Wordless Wednesdays: All in the Family

A couple of weeks ago we had the great pleasure of spending some time with my husband's grandparents, who love in TN. We only get to see them about once a year, and this was a special trip for us, as it was the first visit we have had with Granddaddy Ted since he had knee replacement surgery. We were thrilled to get to see him, and Nana Velma in their pretty TN home. We also got to visit with Grannie, Sacha's 102-year-old great grandmother. That's right... B's great great grandmother! We enjoyed having pizza for dinner, and then for dessert, we had Nana's double gingersnap cookies with ice cream! Her cookies are out of this world delicious!

I was worried about B, and how he'd behave around his great grandparents, who he rarely sees. To my surprise, he really warmed up to both of them, and had a great time playing and laughing with them both as we visited.

B and Granddaddy Ted

B and Nana Velma

Another hug before heading back to our hotel...

We hope it won't be so long before we next see Ted & Velma. I so enjoy spending time with them, and chatting with them. I love to hear stories about my husband's family, and about the lives of these two amazing folks. They have always been so kind and loving to me, way before Sacha and I were even married. I love being a part of the Witt family!

When was the last time you had a family visit? Who did you see?

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