Monday Motivation: Don't Let Stress Claim Your Heart

Happy Monday! I am sort of taking a rest day at home with my little guy, who has a pretty yucky cold. We had such a fun, busy week last week at our church, as we attended Weird Animals Vacation Bible School. I volunteered as the music leader, and taught 125+ children 10 VBS songs, which were totally fun, by the way. When VBS rolls around, I tend to get a little bit stressed out. Teaching music to the kids may not seem like a big deal, but the music is a big part of the entire VBS program, plus, I knew that the children would be singing some of their songs for their parents at the VBS closing program, and then singing their songs in church, as well, that Sunday (which was yesterday).

Our VBS program coming to a close last Friday...

Somewhere, in the middle of the week, I almost let myself get totally lost in the stress of it all. Not only were some of the kiddos being difficult, my kiddo was being difficult, refusing to go with his 3 year old class, which meant that he spend the rest of the week with me in my music class. He did NOT want to share me with those 125 other boys and girls, which made trying to teach music and dance difficult, to say the least. During my stress out moments, I felt a sense of calm just wash over me. When I got back to singing with the kids, I remembered that some of those children may not go to church regularly. Many of them didn't belong to my church, so I had no idea what their worship life was like. 

Me, and B at VBS...

With programs like VBS, and our Weekday Church School, and Sunday Schools classes intermixed with Sunday worship, that's where kids are learning about God, and what it means to have Jesus as our Savior and closest friend. As soon as I let go of my personal worries and stresses over the busyness of the program, I started to have a lot of fun with the kids. My heart was so full by the end of the week, that I could barely contain it! The children were so full of love and energy, and it really showed through their singing and enthusiasm. Those kids love God... they want to be like Jesus and share about His amazing love, just like I do. Kids are really amazing. Don't let your stresses claim your heart- turn that stress around by doing something positive. If you have the opportunity to volunteer your time, and work with kids through church, a local mentoring program, or something similar, I would encourage you to do so... you never know how your heart might be changed.

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