Me Mondays: Happy Belated Mother's Day

Happy Monday, friends! I sort of feel like a terrible blogger this morning, because even though I wished all of our mommy readers a happy Mother's Day through our MBP social media channels yesterday, I failed to post my well-wishes on the MBP blog. I do hope that you had a fantastic Mother's Day. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes the woman we call 'mom,' isn't the woman who brought us into the world. Sometimes it's a grandmother, a friend of the family, an aunt, or pet-parent whom we call mom, because of her selfless love. and nurturing heart. At MBP, we want to recognize all of the 'mothering' women of the world... you are appreciated!

Beyond blessed to have this little boy...

I had a lovely Mother's Day. Our weekend was sort of crazy. My parents left for a 10 day trip to Germany this morning, with a group from our church. We spent part of the weekend making sure that ducks were all in a row for their tip abroad. Yesterday, we spent the morning at church, as always. I treated my mom to a Mother's Day coffee at Starbucks, and then she went home to finish packing for her trip.

I had to show you the card my husband chose to give to me for Mother's Day... needless to say, I loved it!

After my husband was home from church, he and B took me, and my mother-in-law out to lunch. B got to choose where he wanted to take us, and he chose Casa Grande, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. B and Sacha gave me beautiful cards, and then they took me to my favorite garden center (The Garden Greenhouses), to let me pick out a flat of flowers to plant in my cutting beds. I chose some more zinnias, marigolds (to help keep the mosquito's away, as they're not one of my favorite flowers), deep purple salvia, portulaca, and snap dragons. We went to Sonic and and got slushes, and then it was back home for us. 

Hubby cleaned out the refrigerator and sent me outside to enjoy some time planting my new flowers. He came out and joined me, and helped me dig out an annoying holly bush that keeps growing in the area where we want to extend our patio. He began building a super small patio area last summer, and I asked if we could extend it out and actually use it this year. When we moved into our house, it was just a small area, covered in grass, an old tree stump, but I saw the potential of what could be in that space, and cleaned it all out. I put in two flower beds back there, our grill is out there, my potting bench is back there, and I want to add a charming mis-matched table and chairs set back there with some solar garden lights, a bar area, etc. We have to get the wasp and yellow jacket situation under control however, and we also have carpenter bees boring into our picket fence. They're not really dangerous, and I read that the hovering males don't even have stingers... they just patrol the area, and are quite annoying. We may try a carpenter bee trap, and I am definitely making an effort to keep the wasps and yellow jackets away from that area... because they're aggressive and I do not want to be stung... more so, I don't want B to be stung! 

We finished our day with a nice salad for dinner, and hubby and I enjoyed a glass of wine together while we watched old episodes of The Office on Netflix, after B went to bed. Today marks the beginning of a new adventurous week, and we're excited to see what the week will bring!

From all of us here at MBP, we hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day, filled with love!

Catch you later...


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and your family, and I hope you had a very nice day! I had a nice day with my family and I did not have to cook! It sounds like you are getting a nice backyard area fixed up for the Summer. Cool.

    1. Thank you, Karen!! It's always awesome not having to cook!
      Glad you had a wonderful day with your family, as well!


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