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One of the things that I cherish about being a mom, are those proud moments with my child after he has completed and presented me with a work of art. We love to color, do crafts and special projects together, and I know that one of the best things that I can do for my child is to encourage his creativity. I work from home,and B is not yet in school full time, so as you can imagine, we wind up with a lot of artwork by my beautiful, precious three-year-old. Summer isn't nearly over yet, and preschool, as well as Weekday Church School and a new Sunday School year won't be far off, and I can't wait to display all of the creative works my son will create with me, and bring home to me. As much as I love displaying his art, however, we sure do have a lot of it, and we're running out of display room quickly!

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to connect with My Art Gallery, and try out their awesome, innovative product for displaying a child's art. My Art Gallery comes from Three-Eyed Fly, which was founded by Chuck and Kristina Beyer. This wonderful duo loved the idea of displaying children's art, but know firsthand how quickly artwork can overwhelm and almost (though I hate to say it) clutter a display space. From playrooms and bedrooms to the refrigerator, any space can become a proud display space for a child's artwork, but those spots only have so much room! The Beyers set out for parents to be able to reclaim some of these spaces, while being able to neatly and creatively display and organize their children's beautiful artwork.

We couldn't wait to try out My Art Gallery for ourselves! We received the My Art Gallery in GoGo Green, one of B's favorite colors!

My little artist, B, Couldn't wait to check My Art Gallery Out!

'Cool, mommy! It's for my coloring art!' 

Indeed! I was about as eager as B was to open up the My Art Gallery and take a look at it!

My Art Gallery in its colorful box...

This little dude couldn't wait to open it up!

My Art Gallery came to us in a brightly colored box, wrapped in protective plastic. We carefully removed and discarded the plastic, and then removed the paper sleeve from the black and green box. I read over some of the info on the sleeve, and was impressed when I read that each frame sleeve can hold up to 35 works of art! That's a lot of art! The box was so cool-looking, that we knew the product was going to wow us!

Underneath the box lid, we found a few essentials.

When we opened up the My Art Gallery box lid, we found the instructions lying right on top. I snatched those before B could get ahold of them, and read them over right away. We also found frame stand inserts, extra straps for the frames, and a set of screws/anchors. All of these pieces were individually packaged, and are key to being able to use and display your My Art Gallery in different ways.

Also on top, was the top of the My Art Gallery frame- cute and colorful!

The lettering and dots at the top of the frame set, is made of a super soft, non-toxic EVA foam, which is safe for kids. These letters and dots are raised, adding color and dimension to this fun way to display photos and art. To the right, there is a small photo frame, which can hold your child's photo, giving it a personal look and feel.

We carefully removed the soft packaging layers from the box, which were protecting the rest of the My Art Gallery, which included three large frames.

Two of the three frames were connected to the Gallery Header by brown straps, which are completely removable, and repositionable.

The specially designed hook and strap system allows you to change out and display the frames however you want to! You can hang them vertically, or horizontally, and in any order you choose! The frames are lightweight, and will fit with a standard paper size.

The Gallery Header piece has a heavy gauge magnet on the back of it, making it easy to hang on any magnetic surface!

I was pleased to see the magnet on the back of the Gallery Header piece, because that meant that we could use it on the refrigerator, rather than having to put more holes in our walls. There are also spaces on the back of this piece for the wall mount option.

The hook and strap design is easy to use, and is super clever!

I love that all I have to do in order to connect the frames to each other, is to slide one end of the strap over one of the hooks, and then do the same on the connecting frame. Voila- a set of hanging frames! Couldn't be easier! The fact that the frames can be hung vertically or horizontally is awesome! We'll never be locked in to displaying B's art just one way!

The back of each frame is open, and there is a wide slit at the top, or side, allowing you to quickly and easily slide your child's artwork right in!

Each frame has a thin clear plastic sleeve, which goes over the artwork. No glass involved, making this a super safe option for displaying photos and art!

Thankfully, the instructions for set up and use of My Art Gallery were clear, and since I'm a visual person, I appreciate the photos, actually showing me the different usage options with this awesome product!

I had already decided that I wanted to use the My Art Gallery on our refrigerator. There's a space in B's room, above his art desk, which could also be a great spot to hang his new My Art Gallery, but I decided not to add extra holes to the wall in his room, for the time being. I love to see my son's creative handiwork, and the refrigerator is probably one of the most visited spots in our home, so I figured it was the perfect place to show of our little artist's works.

B's art wall, in his bedroom.

Now, we do have a spot in B's room where we display his art, but to tell you the truth, it was looking pretty crowded. We make and bring home a ton of art projects, and they all get hung up right here. The art display area was seriously disorganized, and there were so many things hanging on top of one another, I didn't even know what was up there anymore.

I walked into the kitchen, and easily hung the My Art Gallery on the refrigerator. The magnet is very strong, and fully supports the two connected frames. One I had the gallery in place, I began selecting some of B's artwork, which we could display in the gallery frames.

I slid a few pages into each frame, knowing that the front displaying artwork could easily be rotated, anytime.

The artwork slid right in, and I probably put about 5-6 pieces of art into each frame.

The result- fully organized, neatly displayed artwork, right on the refrigerator!

I stepped back to take a look at B's very own art gallery, hanging neatly on our refrigerator. He was so proud to see his artwork framed, and hanging right on the front of the 'fridge! It made me so happy to see him so proud! It also made me happy to have all of his coloring pages and pictures organized and in one place. The fact that the frames can hold up to 35 pieces of art is pretty amazing! Display and storage frames in one- what a great idea!

We still had to decide where we wanted to display the third frame. I thought it would be nice for B to have another place to display and show off his artwork in his bedroom, so I had the idea to turn the remaining frame into a standing frame, which we could keep on B's art desk.

I slid some of B's artwork into the frame...

...and then used two of these stand pieces to turn the flat frame into a standing frame.

The frame stands slid right in, with no problem. 

I wanted to use the frame vertically, so I found the slots for the frame stand, which were clearly marked on the back of the frame, and then just slid the frame stands into place. Within seconds, the frame was standing on its own! So neat!

I placed the frame in the back corner of B's art desk, so we could display even more his his awesome artwork! Looks great, doesn't it?

One of the other neat things about My Art Gallery, is that the fun and colorful box that the product comes packaged in, is meant to be kept as a keepsake box. The box is heavy duty, and has a fun and funky black with green dots design. The box is also deep, so it can hold lots of treasures! As much as I love B's artwork and craft projects, I knew that I needed to clean up his display area, and make room for all of the projects that will come home with him when the 2014-15 school year begins, so I carefully places some of the larger poster sized painting, and crafts into the keepsake box for safe keeping. No parent wants to have to make the choice between which crafts or art pieces stay or get tossed. I love that the folks at Three-Eyed Fly included this lovely keepsake box- that is such a thoughtful thing to do!

B's projects, paintings, and crafts are neatly and safely stored in this wonderful keepsake box!

And now, B's other art display area is organized, and ready to hold large posters, 3D crafts, etc, in the new school year.

When my husband came home from work, the day we set up the My Art Gallery, B couldn't wait to show his daddy the new art gallery on the 'fridge. Hubby definitely thought this was a smart, neat idea, and really loved the design. He was how proud B was to have his art displayed for all to see, rather than hiding behind a door in his room. We were all so excited, that we decided to have an Arty Party later that evening, and create even more art, together, as a family!

Features of My Art Gallery

The system simply hangs on any magnetized refrigerator or mounts to any flat (wall) surface.
New artwork easily slide in front of the last piece in the frames…each hold and store up to thirty-five (8.5” x 11”) works of art apiece.
Frames may be hung in any order (vertically or horizontally) to accommodate the orientation of the artwork.
When frames become full…the collection of art may be removed and placed in the provided Keepsake Box for long-term storage.
My Art Gallery® may be personalized with a photo of the young artist at the top of the colorful and fun header plate.

Why is My Art Gallery® unique?

It transforms children’s art displays from “mighty messy” to “magnificent museum” in minutes.
Any child’s room may be enhanced through the endless creative display combinations.
Artwork is protected from spills, dirt, dust, …and sticky fingers.

We love My Art Gallery, and think it's a smart, and neat way to display your child's art! The colors available are green, black, or pink. I would love to see even more colors added in the future, though the available colors are awesome! If we didn't already have this, I would definitely be purchasing a My Art Gallery for B, maybe for a child's birthday gift, or Christmas gift. Any child would be thrilled to receive My Art Gallery, and have such a fun, unique, customizable way to display their art!

Want It? Buy It!

Want to learn more about My Art Gallery from Three-Eyed Fly? Head on over to My Art Gallery and take a look around! You can purchase your very own My Art Gallery, grab coloring pages, and read about why we should display our children's art. My Art Gallery is social, and we encourage you to connect with them through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Want It? Win It!

Thanks to the generosity of our new friends at Three-Eyed Fly, one lucky MBP reader
 will win their very own My Art Gallery, in GOGO Green! Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Three-Eyed Fly, for allowing us to review and experience My Art Gallery! We love this product, and hughly recommend it, as well as give it our Mommy Seal of Approval! We also thank Three-Eyed Fly for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!

This review /giveaway was brought to you by and My Art Gallery For Kids.


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