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Rock On With KIDZ BOP {Review}

If your kids are like my kids, they love music and dancing. We have been having regular dance parties at our house since B was a baby. Most of the time we use our sitting room with the loudest stereo system, but sometimes we turn out the lights downstairs and turn on our disco ball. However we do it, the kids have a blast and so do my husband and I.
Now that B and S are older and understand lyrics more and more, we have to be mindful of what the kids are listening to. We used to be able to get away with things that maybe had some bad words or messages because they didn't really repeat them, they were listening more for the tune and beat to dance to. Thank goodness that even songs that we like to hear are available in edited versions that are appropriate for the kids, one of those being the KIDZ BOP series.
National Karaoke Week was at the end of April and with KIDZ BOP featuring songs sung by kids for kids, we were asked to review the most recently released KIDZ BOP 25.
KIDZ BOP is the #1 music brand for kids in the US. It features kid-friendly versions of today's hits edited to be appropriate for kids of all ages and is even sung by kids of all ages. All of the KIDZ BOP kids are schooled either online or home schooled so that they can travel all over and perform on tours across North America. While the last album was released in January and features 16 hit songs, the KIDZ BOP kids are already hard at work on KIDZ BOP 26 and releases this summer.  For four consecutive years (2010 – 2013), Billboard magazine has named the KIDZ BOP Kids the “#1 Kids’ Artists” in the U.S.! KIDZ BOP also has its own channel on SiriusXM, called KIDZ BOP Radio (which can be found on Channel 77).
Our KIDZ BOP package is here!
"YES! KIDZ BOP! Can we listen to it?"
Another thrilled person!
The brightly colored packaging is sure to catch any kids eye. With today's biggest hits, even parents will be happy to know that these edited versions are completely safe and appropriate for their kids.
  1. Roar
  2. Best Song Ever
  3. Clarity
  4. Wrecking Ball
  5. Treasure
  6. Royals
  7. Applause
  8. Wake Me Up
  9. Love Somebody
  10. Still Into You
  11. I Need Your Love
  12. Cups
  13. Safe and Sound
  14. Cruise
  15. Summertime Sadness
  16. What Does The Fox Say
I was happy to see many of the songs I like, including Wrecking Ball (don't judge, it is on my running play list). Since they are sung by kids, the lyrics are all safe for the kids but still fun for all of us.
Even better, they work for dance parties and karaoke time!

 Want It? Buy It!
You can find KIDZ BOP 25 at most retailers nationwide, including your local Walmart.
 Thanks a ton to KIDZ BOP!

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