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Summer vacation is here, and I'm looking for ways to make a big splash with my three-year-old, each and every day! From little day trips to fun projects and activities, with a bit of summer travel thrown in, I think we'll have a great mix of fun and education until the new school year begins. Balancing time for learning at home and time for play is important, and during the warm weather months, B loves outdoor play time. The only problem is, it's hot out there... really hot! This time of year it is pretty common for our daily highs to be in the 90's, so anything that we can find to play with in the yard that might keep us cool, is a good thing!

Little Kids, Inc.

Little Kids Inc. believes in making time to play, which is why for years, they have been providing parents and children a world of fun through their wonderful toys. Little Kids Inc. is the face behind many favorite summertime play brands, like Fubbles, Jelly Belly Bubbles, Junk Ball, etc. We were very excited to connect with Little Kids Inc., and to be offered the opportunity to try out one of their popular Nickelodeon TMNT water products! Of course, I remember TMNT from my own childhood- I mean, the original TMNT, and now that they have popped back up into the air waves, and even have a new live action movie coming out, I can't help but smile as today's young children become excited about these awesome turtles- even my own son, who is just discovering TMNT!

We received a very special package from our friends at Little Kids Inc., and even though I knew what it was, I of course, pretended not to know, and was ready to let B be so surprised!

As B opened the box, he immediately noticed the TMNT logo and screamed, 'Ninja Turtles!'

I was totally thrilled to see him so excited. When B realized that the TMNT toy was a splash ball, to play with outside, he was even more excited! This boy loves to play in the water, and I knew it would be a lot of fun for us this summer.

Here's what we wound up with- the TMNT Splash Out Water Ball from Little Kids Inc.

The back of the colorful package tells parents more info about how the product works.

Though this particular water toys is appropriate for ages 4+, we're so close to B being 4,  and he's always under constant supervision, so I was pretty certain that we wouldn't have any issues with this toy. 

'Let's open him, mommy!'

We got out our scissors, and carefully opened up the box. I always make B sit far away from me, so I can open up boxes with my 'adult scissors,' and then I let B go back and re-open the package with his play scissors, so he feels like a big kid, opening the package on his own. The only part I don't allow him to help with, it removing products from thin clear plastic packaging, because it can become jagged and sharp.

Looks like we got Leonardo! He was always my second favorite Turtle!

We removed Leonardo from the packaging, and B checked him out, while I read over the instructions that came with the TMNT Splash Out Ball.

The TMNT Splash Out Water Ball is a new twist on a classic game so many of us grew up playing. The ball is made of a semi-hard plastic material, and pops open in the middle. It also has a cap on top, which opens and closes. The idea is to fill the water ball by pouring water into the opening on top, or fully submerging the ball in water. Close the cap, and when the ball is filled with water, push it down to close. Then, toss the ball back and forth. The ball has its own timer, and as the ball is thrown back and forth between at least two people, time runs out, and the ball pops open, splashing whomever holds the ball! It's a totally fun and safe water game for kids and adults to play!

We couldn't wait to head outside and put the TMNT Splash Out Ball to the test, so we got into our swimsuits, and filled up B's water table with water. I figured this might be the easiest way for us to refill the splash out ball, without having to leave the hose turned on. This way, B could submerge the TMNT Splash Out Ball himself, in the water table water, and refill the ball on his own.

Time to fill our pal Leonardo Up, and play!

Just fill him up, close the ball, close the cap, and start tossing!

Now of course, it's hard for me to get a photo of myself playing with the TMNT Splash Out Water Ball with B, since we were tossing the ball around. It's easy to throw, but just keep in mind that the ball isn't like a foam or squishy ball- it's a mostly hard hard ball, and if you get whacked with it, it might hurt. B and I haven't been throwing the ball hard or far, just back and forth, like we would be, if we were playing Hot Potato! We had so much fun, just quickly tossing the ball back and forth, and before I knew it, I was the one who got splashed, as the ball opened up on me! We have already enjoyed many fun afternoons by cooling off while playing with the super fun TMNT Splash Out Water Ball! As a parent, I love that this product brings kids all the fun of playing with water balloons, without the hazard, hassle, and mess afterward! This is a fun, safe, cool way to spend a hot summer day!

Take a look at this fun little video showing how the TMNT Splash Out Ball works...

Features of the TMNT Splash Out Water Ball

A new twist on a classic game – the TMNT Splash Out™ Ball provides an easy, safe way to enjoy water play!  Fill the ball by pouring water in the top, or completely submerging the ball; then close the flip cap.  No balloons needed!  Toss the ball back and forth…once time runs out the water chamber pops open – so pass fast or get splashed!   

If you love TMNT, check out some of these other fun outdoor play products by Little Kids Inc.

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TMNT Water Squirter

We love the line of TMNT products from Little Kids Inc., and we'll definitely keep our eye out for some of these other fun outdoor play products when we're out shopping. The Water Squirter might be a fun little item to bring along on our family vacation, so B can enjoy some outdoor play while we visit family in NJ this July. As for now, we'll be enjoying the TMNT Splash Out Water Ball as a great way to stay active, have fun, and keep cool during these super hot summer days!

Want It? Buy It!

If you have TMNT fans in your life, you'll definitely want to head over to Little Kids Inc., and check out their awesome Nickelodeon TMNT products. They'll provide added outdoor fun and entertainment this summer! Products start out around $5.00 and go up from there, making them not just fun, but affordable, as well! Little Kids products can be found at several popular retail stores, like WalMart, Toys R US, Kohls, etc. Just find a store near you, and start your Little Kids product adventure!

Little Kids Inc is social, and would love to connect with you via Facebook and/or Twitter!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win their very own TMNT Splash Out Water Ball from Little Kids, Inc! Just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win big! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older!

Special thanks to our friends at Little Kids Inc, for providing us with additional summer fun, and for offering this splash-tastic giveaway for our wonderful readers!

Good luck!


  1. You know, I really don't know. I know my granddaughter loves them all. I want to win this for her!

    1. I like them all- but Donatello is my fave!

  2. My grandchildren would love the SpongeBob SquarePants™ Sno-Cone Maker!

  3. Ralphel is my sons favorite, it is our pet turtles name!

  4. I like Michaelangelo and my husband is a Leonardo fan.

  5. My daughter would like the Dora Bubble Machine that the company sales.

  6. Leonardo is our favorite ninja turtle

  7. I think she would like the Dora Motorized Bubble Machine


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