Weekends with the Wigglesworths- More than Just Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Happy Saturday once again everyone! Lately I have been seeing these internet memes all over Facebook, mentioning how great it was to grow up when Saturday morning was spent watching cartoons!

While I definitely do miss those carefree days, I love my Saturdays now, as a Mom, even more than I loved waking up for Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. I woke up this morning on the couch, with both of my daughters snuggling with me after a  Mommy-Daughter Sleepover (we do this most Friday nights). I get to plan out what we are doing today, which does not involve sitting in front of the television all morning (sometimes it does, just not today). We will be going outside and running around, enjoying the sunshine, since it rained all week and kept us stuck inside. I am not exaggerating when I say my eye was twitching everyday this week, except for yesterday, and I don't think it's a coincidence that it stopped the day the sun decided to stick with us most of the day! 

Tomorrow, is a church and family type of day, as it is almost every Sunday. It is supposed to rain again, which has me rolling my eyes already, but I will not focus on that, I will focus on the beautiful weather of today and hope my eye does not start twitching again tomorrow.

How are you spending YOUR weekend? What's the weather like where you are? 
Whatever you do, I hope you find at least a little sunshine! 

Have a great weekend,


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