Hot Summer Days and Even Hotter Summer Nights With Pure Romance

This review contains adult subjects. Proceed with caution. 

Every now and again couples need a little kick in the pants in the bedroom. We all live crazy busy lives and intimacy is one of the first things to get thrown to the side. Sadly, intimacy is one of the most important parts of a healthy relationship and isn't something that should just be thrown away. It gives you and your partner time to connect on a different level, time to really show your love. 

I know a lot of couples that are regularly intimate but just want to get it out of the way as soon as possible. Thats not good either. Your time with your partner should always be special and meaningful. Time should be taken to enjoy each other; it keeps your relationship strong.

Please do not enter Karen's Pure Romance site unless you are 18 years or older.

That is where Karen and Pure Romance's Dust Me Pink Kissable Body Powder comes in. Dust Me Pink is one of Pure Romance's best products! It is an edible powder created to prolong foreplay and give couples that little extra something in the bedroom. 

Dust Me Pink comes in a cute little pink ball that sits perfectly on your bedside table or in any private drawer. 

Dust Me Pink is easily used and greatly enjoyed by many of Karen's Pure Romance customers. Just use the fun and super tickley puff to dust any area on your body that needs to be explored and let your partner enjoy. 

I love this little puff. It seriously tickles though, so watch out! 

With a sugary sweet taste, Dust Me Pink is enjoyable for everyone. We decided it tastes a lot like pixi sticks or the dip sticks you used to eat as a kid. Dust Me Pink was a really fun and exciting product to use. It will be used again. 

On a side note: be careful when you open your ball though because this light weight dust can make a mess. 

I've always been a huge promoter of Pure Romance. I love the message the company sends about knowing and loving your body. Karen and Pure Romance promote the health and well being of a woman's body as well as the importance of intimacy. Pure Romance has so many awesome products to bring into your life, not just your bedroom.

 My absolute favorite Pure Romance product is Basic Instinct, a roll on perfume of sorts. Great for every day wear, this bottle contains pheromones that attract members of the opposite sex through smell. The coolest part is that it smells different on everyone that wears it. 

Love, love, LOVE Basic Instinct!!! 

One of my favorite bedroom products is Whipped. An edible lubricant. Whipped comes in a variety of awesome dessert themed flavors. I've never tried one that wasn't delicious. 

Banana Split?! How can that not be good?! 

Pure Romance has a lot of new products this year that Im looking forward to hearing more about and possibly trying. Here is a sneak peak at some of their new stuff. 

Body Silk is a lotion that has been around but has gotten a make over. Look at this stunning new container. 

This is a great new product for men. Scented talcum powder. There are also a few other new products for men. 
Boost is a new flavor enhancing cream with the Pure Romance exclusive TriPlex Tingle to really give you a "boost" in the bedroom. I can't wait to try this one!
So ladies and gents if you are looking for something to get you back in the habit of being with the one you love, Karen and Pure Romance have everything you need to rock each others world.

Want it? Buy it!
Please make sure to check out all the awesome products Karen has to offer on her Pure Romance page. (As long you are 18+)  Don't be afraid to ask her any questions you might have. Everything asked and ordered is completely confidential. No one but you and Karen will know. All Pure Romance products come in plain unmarked packages also, so when your oder arrives on your doorstep you don't need to worry about that nosy neighbor.

Special thanks to Karen and Pure Romance for sponsoring this awesome review. I always enjoy working with you Karen, looking forward to the next time!! 

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