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Get Groovy with Groovy Girls {Review and Giveaway}

We have talked about S's doll obsession and love of being a "mommy". Her bed is so full of babies I sometimes question where she has room to sleep. She was so excited to hear that a new doll would soon be joining the party, as we partnered with Manhattan Toy, to promote their Sweet 16th year of Groovy Girls. 


Manhattan Toy is a company that strives to promote discovery, happiness, and learning with quality crafted products. Founded in 1982, by Francis Goldwyn, Manhattan Toys started designing with new styles of toys and has continued to grow to this day. Each toy is developed to be durable and safe while encouraging mind development. Their toys, which include brands such as Whoozit, Dr. Seuss, Parents, Motorworks, Imagine I Can, Baby Stella, Wimmer-Ferguson, Fraggle Rock, and Groovy Girls, are distributed nationwide

First released in 1998, Groovy Girls have been showing the world that girls are important, unique, and allowed to be who they want to be. With their first line, including Lupe, Liza, Lucy, and Lexi to their newest line-the Special Edition Sweet 16 Dolls and 4 new core dolls-Brooklyn, Bailey, Bayani and Brenna, these soft bodied dolls with sass continue to be a huge hit. Each doll features a head full of yarn hair, a spunky personality, and clothes to match. With millions of Groovy Girls dolls sold, the product gets better with each design while still maintaining their special message that each girl is an individual and something to be celebrated.

For our review, we were offered a choice--we have to pick?!? Manhattan Toy's Groovy Girls are so funky and fun, I was so pleased we would even be given the opportunity, let alone a choice in what we could review.

Our choices were the combination of

Princess Ella • Age 3+ • $20
The royal family is pleased to announce the debut of pretty princess Ella. Notice
her golden blonde hair topped by a jeweled tiara? It makes her appear a little taller
than her 13 inches! She hopes to inspire girls to be themselves, to develop their
own personality and let their unique beauty
shine through.

Royally Ritzy Bed • Age 3+ • $25
Fit for a princess like Ella, this stunning bed
features royal elements like a quilt with satin
lining, and tulle trim and a satin pillow with
tassels. The ritzy bed fits perfectly inside in
the Groovy Girls Hip-Happenin’ Dollhouse.

or the combination of
One of the Core Dolls (Brenna, Brooklyn, Bailey, or Bayani) and the Totally Tentastic

B-Line “Core” Dolls • Age: 3+ • $15.00



Since 1998, the core of the Groovy Girl doll line has been to introduce dolls with the same starting letter. For 2014 the trend is the letter B. Meet black-haired Bayani, blonde-haired Brooklyn, redhead Bailey and brunette Brenna. These poseable girls arrive with distinctive outfits, hair styles and grins.

Totally Tentastic • Age 3+ • $24
Plan a camping trip overnight or in the middle of the afternoon with
this colorful tent designed with rich details. There's a zippered mesh
door, nylon flaps that cover the tent opening and Velcro-like closures
above windows to let a breeze in. It's roomy dimensions fit up to 3
dolls. When the trip is done, Totally Tentastic is collapsible for easy

What combination did we go with? Read on!

Our Manhattan Toy package is here, filled with some awesome Groovy Girl surprises for S.

I just can't wait!


 Inside we found one of the B Line Core Dolls and the Totally Tentastic!!!

 I love her already!

 This is just like when we camp in the backyard.

We were so excited to receive Groovy Girl Brooklyn and the Totally Tentastic. How fun to have a new friend, who has "yellow" hair like you do and cool tent to pitch in your bedroom so that everyone can sleep in the same room.

Brooklyn is one of the 4 new "B" line dolls. She measures Size: 3“L x 2“W x 13“H and has curly blond hair with pink highlights, purpley blue eyes, and an adorable smile. She is wearing a brightly colored halter top, striped skirt, leggings, and fancy shoes. She is truly sassy with her outfit and a perfect match for S. She is also on $15, a great deal for a great doll.

The Totally Tentastic is new for 2014 and sure to be a big hit in any household, it sure is in ours. Not only has Brooklyn been using it, but many other dolls have had campouts in the girls' room. The tent measures 14“L x 12“W x 10“H and is just like a real tent. It has a zippered mesh door, nylon flaps to cover the opening, and Velcro like closures to keep the window coverings up. The fabric is really soft, crazy colorful, and will fold up for easy storage. It is also fairly large, so Brooklyn and all her new doll friends can camp together.

S is thrilled with her new baby Brooklyn and her tent. She has already planned for them to have a real campout in our backyard this summer (a tent inside a tent is a crazy idea!). I love that she can pretend with Brooklyn and make connections to our real life.

Also released were the
Special Edition Sweet 16 Dolls • Age 3+ • $20


Happy 16th Birthday Groovy Girls! Collect one or all three of these
limited special edition dolls dressed in bright fashions and sporting
colored hair to match their names. There's sky blue hair for Skylar and raspberry pink locks for Fuchsia. These spunky girls are ready to play.

As if Groovy Girls weren't cool enough already, they recently were awarded the Parents' Choice Award.

The judges panel consists of educators, scientists, performing artists, librarians, parents and kids. The award is given to toys, books, and games that entertain, stimulate the imagination, help a child grow socially/intellectually/emotionally/ethically/physically, and are original. Congrats to Groovy Girls for earning this awesome award!
Want It? Buy It!
Visit the Groovy Girls website for fun songs, downloadable coloring pages, and more.  Groovy Girls can be found in specialty toy shops throughout the US, use the store locator here. Find Manhattan Toy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube too!

Want It? Win It!
One MBP reader will win a Groovy Girls Brooklyn Doll and Totally Tentastic Tent Set from Manhattan Toy. Just use the Rafflecopter entry form below to enter to win. Remember- if the entry field appears in BOLD, it's mandatory. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.
So many thanks to Groovy Girls!

'Read more' to head to the giveaway!


  1. My favorite is the Totally Tentastic doll. These are very cute, never heard of them before.

  2. Brooklyn is my favorite doll. That's my friend's daughter's name, so it would be the perfect gift for her.

  3. Princess Ella is the one my daughter would ask me for.

  4. My niece loves Brenna!

  5. We also love Bayani!

  6. Her favorite is the Groovy Girls Lana Ladybug. Thanks.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. We also love Brooklyn

  9. Love princess Ella


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