water breaks, snacks, etc. B is always quite insistent upon removing his shoes each and every time we walk back into the house, after having been outside playing. I appreciate him not wanting to drag dirt back into the house, but when we're only going to be in the house for a 2 minute potty break, the constant on and off with the sneakers can be a pain!

I began looking for a summer sandal for B, which would be safe and comfy for him to wear, and would be an easy on/off, as well. He's becoming such an independent little guy, that he's starting to want to put his shoes on by himself, so I wanted to be able to find a sandal that he could get on and off easily, by himself.

When I ran across Gold Pigeon Shoes, I sort of felt like I had struck gold! Gold Pigeon is a division of Very Fine Casual, which specializes in amazing shoes/sandals for men, women and children, which parents love, and any kiddo would be proud to own! We were lucky enough to select a pair of Gold Pigeon sandals for B, and I let him be involved in picking out the color/design he liked best.

A few days later, we received a special box from Gold Pigeon/Very Fine Casual! Excitement!

When we opened our box, I noticed the Care Guide lying on top of the product info sheet. I was sure to read that over, first, and appreciated that it was included in out product shipment.

Gold Pigeon Sandals are super unique, and have lots of cool features, which is why we sort of fell in love with them when we saw them in the first place.
We also received a special features card, letting us know all of the awesome details of our new Gold Pigeon Sandals!

B loves getting new shoes, if they're sort of a surprise, like these were going to be. Shoe or sandal shopping with any three year old can be quite the nightmare, so we pretty much avoid it at all cost. My only problem with selecting shoes for B on my own, is that I'm never sure what size I might need to get for him. He seems to be needing new shoes every time I turn around, because he is growing so, so quickly. I decide to go with the toddler size 12, to be sure they would fit, and to allow him a little growing room, as well.

B's new sandals were nicely wrapped, and I let him do the honors...

'Cool mommy! Black and green... and boats, too!'

We chose these sandals based on their color and design. I wanted a color that B would be able to wear with a lot of items in his closet, and you pretty much can't go wrong with black. We love the green accents colors, too! The sandals feature a super cute 3D design, featuring planes, cars, boats, etc. The design is raised all over the sandal.

Non-Skid Out Sole

I love the unique design featured on the sole of the sandal, and that there is a whole lot of tread going on under here! In these sandals, we don't have to worry about B slipping and falling, as we would if he were in a pair of flip flops, which can be dangerous to wear when it's been raining.

Isn't the colorful design adorable? B was so excited to try his new sandals from Gold Pigeon on!

Perhaps the coolest thing about the design of the Gold Pigeon sandals, is the snap lock design on the strap. The snap lock is magnetic, and features a large, round magnet lock. As soon as B realized what this was, and what it meant for him, he was all the more excited! The strap simply goes over his ankle, and snaps locked as the magnet catches. The magnetic lock is totally secure, and won't come apart, unless you physically pull the strap from the magnet lock on the sandal. 

There are three fully adjustable straps on these awesome Gold Pigeon Kids Sandals, making them easy to adjust as your child grows, and allowing them the ability to walk in comfort each and every time they put these sandals on. The Velcro on the toe strap, and heel strap also makes it easy for kids to take these off/put them on by themselves. The heel strap can be completely removed to change the look of the sandal, anytime.

Check this out- the magnetic snap lock is our favorite feature! Just snap into place, and the strap locks at the magnet!

Synthetic Rubber Mid sole

The mid sole offers an incredible amount of flexibility & cushioning and is very light-weighted. These have become our go-to sandals this summer, because B never ever complains about his feet hurting when wearing them. If we're going to be out, walking around for a few hours, we just bring these along, and enjoy a whine-free outing!

B begged to wear his Gold Pigeon Sandals right away, so we put them on so he could try them out.

The sandals fit B beautifully! I couldn't be more pleased with the way they fit him, honestly. He has a bit of room in them, which s what I'd hoped for. I really love being able to adjust the straps in all three places. B has wide, thick feet, and often times, we have problems stuffing his feet into shoes and sandals, because his feet are simply too thick. The ability to adjust the straps gives us the perfect fit, every time. They aren't floppy on his feet, and he can wear them comfortably, no matter what we're doing.

These colorful, comfy sandals fit B's tootsies perfectly!

B has been wearing his new Gold Pigeon Kids Sandals pretty much every day since we received them. They look like they're so comfortable, that I can't blame him. I have truly enjoyed watching B become more independent through owning these sandals. With the Velcro straps and the magnetic snap lock feature, B can put his sandals on all by himself. I have been so proud of him for wanting to be a big boy, and seeing his little face light up as he runs in to tell me that he's put his shoes on all by himself, is a special thing for both of us!

This big boy loves his Gold Pigeon Sandals, and put these on all by himself!

Features of Gold Pigeon Sandals

Magnetic Snap Lock
3 Adjustable Straps
2 Ways to Wear with Removable Heel Strap
Interchangeable Upper Strap
Detailed 3D Kids Designs
GP Rubber Mid sole
Drain Hole Design
Non Skid Out sole

Our Gold Pigeon Sandals experience with Very Fine Casual has been awesome! I am so glad that Very Fine Casual also makes sandals for big kids, men, and women. I wouldn't mind having a pair of sandals like this for myself, and I'll bet my hubby wouldn't mind having some, either! I love that when B outgrows these, there will be other options to move up to big kid sandals in larger kids sizes.

9158 Kid's Outdoor/Water Sandal (Fuchsia)
Girls Outdoor/Water Sandal

9176 Little Kid's Outdoor/Water Sandal Convertible Top (Navy)
Little Kids Outdoor/Water Sandal w/Convertible Top

9177 Kid's Outdoor/Water Sandal with Drainage System (Blk/Blue)
Big Kids Outdoor/Water Sandal w/Water Drainage System

9155 Water Drainage System (Blk/Grey)
Adult Unisex Outdoor/Water Sandal with Water Drainage System

9179 Women Walking Comfort (Burgundy)
Women Walking Comfort Sandal in Burgundy

Gold Pigeon Sandals by Very Fine Casual are perfect for the whole family! I would definitely love for hubby and me to each have a pair of these, and I am even thinking that these would be great for my dad, who struggles to find comfortable shoes and sandals. Summer is far from being over, so if you're looking for a great sandal to carry you through to the fall season, you'll definitely want to check out all of the available styles and color options! The prices on these are nice, as well! I'm wishing that I had my own pair of these to bring along on our family vacation! They're perfect for travel, walking, or hitting the beach!

9175 Little Kid's Outdoor/Water Sandal (Blue)

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to Gold Pigeon Shoes at Very Fine Casual to learn more about these awesome sandals for the whole family! Shop by category or size. You'll love all of these neat features, and the wide range of sizes available for adults and children. 

BOGO Deal- Very Fine Casual is offering MBP readers an amazing BOGO Deal! For a limited time, Buy 1 pair of sandals, Get 1 Free, from Very Fine Casual! Just head on over to their website and enter the code _____ at checkout! What a deal! Don't miss out on that!

Very Fine Casual is social, and would love to stay connected with you through Facebook.

Special thanks to Jo-Ann and our friends at Very Fine Casual for allowing us to review and feature these wonderful sandals!

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