Wordless Wednesdays: Using Your Noodle

Happy Wednesday! It sort of already feels like summertime to me. It's hot here- near 90 degrees about every day, so we're picking and choosing the best times of the day to play outside, and when to go back in for water breaks, or to cool down.

Noodle play...

My mom and dad are in Germany this week, and part of next week. They came over to our house on Monday morning, so that B and I could drop them off at their group meeting place, to hop the church mini buses to the airport. Upon their arrival at my house, my mom presented B with two pool floaty noodles. We do not own a pool. She said that she and B play with them at church sometimes, in one of the big classrooms, and she wanted to surprise him.

As it turns out, there are actually lots of cool things you can do with the pool noodles.Pinterest has some cool pool noodle crafts and activities. We have been whacking each other with them, of course... gently. We have found that pool noodles make awesome turbo boosters for the trike bike, make cool obstacles to jump over and through, make cool rockets, are perfect for practicing our ninja skills with, etc.

Contemplating his next move...

...and he's off- B zooms  away is his helicopter!

All it takes is a little imagination! We don't have any big plans for the day, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of adventures!

Happy Wednesday!


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