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Great Smelling Laundry & More with Scentsy Layers #Review


It's not fun, and Im sorry but if you think laundry is fun than we might need to reevaluate your idea of fun. Sorting, pre-treating, waiting, folding, blah!! 

Thankfully, Im not in charge of the laundry around my house!! I am however, in charge of what laundry soap we use. I have a pretty sensitive sniffer, thanks to my mom, and I can't smell a lot of laundry soaps without getting a splitting headache. I can do fruity smells but there really aren't very many fruity smelling laundry soaps out there.

Scentsy Layers 
W/ Spotlight Sponsor Kim Getchell

Thats where our friend and spotlight sponsor Kim Getchell and one of my favorite companies, Scentsy, comes in. They have a new line of laundry soaps with some awesome fragrances including Black Cherry Vanilla! I was introduced to the new line by the always delightful Kim and MBP senior contributer Ondria talked me into the scent. Im glad she did because our clothes smell and look great!

Lets get washin!

My favorite part about the new Layers line of laundry products is the lasting fragrance. I love my husband but at the end of the day, like a lot of your husbands Im sure, he stinks like work. Its so nice to hug my husband now and smell Black Cherry Vanilla and not laundry soap mixed with gross tire smell.  

Just a few squirts of soap per wash.

The Black Cherry Vanilla scent lasts so long because of two special features that can be used with the layers line, or with your preferred detergent. Layers Washer Wiffs help kick up the delicious smell of Black Raspberry and Vanilla while washing. Josh said he noticed if you put them right on the clothes they leave a small stain that came out when washed again so I would recommend not putting them directly on clothes. 

Washer Wiffs 
Just two small scoops per large load.
 The Dryer Disk works just like a dryer sheet. Just toss it in and let its fragrance flow. These are great for multiple dryer loads. This one has been through 5 or 6 already. 

Dryer Disk

Want it? Buy it!

The Layers Laundry Line also comes in a variety of scents, including Perfectly Pomegranate, Sunkissed Citrus, Vanilla Suede, and a variety of others. However, if you love the Black Raspberry Vanilla scent please check out some of their other great products available in that scent.

 One of the products I would love to add to my drawers is the Black Raspberry Vanilla Scent Pak. Use these great packs in your dresser drawers, suit cases, closets, or even inside your shoes to help combat smelly shoes.

May I also suggest the Fragrance Foam (Antibacterial hand foam).

Or the classic warming bar.

Whatever your favorite Scentsy product might be, you're sure to find it in Black Raspberry Vanilla. 

Just check out Kim's Scentsy site and find your perfect product today. Kim will be glad to help you with all of your Scentsy needs.

Special thanks to Kim and Scentsy for sponsoring this awesome review. It's always pleasant and enjoyable to work with you!


  1. Generally, we use normal detergent powder, but we don't know about their side effect, But now a days smelling detergent powder is very famous to people because it keeps your cloth very soft, comfortable and spreading well smell.


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