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Hold Your Hair Back with Violet Love by Rebecca Michaels {Review}

I am a pretty simple gal when it comes to my hair. I have extremely thick and curly hair that really takes a ton of time to make look nice, time that I just don't really have a lot of. I almost always wear it up, either in a high bun or pony tail. The one thing I do usually add to my hair look are headbands. I wear them both casually as a fashion accessory and when I workout to keep the hair off my face.
With my new running lifestyle, the better the headband fits, the better I feel. I don't like to stop and fix my hair mid-run so anything that will keep it in place works for me. I was thrilled when I was offered the chance to review for this next company, one that really would make my runner hair stand out.

“Love me, Wear me, Don’t Dare to Share Me”
Written after realizing when someone tries a Violet Love Headband for the first time, they never want to be without it!

Violet Love was founded by a Land Development engineer, from Penn State, who was looking for something to embrace and use her creative spirit on. Rebecca, an East Coast native, was searching for a headband to fulfill her needs and could not find what she wanted, so in 2006, she designed her own collection, Violet Love Headbands (named after her favorite color). Within the first year, Violet Love was featured in the top 10 hottest new products at Surf Expo, and Rebecca left her engineering position to focus on her new creations. Currently located in LA, Violet Love has grown to offering not only headbands, but printed hosiery, leggings, and scarves and even more recently Rebecca expanded into her own LA Label, Rebecca Michaels. Both of her labels utilize fabulous, colorful, high quality fabrics and have been featured in many different press sources.

When we started working with Violet Love, I was asked to browse their 2014 Look Book and select my favorite to review. I started with "I Am" and "Living in a #Hashtag World" Signature Collections. All of the bands are printed on washable poly spandex blend fabric, are geared towards fashion accessory or light workouts, and retail for $17. Next, I browsed the Black Label Collections, including "Be You" and "Dharma Garden". These collections immediately caught my eye because they were printed on more of a performance fabric,made of a heavier weight poly spandex blend, and retail for $19.  The "Dharma Garden" were geared towards serious workouts and fashion, and just what I was hoping for, so I made my first choice.

The Dharma Garden line has 15 different color styles that I could choose from. My top two favorites were Shiva and Buddha, I couldn't wait to see which one I would get.

I didn't have to wait long, I got tracking info and a priority mail envelope very quickly.

Inside  I found a beautiful Violet wrapped item, a shipping sheet, and a card with all of Violet Love's information, including their social media links.

My violet Violet Love package also was sealed with a Rebecca Michaels sticker, I could not wait to open it up and see what was inside.

I was sent the Buddha Headband from the Dharma Garden Black Label Collection.
"Buddha believes that compassion, patience, and wisdom are keys to living a happier life. We agree, for that and a few other reasons. You’ll need wisdom when choosing which Violet Love print is right for you. Compassion when you have to tell people you won’t give them the headband that you’re wearing. And a little patience. For the countless times that you will be stopped and questioned about where you got your headband."

I love the colors in this headband, they are so vibrant. There are such an array of colors that wearing it as a fashion accessory will not be hard either. It is extremely soft and I knew that I was going to be very happy with my choice.

Trying it on one night before bed, just to get the feel of it. I could not even tell I had it on, unlike other headbands that pull your hair and squeeze your head. It was featured on the Today Show and Health Magazine as being no headache, no slip and I agree, it is.
I selected the Dharma Garden Black Label line because it was listed as being worn for serious workouts. What could be more serious than running a mini-marathon? I knew that I would be able to wear my Violet Love Buddha headband without worrying about my hair pulling, falling in my face, or being too tight and I was right.

13.1 miles later, while completely exhausted, my hair still looked fairly fashionable and I was still comfortably wearing my Violet Love Dharma Garden Buddha headband.
Need a bit more reference before you buy, check out the size and care information.

Adult size measures 9" long x 2 " wide and kids size measures 8" long x 1.5" wide. If you have one of the Violet Love Performance Solid Headbands, they are made for a serious workout and will need a fresh washing, they are machine wash and dry safe. The lightweight fabric is a high count poly microfiber that will be comfortable and durable. If you have one of the Violet Love Signature Couture Headbands, they are more for fashion or light workouts and should be cared for as such, gentle wash and line dry.
Looking for a more creative way to wear your band, look no further than these Violet Love suggestions. You can also learn more about each of the headband models here.

Want It? Buy It!

Violet Love is a must for fashion and exercise. They are offering our MBP readers 20% off their purchase with the code MOMMY20 at checkout. You can also follow Violet Love on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. Check out how GREEN Violet Love is too. Make sure to read even more at the Violet Love Blog. Subscribe to the Violet Love newsletter on the bottom of their website and receive 10% off your next purchase.

Thanks to Violet Love, my mini-marathon was a bit less stressful!

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