Day Trips & Destinations: Blue Ridge Parkway

Happy Friday, everyone! The fam and I are just back from a short trip to the mountains. Hopefully, you were able to check in with us earlier this week to see what we were up to in TN! Stay tuned for a two part series on Wilderness at the Smokies, over the next couple of weeks. Since I'm still working on my story, I wanted to just simply share with you a few photos from our beautiful drive home on Tuesday afternoon. We decided to take the lovely Blue Ridge Parkway part of the way home from TN, through Cherokee and Maggie Valley, NC.

Travelling along the parkway, surrounded by green...

With 469 miles of scenic beauty, the Blue Ridge Parkway weaves through parts of Virginia and Western North Carolina to the Smokies in Tennessee. Make your journey memorable and explore the Parkway's adjoining communities and vibrant cities for a full, enriching journey.

Gorgeous views from various gorges, overlooks, etc...

Majestic mountain views...

...and nothing but blue skies!

When we left our resort in TN, it was 86 degrees. When we got on the parkway and started our drive, it was 80-ish degrees. By the time we drove to the top, it was 70 degrees. We turned off the A/C, opened up the windows, and enjoyed the beautiful drive for miles, and miles. The parkway is not only beautiful, but it's a super fun drive with lots of twists, and turns. My hubby had a fun time driving those winding mountain roads.

We love taking the Blue Ridge parkway, instead of the interstate, if we have time to spare. It did add an extra hour onto our trip home, but we didn't care, The drive was so peaceful and relaxing... it was worth the extra hour in the car.

Have you ever driven on the Blue Ridge Parkway? If you're ever taking a trip through VA, NC, TN, be sure to make time to experience the beauty of the mountains by taking a drive on the parkway! It's so worth it!

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