Personalized Summer Style by Not Ur Momma's Monogram #Review + #Giveaway

This summer, I am trying to take it easy, and dress a bit more comfortably. It's not that I've dressed uncomfortably in the past, but I've never really been a t-shirt kind of gal. I like the things that I wear to reflect my personality, and t-shirts have sort of just always seemed sort of boring to me... that is until I connected with Lensie Stanley, owner of one of the cutest Etsy shops around, who just so happens to know a thing or two about cute t-shirts.

Lensie loves to take a plain t-shirt, and create something special. Lensie is the proud owner of Not Ur Momma's Monogram, where whimsical monogrammed items are the specialty! Monogrammed apparel and accessories seem to be all the rage these days, and Lensie is so wonderful at adding her own spin to the traditional monogrammed shirt. When Lensie and I chatted about the possibility of working together, I was so excited, because I knew that her items were unlike many of the others that I had seen elsewhere. Lensie was sweet to let me pick out a couple of favorite designs from her shop, which she personalized with a monogram, just for me!

When the items from Not Ur Momma's Monogram arrived, I was a bit surprised that they arrived to quickly! I am used to a monogrammed item order taking a week or longer to be made and shipped, but Lensie had my items to me within a matter to mere days! Now that's fast turnaround!

Here's how my items arrived- wrapped in tissue paper, and tied with a pretty ribbon!

I couldn't wait to open up the first little package!

As I pulled back the tissue paper, my items were revealed, and I noticed a note from Lensie!

My note from Lensie thanked me for featuring her business, and also contained important wash/dry instructions! I always appreciate a note from the folks I am working with- it shows how much they care about taking good care of their customers! Thank you, Lensie!

I was so, so excited to finally see those special items that Lensie created for me. I had a lot of fun browsing the Not Ur Momma's Monogram Etsy Shop, looking around at all of the fun designs that Lensie had created. I had lots of choices, and ultimately decided to go with a couple of monogrammed t-shirts, because I didn't have any! I loved the way that Lensie could take a plain t-shirt, and turn it into something so cute and unique!

These are the two designs I chose for my t-shirts- Flip Flops, and my State- North Carolina.

I fell in love with these two designs when I saw them listed in Lensie's shop, but once my personal monogram had been added to each of them, and I saw them in person, I loved them even more! As if these two shirts weren't enough to make me feel super special, Lensie included a surprise for me!

A second wrapped package was included with the items Lensie sent to me... surprise!

Lensie gave a little hint as to what might be inside of the package, telling me that it was a 'staple' in any monogram wardrobe. Of course, I had not idea what it might be, but was very excited to open it up, and find out!

Check out this beautiful pocket tee that Lensie surprised me with!

I loved the pocket tee design that Lensie created and sent to surprise me! I was not expecting this added little bonus, but thought it was so sweet of Lensie to think of me, and to go ahead and send such a sweet surprise item! She truly went above and beyond! Plus, pocket tees are super duper hot right now... I am seeing them everywhere, and I am super excited to have one!

Here are all of the beautiful, whimsical, and fun designs on the shirts from Not Ur Momma's Monogram!

I was having so much fun looking over these three monogrammed t-shirts, but knew that the real fun would be in wearing them, and showing them off! I was slated to help with Vacation Bible School at my church all last week (every morning 9 am - noon), and would be teaching 125 children 10 VBS songs and dance moves. So yeah, I needed to be comfortable, if I was going to be singing and dancing around with kids for 3 hours a day. 

I decided to kick off the week with the adorable Monogrammed Flip Flop T-Shirt. I chose this design, because I really love the flip flops... they are so southern, and around these parts, we pretty much live in flip flops, especially during the summer months. 

The chevron pattern in the applique is so adorable! The flip flops contain a little sparkle, and my monogram appears in the middle.

Here I am, relaxing in my flip flop t-shirt after a bust morning at VBS! Cute, right!?

When I wore the flip flop t-shirt to VBS, I received so many comments and compliments on my t-shirt. All of the other moms wanted to know where my shirt came from, and I gladly let them know about Lensie, and Not Ur Momma's Monogram! They all agreed that the flip flop design was out of this world adorable! I kept the t-shirt on later that afternoon, and wore it to a team planning meeting (again, at my church... I live there!), and a new group of women were going crazy over the shirt! They were right to love it so much, as it is super cute!

The following day, I wore my black t-shirt with the NC design on it.

The adorable NC t-shirt kept me comfy all day long!

When I wore the monogrammed state t-shirt, everyone loved it! It's so neat to be able to show off your state pride. I love the blue chevron, which is pretty close to good 'ol Carolina blue, and the pink was the perfect accent over the NC state shape. Many of the moms I volunteered with last week were excited and surprised to see yet another adorable monogrammed t-shirt! I loved being able to wear these shirts during our week of VBS, because they were cute, and they kept me so comfortable. They fit well, but weren't tight or binding. I was able to move freely, the way I needed to as I sang and danced with the kiddos.

And last, but not least, I couldn't wait to wear my pocket tee shirt!

I love the pretty details of this fun, monogrammed pocket tee!

One of the things I love most about Lensie's t-shirts, available through Not Ur Momma's Monogram, is that they take cute, comfy, and casual to another level. When I wore these t-shirts, yes, I felt casual, but I also felt cute. I knew that I had on t-shirts that were going to catch someone else's eye, and I was right about that. If I had just worn plain old t-shirts, sure, I would have been just as comfortable, but no one would have noticed or cared. Everyone noticed these tees, and even asked about them. I love showing off my initials- an 'O' is a bit uncommon, so I absolutely love to own it, and proudly put it on display.

Lensie makes it so easy for her customers to order a truly customized product. The customer may select the t-shirt color- black, white, grey, and then select the fabric/color for the applique design, as well as select the thread color for the monogram. Talk about personalized! What's even better, are the prices. A lot of businesses that offer monogramming sort of take advantage of the fact that's it's so trendy, and charge out the wazoo, taking two weeks or longer to get an item to a customer. Lensie takes pride in offering unique designs, at affordable prices, and offering a fast turnaround! What could be better?

I'd love to add even more monogrammed items from Not Ur Momma's Monogram to my personal monogrammed wardrobe. Check out some of these other adorable designs I'm loving...

Women's Monogram Teacher Apple Pocket T-Shirt
Teacher's Apple Shirt (Photo courtesy Not Ur Momma's Monogram)

Women's Monogram Cross T-Shirt
Monogram Cross T-Shirt (LOVE this one!) (Photo courtesy Not Ur Momma's Monogram)

Women's Monogram Paisley T-Shirt
Paisley T-Shirt (Photo courtesy Not Ur Momma's Monogram)

Women's and Girl's Monogrammed Headband
Monogrammed Headband (Photo courtesy Not Ur Momma's Monogram)

Cute, right? If you're looking to add some cute, comfy and personalized style to your wardrobe, you'll definitely want to check out even more designs over at Not Ur Momma's Monograms. Looking for a special gift? Now you know where to find that one of a kind gift for a special person in your life! Can't find what you're looking for? Just let Lensie know your ideas, and she'll be glad to chat with you about the possibility of creating something just for you!

I can't thank Lensie enough for sending me these three adorable monogrammed t-shirts! I love all three of them, and don't think I could pick a favorite. I know that these will all be coming with me on our family vacation this summer, and I'll be getting lots of wear out of them this season, and beyond!

A shirt like this would look so good on you, wouldn't you agree?

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Not Ur Momma's Monogram to browse all of Lensie's super cute designs! Feel free to start an Etsy convo with Lensie, if you have a question about anything you see- she'd love to hear from you! Lensie is kindly offering MBP readers 10% off at Not Ur Momma's Monogram. Just use the coupon code MBP10OFF when you place your order. You can also connect with Not Ur Momma's Monogram on Instagram, and Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their choice of 2 monogrammed items from Not U Momma's Monogram! Isn't that fantastic? Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Can't wait to hear what you'd choose!

Special thanks to Lensie Stanley of Not Ur Momma's Monogram for allowing me to review these super cute t-shirts, and for offering this special discount, and cool summer style giveaway for our readers!

Good luck!


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