Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Saturday once again to everyone! Today is a laid back kind of a day filled with play and plenty of chances to practice listening skills for a certain 2 year old that likes to respond "NO!" to almost everything and sometimes even includes a little foot stomp. Did I mention said 2 year old was up from about 2am-4:30am and STILL woke up at 8! This Mommy is definitely tired, hence the laid back kind of day.

A couple of days ago, I read this book called "The Mystery in the Locked Library" with my girls during bed time. It's a children's book, but for a reader that is a little older than Drew. The main characters were working to solve clues to save a "treasure" hidden in the library. One of the clues they had to solve involved using a reverse alphabet cipher, and Drew loved working to crack the code so much that I ended up writing her a message using the reverse alphabet cipher and she worked on it when she got home from school for a special "prize".

Today, she asked to make another one. I am kind of excited because I love word games and it looks like she is definitely following in my foot steps. Yesterday, she was filling in a couple letters of each word and then saying what the word was before all the letters were even filled in! She'd probably really clean up on Wheel of Fortune :-)

Drew and Reese Trying to Crack Today's Code

Tomorrow, we have church. I actually missed last Sunday because I was so exhausted from our trip to the zoo and we had our nephew spend the night, which means all the kiddos were up a "little" past bedtime. After church, we are going to my Gram's for a BBQ and to visit with my Aunt Donna who is up from Florida. I am also hoping to get some time with Matt's parents this weekend. 

Monday is Memorial Day and I will be focusing on Memorial Day. Yes, it's nice to visit with family and friends and to have a long weekend, but the holiday is about so much more than those things. I want my kids to know early on just exactly why the holiday is celebrated, what so many brave men and women sacrifice for us. Thankfully, I found some pretty great lessons to use with Drew. Reese is a little young, but we will figure out something for her. I will also be thinking about and praying for my friend Venus and her family. A few years ago, she lost her brother and has since started Boots on Ground which is "dedicated to raising awareness for and supporting our Warriors and their families who are struggling with and coping with  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and to the support and honor of those who have lost their battle with PTSD". 

I ask that you all dedicate a few minutes this weekend to reflect on everything our troops sacrifice, it is more than many of us will ever know and we have much to be grateful to them for! 

Take care,



  1. I totally agree, I want my daughter to learn early on what this holiday is really about. I want to take her to buy poppies from the veterans each time they are selling them to help her learn too. I hope you all have a great weekend

  2. Sarah, I like the idea of buying poppies to help them learn. Something to add to our Memorial Day celebration next year!


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