Spring Spotlight Sponsor: Thirty One With Dottie {Review}

**Spring Spotlight Sponsor**
I have an obsession with bags and totes and it is a good thing I know where to find some great quality ones. Three of my good friends sell them, so I have been able to stock up and get some amazing deals, I have been a customer of this company and know that I can count on quality items for affordable prices. I also have had the fabulous opportunity to work with our MBP Spotlight Sponsors and add to my collection as well.
I knew when I talked to our Spotlight Sponsor that she would be able to give me some great suggestions and even better products. I have worked with this Spotlight Sponsor before, but it has been quite some time since we had partnered together. Let me reintroduce you to Thirty One by Dottie!
Thirty One was founded just over ten years ago by a woman named Cindy. Cindy's goal was simple, help women have the opportunity to own their own business. With a mission to support these women, Thirty One is a Direct Sales company specializing in bags, totes, and accessories that are both trendy and affordable.
Dottie has been with Thirty One for a few years after discovering them on a friends social media page. After having her first party, she decided to add to her already crazy schedule and become a consultant. Thirty One has helped provide financially for her family and she couldn't be happier.
In my last review of Thirty One by Dottie, I had listed a few pieces that I would love to add to my collection, you can check out that review here. I purchased one of these items and Dottie was quickly interested in helping me add another with our next review.
My Thirty One by Dottie package is here!
As usual, my little helper S, is on the case to discover what is inside.
"There is a lot of stuff in here Mom"
 Inside we found our Thirty One customer sheet with our product listing, a thank you page that has all of the business information (product guarantee, return information), and a specials sheet. Thirty One offers great specials each month, check out this months deals here. Also inside our package was one of the items from my wish list, The Retro Metro Bag!
The Retro Metro Bag is available for $55 and comes in 7 fun print options. I was sent the Retro Metro in Black Happy Dot, which is a fun combination of blacks, whites, and grays. It measures approximately 14"H x 10"W x 7 "D. It can also be personalized for an additional cost.
The Retro Metro Bag has long been on my wish list for many reasons. The first being its looks. This bag is very trendy, with 7 print options, you can have the perfect look to compliment your tastes. Next is its size. This bag has two exterior pockets and one interior pockets as well as being able to hold a huge amount of "stuff". It is also amazingly versatile, it can be used for an everyday purse, an overnight bag, a school bag, or my use--diaper bag. The Retro Metro easily fits a handful of diapers, pack of wipes, snacks, sippy cups, a few small toys, and my wallet without issues.
I use the outside pockets, which are crazy deep, for my keys and cellphone in one and a bottle of water for me in the other. In the inside zipper pocket I can keep backup emergency feminine products and some change for the library's collection thing (my kids are always asking to roll coins down).
The one downfall to this bag is that is does not zip closed. This can be an issue when I set the bag down, the chance of spilling items can happen. This is where its newer sister product, the Retro Metro Foldover comes in, while still not having a zipper closure, it does offer a more secure way of keeping all your items in the bag.
Thirty One continues to impress me with their styles, designs, and prices. I know that I can depend on my bags to be look nice and hold up over time. It is always amazing to see how many other people are using and loving their Thirty One products too!
My Wish List has been added to and now includes:
 Want It? Buy It!
You can shop Thirty One with Dottie today and everyday and view the Summer 2014 catalog here. You can also become friends with Dottie on Facebook and get inside information straight from her. The June specials are pretty amazing
 Interested in being a hostess and having your own Thirty One party? Visit Dottie and see how she can help you earn some great products. Dottie would love to show you how much she loves working with Thirty One, interested in joining her team, click here
Thanks so much to Thirty One by Dottie!

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