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Keep Away the Summer Sun with Real Kids Shades {Review and Giveaway}

 Spring is here and summer is quickly on its way. With soccer and baseball season in full swing, we have been outside plenty in the past few weeks for many consecutive hours both during the week and on Saturdays. While we are outside and in the sun, not only am I slathering my kids in sunscreen, I am also making them wear their sunglasses.
 My kids love their sunglasses and have an assortment of them. Our all time favorites came from a great company called Real Kids Shades, and thanks to them, we just got a few new pair to review and share with our readers. I highly recommend this brand, we are true believers in what this company offers and hope you will check them out too.
 Real Kids Shades was founded in 2002, by parents David Scheinberg and Lisa Medora, when they struggled to find real protective eye wear for their own kids. In an effort to have a company that focused exclusively on safe, yet fun eye protection for children, they knew they could easily offer their ideas and create something great. Real Kids Shades is now the world's leading innovator of premium quality, 100% UV protective eye wear for infants-12 year olds.
All of the Real Kids Shades products are specifically designed to fit the faces and lifestyles of children up to 12 years old. With lines for Baby 0-2, Toddler 2+, Kid 4+, Youth 7+, and Tween 10+, there is something for all of them. The glasses are shatterproof, impact-resistant, adaptable to sports and active lifestyles, comfortable, durable, as well as looking cool.
Do you know the difference between "Toy Shades" and "Real Shades"? Did you know that most sunglasses you will find in stores are actually "toys"? Most of these glasses, while looking cool, do not offer much protection, especially from harmful UV radiation, you can read more here. Real Kids Shades go through intense product testing and construction to ensure they will offer the ultimate 100% UVA and UVB sun protection. Check out this list and see if the sunglasses your kids are using now pass the test, because Real Kids Shades passes all of them. 
When I was contacted about reviewing Real Kids Shades, I was thrilled. With Baby C in the mix, she did not yet have her own pair of shades and with us being outside so much, I knew her eyes were needing some protection. B and S could use some bigger pairs too. I couldn't wait to see what we would get to review this time.
Our Real Kids Shades package is here!
Home from school and ready to open this box.
We first came upon an information sheet and letter from Real Kids Shades. It has all of their contact information, general product and safety facts, and more. 
Wow! We are so lucky to have such a generous company work with us. Each set of shades is different and all look really neat. We could not wait to get them out and try them on. All three kids will get something, always a plus. 
The first pair we opened were the Tween 10+ Blades in Black/Lime. They retail for $19.95 and come in four color options. 
"Super cool and super protective against UV radiation. Blade sunglasses are just the thing for your action hero.
The Blade’s shatterproof and impact-resistant polycarbonate frames and lenses make them the perfect sidekick for all your child’s outdoors adventures. "
These glasses are perfect for B. He is outside so much, shooting hoops, riding his bike, and just general boy play. These are "cool" looking for an almost 8 year old and comfortable on his face, two huge must haves. I can let him wear these glasses anytime for any activity.
The second pair we opened were the Youth 7+ Storm in Black. They retail for $19.95 and come in four color options.
"Rugged outdoor style and construction to stand up to the abuse any young outdoorsman brings their way. The cool wrap style is both stylish and practical providing comprehensive eye protection."
This pair of glasses is the new go-to pair in our house for B. He likes the look and feel of these and I know they are perfect for his outdoor activities, like baseball.
Our third pair were the Kid 4+ Breeze in Purple and Navy. They retail for $14.95 and come in four color options.
"We made the Breeze as an alternative to banded sunglasses. These sunglasses have classic temples and fashion-forward, two-tone coloring. The frames are super flexible so it’ll survive all the twists and turns of kid life without breaking."
This pair is adorable, both in design and color. S prefers this pair for her everyday use because they are so "soft" to her. They are very flexible and have survived quite the stretching as she plays with them.
Our fourth pair were the Toddler 2+ Explorer in Aqua and Pink. They retail for $14.95 and come in six color options.

"When it comes to your first pair of sunglasses, it is all about comfort! If your child won't wear them, they can't protect your child’s sensitive eyes. 100% UVA/UVB protection and safe polycarbonate frames means these sunglasses check all the boxes."
S wears these at soccer practice and games. They stay put well because of the band which is adjustable and removable. She loves the color and said they match perfectly with her outfit.
Our fifth pair were the Baby 0+ Explorer in Cherry Pink and Lime. They retail for $14.95 and come in six color options. They are the same as the Toddler 2+ Explorers, just made for younger faces.
Baby C is attempting to get used to wearing them. We give them a go each time we are out and she is slowly adjusting to keeping them on. The adjustable band makes it easier to keep in place and a little harder for her to remove. The colors are bright and cheerful and she has gotten tons of compliments on them.
I found this mission quote on their site and think it says everything perfectly, "Putting their eyes first so their eyes last." Real Kids Shades is doing exactly that, offering parents amazing and safe products to protect their children's sight. I know that when my kids have on their Real Kids Shades glasses that their eyes are 100% protected from the harmful rays. The shades are also durable and fun so there are no complaints about broken glasses or being "dorky". Like I said earlier, I am a true believer in the Real Kids Shades products and will continue to be, you should too.
 Want It? Buy It!
 Get your Real Kids Shades now, kids eyes will be saying Thank You! You can follow Real Kids Shades on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. Interested in reading more, check out their blog here.
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Thanks so much to Real Kids Shades!

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  1. I like the Kid 4+ Explorer pink/hot pink sunglasses.

  2. I would get the pink Sky - Toddler - 2+ for my daughter Ella.

  3. I learned that the shades are made out of shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Sounds tough!

  4. I learned that they are design to fit children's faces and are made for durability

  5. I like the Toddler 2+ shades in Sky. My son would look super cute in them. :)

  6. i like the surf or the sky flex glasses

  7. i learned that they carry glasses for all ages

  8. I love the surf style in red!

  9. i learned that they are specifically made to fit kids faces and life styles

  10. i learned that their shades are 100% UVA/UVB blocking

  11. i learned that they are made to be worn year round and made durable for all kinds of playing

  12. I really like the my first shades in royal.

  13. I learned that they have 100% UVA/UVB Protection


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