Weekends with The Wigglesworths- We're Going to the ZOO!

Happy Saturday once again! I am so glad the weekend is here, like I am sure most of you are. No songs stuck in my head today, but we are already on our way out the door to head to the Beardsley Zoo! Drew is in the Girl Scouts and they are having a special event. I am so excited because I love taking the girls to the zoo, but also because Drew will be getting a badge for attending and participating in the events the Girl Scouts have planned.

I was not a Girl Scout growing up, so I am probably a little more excited than I should be, but I really think that this is so cool. One of the things I really want for my girls is for them to experience things that I did not. Not that I want to live vicariously through them, and I definitely wasn't deprived growing up (I can say that in retrospect, but when I was a preteen/teenager you would have thought I had nothing) but I do want much more for my kids and I am sure many parents feel this way.

The Girls at the Zoo Last Year!

Tomorrow my oldest nephew will be turning 13, so after church we will be heading to my sister's for a birthday party. It does not seem possible that he is turning 13, I was there the day he was born and it definitely feels more like yesterday than 13 years ago. He is such an incredible young man. He is smart, great with his younger cousins (both of my girls ADORE him), responsible, respectful, and of course he is handsome (he definitely gets that  from our side of the family). I am proud to be his Aunt and proud of his Mommy for doing such a great job!

Happy Birthday Ethan! 

Wishing you a beautiful Saturday,



  1. the zoo is so much fun. I cant wait to take my LO. i hope you all had a great day and a happy bday to your nephew!

  2. Thank you Sarah! We love the zoo, and we definitely had a blast! My nephew thanks you for the birthday wishes, he had a great day!


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