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Get Your R & R at Oak Cove Resort #TravelReview

Vacation all I ever wanted, vacation had to get away... seriously vacations around here tend to be few and far between. When you have a husband that works 12 hours a day, you work two jobs, and you have 3 furry babies, its hard to get away. That is why Josh and I like to take vacations a little closer to home, one tank trips if you will. 

This summer Josh and I found a great new one tank trip that would even be worth a few more tanks if you live father away. Oak Cove Resort in Lawrence Michigan is wonderful little all inclusive cottage resort located on Lake Cora. With plenty of cottages and houses to sleep in, Oak Cove is the perfect place for a family reunion, couples with kids of any age, or just plain couples.

We stayed at Snoopy's Cottage

Snoopy and Woodstock were on our roof.

Our cabin view from the front.

Our cute little cottage bedroom.

The sitting room in the cottage.

Our mini fridge and microwave.

The sitting area in the bedroom our cottage.

Included in your stay at Oak Cove, you will not only be served delicious breakfast every morning but every evening you can enjoy a phenomenal dinner as well. Owners Bob and Susan make sure you get a full belly! 

Our table.
The porch doubles as a dining room. 

Breakfast in bed. 

For breakfast Bob served us omelets and AMAZING cinnamon rolls.

Buffet set up, now all it needs is Bob to serve you.

The salad bar is served on a really neat old bed. 

The salad was so fresh and yummy!

For dinner we had amazing roast beef with potatoes, peas, and a fresh roll.

Delicious chocolate cake with ice cream. Yum!
 Oak Cove has 500' of sandy beaches, a lovely heated pool and nature trails. At Oak Cove you will have unlimited use of their rowboats, canoes, paddle boats and kayaks. 

View of the beach, all the boats and things are on this side.

The park and the pool.
A lovely view of the pool.
View from our porch.
Beautiful Lake Cora

Outside the water, on the Oak Cove property, you can relax, play on the swing sets, you can enjoy a game of  badminton, shuffleboard, volleyball, horseshoes, or use one of the many onsite bicycles. 

This is a nice area to sit and relax.

Great place to sit while you wait for dinner or breakfast.

Horseshoe pit. 
All the bikes you can borrow. There are sizes and types for everyone.

I found this handsome guy relaxing.

I loved all the cute little decorations. 

At night time or on rainy days Oak Cove has a great fun house full of books, movies, and games to play. Make sure to bring your quarters for the jukebox and pinball!!
The Funhouse

Pool table.

There are loads of movies you can borrow.

Great spot to lounge around and watch a movie.

The funhouse has an awesome old jukebox with some great hits!

There are some great children's bedtime stories to read as a family.

Check out a book and take it down to a beach chair for the ultimate relaxation. 

I loved all the cool old pinball games.

You can also check out all of Bob and Susans treasures in the museum room.

If you take a short 2 or 3 minute drive you even can go play a free 9 or 18 hole round of golf at the Lake Cora Hills Golf Club. A gorgeous golf club with some pretty challenging holes. 

Here is that handsome man again! 

I've decided to become a professional golf cart driver.

In the clubhouse. 
When we went to Lake Cora Hills we were greeted by a incredibly friendly staff and received awesome service! Josh wanted to go back the next day too but unfortunately it was raining. During our game, we stopped in the clubhouse for lunch and enjoyed some seriously yummy GIANT hotdogs. I totally recommend spending some time at Lake Cora Hills.

This happy camper shot a 100 his first time out this year.

    If you'd like to get away from the resort grounds for a while there are some awesome local attractions also. There is plenty of antiquing opportunities, a giant weekend flea market, and local shopping centers. Right next to Lawrence is Paw Paw where you will find wineries with free tasting and tours, U-Pick fruit farms, go-karts, water craft rentals, mini golf, and more. For a short day trip, check out the breweries, bowling, and shopping in Kalamazoo or take in the stunning beaches of Lake Michigan that are as little as 35 minutes away. 

The giant flea market right around the corner.

The Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo. 
All in all, Josh and I had an awesome weekend at Oak Cove. It is a great place for everyone to enjoy each others company and just relax. Oak Cove is such a great resort, many couples and families have been coming back every summer for years. We met a wonderful couple named Orville and Eileen, they've been coming every summer since 1989. They had nothing but good things to say about Oak Cove, Bob and Susan. Oak Cove is a place that Josh and I would love to return to with our families!

Eileen and Orville
Want it? Buy it!

Adult rate: $695.00 weekly Double occupancy in a House or Cottage: $127.50 per adult per night 

Adult rate: $625.00 weekly in Historic Inn or Lodge: $112.50 per person per night

All rates are subject to 18% Tax and Gratuity

 Children’s rates per day and per week according to ages:

Children Age                            Daily                 Weekly

0-5 months:                             Free                   Free

6-23 months:                         $45.00               $210.00

2-5 years:                              $60.00               $290.00

6-10 years:                            $70.00               $360.00

11-14 years:                          $80.00               $420.00

15-18 years:                          $90.00               $480.00

Per person rates includes:
Housing accommodations, daily full breakfast, daily delicious dinner and unlimited use of rowboats, heated pool, paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, swim raft, fishing lake, piers, free dockage, on site hiking trails, and on round of free golf daily.

WEEKLY RATES (and/or daily rate per person based on double occupancy)

Week consists of six nights. Sun-Sat. Check-in 3PM Check-out 11:00AM
Daily rates subject to availability.

Sorry, No Pets.

Summer Special!!!!!
Kids are half price from August 15th until Labor Day

Id like to say a special heartfelt thanks to Susan and Bob and all the staff of Oak Cove for giving us such a relaxing and wonderful experience at Oak Cove. We would love to come back again! We hope your summer is fun and full of exciting new visitors. Best wishes, and thanks again! 

Special Side Note:
Josh and I chose to take the senic rout home along the Red Arrow Highway. This way we got to drive through and stop at many of my favorite Michigan towns like St. Joseph and New Buffalo.

If you take Red Arrow, make sure to stop at Redamak's for a delicious burger!


  1. It looks like a lot of fun and I enjoyed the pics. It really has a homey, staying at grandma's kind of feel to it. But for me the No Pets is a deal breaker. At least for now I can't leave my little dog in a kennel for a week. How was the weather? It's so hot here that maybe it just "looks" cooler there!

  2. Robin, thanks for that comment! I wish we could have brought our dog too but she got to stay with my parents. Josh and I only stayed for two days the first weekend in June and the weather was beautiful on Saturday and rainy on Sunday. It's in lower Michigan so the weather is typical Midwest weather. I hope you get a chance to go, it's wonderful!

  3. I love the Snoopy room! So cute!

  4. Jess, A Wonderful Review. You thought of things that I never thought of; your guest perspective was so good for us to see. The special shows up beautifully on our desk top and that you included the rate page was very helpful. We are so blessed to have new guests like you and our many returning guests. As we rarely get out, it was fabulous for you to do the "shopping" for us as to places to stop and visit around this locale. after the season, we may take you up on some of them. Thanks again for coming. We look forward to your return.

    1. I so glad you liked it Susan! Josh and I really had a nice time and we would love to visit again. Thank you for letting us into you home and lives! You, Bob, and all the staff at Oak Cove are just wonderful!!!


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