Saturday, July 5, 2014

Step into Comfort with MADiL Flip Flops (Make A Difference In Life) #Review + Giveaway

My dog Diesel, who is a 74lb Shepard/lab mix, loves to destroy things. Recently he has taken a liking to destroying my flip flops. I'll come home and there will be foam and plastic all over the house. He thinks it's the best chew toy in the world, while I'm mourning my fallen pair of flip flops. While most people would say oh-well, I am devastated because I live in flip flops. So when I had the opportunity to review MADiL's Flip Flops, I couldn't wait to try them out.

All flip flops are the same, right? Wrong! MADiL flip flops are a new generation of shoes. They offer you a chance to design your own shoes and add a bit of flare. Here's how it works, Choose a flip flop, choose your bands, and add a charm, or two! Oh and for every pair you buy, MADiL donates a $1.00 to help fund cleft repair surgeries for children worldwide. How awesome is that! I love a company that gives back!

I was very excited when my flip flops arrived, I couldn't wait to check them out and see what kind of designs I could create with them. MADiL sent me the USA combo, which is a white flop with white bands, but also comes with red and blue bands and a flag charm. These were perfect for the fourth of July celebrations that I had coming up. They also sent me a teal pair and the Happy Hour combo. These are pink bands and a cute cocktail charm. I also received an extra set of bands in Sea, and the Sparkle charm set. It is worth mentioning that I wear a size ten but decided to go up to the size 11-12. Normally when sizes run like that, they fit more like the half size, I was afraid that they would be too small, so I decided that bigger was better than too small!

They're here!!

Sea Band Set. My favorite colors

Sparkle Charms

I eagerly opened the package and pulled out the flops, inspecting them to see exactly how they worked. If you roll the strap over, you'll see that there are two holes on each strap. Those holes are where you are able to change the colored bands out that sit snugly inside the straps. The bands have a small metal piece each end that hold the band in place on the underside of the strap. The metal is rounded and smooth, so there are no worries that they will cut or rub blisters.

Changing out the bands
Once I changed out my bands, it was time to add my charms. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I got really frustrated trying to add my charms. I could not for the life of me figure out how to add them. So after about five minutes and failing, I decided to go to the website and see if they offered any help. And they did! All you need to do is pull the band out so it thins the band. Once the band is thinner, you can pop the charm in place. This took just a bit of patience, but after a few tries, I got the hang of it, and it was very easy to add and remove the charms.


After I had my flip flops how I wanted them, I couldn't wait to try them out. I kicked off my old shoes and slipped into my new Madil flip flops, and oh my gosh are they comfortable. The thickness of the flip flop means that they won't wear thin, quickly and will last longer than one summer. Which is a plus for me since I tend to wear flip flops year round. I'm glad that I went a size bigger because the flip flops fit perfectly and not too big in the least bit.

The flops make me want to be poolside, how 'bout you?
MADiL's flip flops are perfect to take on vacation or just running around town. I can easily wear them dressed down, or add a charm for bit of flair and they are instantly dressed up.When I need a new look to match an out fit, I simply change my bands, add a new charm ( the heart charm in the sparkle pack is my favorite,) and I'm good to go!  Do you have a little girl, why not have a Madil party, and let the girl's design their own flip flops? Getting married? MADiL has your bridal party covered.
MADiL flip flops are my new favorite shoes, and they could easily become your favorite, too! One lucky MBP reader will win a pair of MADiL flip flops!

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I want to say a huge thank you to MADiL for allowing me to review their amazingly creative and comfortable flip flops, and sponsoring this great giveaway!

Good Luck!