Wordless Wednesday: Beauty from the Garden

I have so been enjoying the beautiful blooms that are surrounding my home. Pretty much every corner of the perimeter of my home, is surrounded by flowering plants. A few of them were here before we moved into the house, but most of them have been planted by me. They are mostly perrenials, so I can just enjoy them coming back year, after year. I love my rose bushes... I have six different rose bushes along one side of the house, and they are just producing beautifully this season. I noticed that some of the leaves are being eaten by critters, so I will have to dust the roses to prevent further damage to them.

Lovely white roses with a pale pink outline...

Lovely red rose variety with beautiful blooms that last for a week or longer in fresh water...

I also have lot's of flowers that I planted specifically for cutting, so I can enjoy fresh cut flowers in my home all season long. My zinnias are doing nicely, and putting out new stems and blossoms- I can't wait until they are ready for cutting, as they will look lovely in a bouquet! My coneflower is coming up, the lantana is starting to leaf out, my salvia is looking lovely, and my daisy varieties are about to bloom, as well!

Another garden favorite that puts out firey blooms... Avens- Mrs. Bradshaw Variety, Coreopsis

My husband keeps asking me where on earth I'll put new flowers if we take yet another trip to my favorite garden center... I just smile and say, 'Don't worry- I'll always be able to find a place.'

How does your garden grow? Have a beautiful Wednesday!


  1. Your flowers are just gorgeous. I like the variety and colors that you have in your garden. You sure have a green thumb!

  2. Thanks, Karen! Gardening is one of the only things that helps to melt my stress away! I've never met a flower that I didn't like! :)

  3. they are gorgeous. I wish I was better with plants because having flowers in the house makes me so happy! you do a great job

    1. Thank you, Sarah! That's how I feel when I have flowers in the house, as well. I try to select varieties that don't need a lot of attention, other than some watering, occasional feeding, and watering. You could try something super easy like Coreopsis- pretty tall yellow flowers that bloom through fall, and need very little attention.


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