Weekends with the Wigglesworths- A Busy Weekend Worth EVERY Second!

Happy Saturday once again everyone! This weekend is going to be a pretty busy one, as we are preparing for the last few days of school (just 7 left thank goodness). I have been working on deep cleaning almost every room of the house because I know I won't want to waste any part of the summer doing it. Today Drew is going to spend the day with her Grandparents, so hopefully I will be able to get the living and dining rooms done. Since I will still have Reese, I have a funny feeling it will be a little challenging, but I will get as much of the "little stuff" done that I can while she is awake and focus on the bigger things after she goes down for her nap.

I am also hoping to get back into my workout routine at some point this weekend. I just got 2 new DVDs from Shazzy Fitness (which I will be reviewing in a few weeks) and I definitely cannot wait to try them out.

Tomorrow is church and family day, as is the norm for us.  We will also be hitting up a local Greek Festival! Matt looks forward to the Greek festival every year, since they make the best gyros. My favorite part, aside from the dancing, is the baklava (I have a sweet tooth!). I have to be careful this year not to indulge too much in the baklava though, since I am working on creating healthy habits for myself.


         Enjoy your weekend everyone!



  1. We love our local Greek festival, too- the food is always amazing, and I enjoy the dancing, as well!

  2. Somehow we always find a seat right near the stage! Drew always wants to get up and join the dancers and Reese is content with just clapping along. It was fabulous!


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