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Travel in Ultimate Comfort and Style in FIG Clothing #Review

Summer is almost here, and we're hapy to be bringing you a special series on Summer Style! For me, sumer isn't so much unlike the rest of the year. As a work at home mom, my son is with me year-round, until he's ready for pre-school. We stay pretty active during the day between runing errands, doing at home lessons, taking little day trips, etc. When summertime rolls around, we usually build in a couple of trips or vacations. This year, we'll be heading north to visit family. Our trip will consist of a 10-11 hour drive, and lot's of walking around, once we reach our destination. I almost always overpack, taking way too many clothing options. This summer, I am vowing to keep it simple, while keeping myself comfortable and cool, as well.

When I found FIG Clothing a while back, I knew I'd come across something special. FIG is a Canadian sportswear brand, for active women who are urban, elegant, and love to travel. Designed for those interested in style and maximum comfort, FIG is a travel essential! The name FIG was inspired by none other than Adam and Eve. FIG's mission is to keep things simple, and down to the essentials, and thought that the FIG signified that idea. In the terms of choreography, FIG is short for 'figure,' (dancing figure), which means movement and action. FIG Clothing is designed with comfort in mind, but also shows a woman's figure, as each piece is designed to celebrate and flatter the female body. All of FIG Clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada.

I was very excited to find FIG. I often think of wearing dresses or skirts when travelling, but find them bothersome. They often wind up making me too hot, I'm having to adjust too many things, or it's too detailed- leading to more adjusting! Finding a wonderful clothing company that makes beautiful, elegant, yet comfortable options for travel and beyond, I knew their clothing was for me! I was able to connect with Caroline at FIG, who offered to send me a dress of my choice for review.

FIG offers five different collections of travel clothing, by category: Safari, Voyage, Ocean, Chalet, and Metro. I had a wonderful time browsing all of the collections, and truthfully, probably could have chosen a favorite style from each of those collections. I went back and forth between the idea of a long (maxi) or shorter style dress before making a selection. In the end, I went with a maxi style dress for a couple of reasons, which I'll get to to in a minute.

I received this special package, which came directly from FIG in Canada!

I couldn't wait to open up my package from FIG Clothing. I selected the NOWRA Dress from the Safari Collection, in Purple Wood. The color was so striking to me, as I opened the package and removed the dress. It's such a lovely blue-purple color, unlike anything I already have in my closet.

The NOWRA Dress features a dep V-Neckline, and is fitted at the bust.

As I picked the dress up, I noted how thick the fabric was. The dress is made of a Viscose Bamboo, Cotton, and Spandex mix. I appreciated that the dress had a little 'meat ' to it, meaning that it wasn't super thin or see-through. I have way too many dresses which basically require me to wear a slip dress underneath, which winds up being very comfortable, and adds a layer, which cranks up my body temperature! I couldn't wait to try the NOWRA dress on, and had a feeling that I would fall in love with it right away!

Beautiful, comfortable, and versatile- the Nowra Dress is a definite winner!

When I first tried the dress on, I knew that it would be an instant favorite. The fabric was incredible soft and creamy against my skin, while being light and breezy. The length hit right below my ankles, making the dress easy to walk around in without having to lift it up and carry it.  The V-Neck is featured both in the front, and in the back, which helps to keep the person wearing the dress comfortable and cool.

I was so impressed by the way the dress fit. Lately, I have had a problem with dress straps not staying in place. They just seem to slip off my shoulder. That isn't the case with my new dress from FIG Clothing. The dress stayed put, and not once did I feel the need to readjust a strap, etc.

Stopping for a quick photo at a family get together over Memorial Day Weekend.

One of my favorite things about the Nowra dress, is the fit. It's not too loose, and it's not too tight. It really flatters my figure, hugs my curves, without being unflattering. I wore this dress to church a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was asking me about the dress. They wanted to know where it came from, telling me how comfortable and elegant I looked in it. I received comments like, 'Wow, you look fabulous!' from several ladies, and I was very excited to tell them about FIG, letting them know where they could find a dress of their own!

The Nowra Dress kept me cool and comfy at our family picnic, all afternoon and evening.

Though it was very warm (hot, really) outside the day of our family gathering, I felt comfortable enough to play outdoor games with my three year old son, and our young cousin. The whole family gathered to play croquet in the garden, and later, I played a few rounds of Frisbee with the boys. I was so pleased that I was able to move so comfortably in my dress from FIG. The Bamboo and cotton blend helped to keep me cool, and the spandex gave that extra stretch, which made it possible for me to really be active. The Maxi style of the Nowra dress gave me the length and coverage that I need as an active mom, who winds up bending over a lot- to pick things up, or to pick a special little boy up.
The fabric used in the Safari collection by FIG is also UV-resistant and anti-bacterial! 

FIG has so many great options for travel and beyond. I can't wait to add to my collection, and include some of these beautiful pieces...


Dress - SOL-10-235---V-F10.jpg


PINE CAY Bottoms


I am so glad to have the NOWRA dress by FIG Clothing in my summer dress collection. It's a wonderful option for both day and night, and it's so versatile that I can wear it while travelling, while playing outside with my son, can wear it shopping and out to lunch, and could even wear it out to dinner. I have a feeling that we'll be spending some time in NYC soon enough, and I plan on wearing my FIG dress, because I know that I'll be able to move quickly and comfortably in it, and it will keep me cool (hey- it gets hot in the city!), and stylish!

If you plan on travelling this summer, or are just headed on a family vacation, but want to break away from those 'mom shorts,' add a piece of FIG Clothing or two to your personal summer wardrobe. You'll love the look and feel of each piece, and won't want to wear anything else when you're travelling!


Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to FIG Clothing to learn more about FIG, and to browse their beautiful collections of clothing! FIG has a liquidation page, so don't forget to check there for sale items. You can also sign up to receive the FIG newsletter, to be kept in the loop of what's happening at FIG. Plus, FIG is social, and would love to connect with fans through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Special thanks to Caroline, and FIG Clothing for allowing me to experience the comfort and style of their beautiful designs, and allowing me to share about them on MBP.

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