Enter a World of Fun, with Soft Play Food by HABA #Review + #Giveaway

With it being springtime,we've been spending a good amount of time playing outside. Though it's warm out, some days are rainy, and others are too hot. We're already seeing temperatures near 90 degrees, so we're having to select cooler times during the day for our outdoor play, and take lots of breaks for water, or to come inside and cool off for a while. My child's imagination never stops, so as soon as we're back indoors, his wheels are turning as to what we might do next. Last week, we got caught in a bit of rain while we played outside, and had to come in... but it all seemed to work out, because the delivery man had been by, and left a package on our front porch. I was delighted to see who it was from, and knew that B was going to be excited!


I was delighted for the opportunity to work with HABA, a German toy-making company, which makes safe, unique wooden toys and games for little ones. HABA was founded in 1938, by April Eugen Habermaaß and Anton Engel. Through the years, the company has seen a few changes here and there, and they have added many unique lines of toys to their collections. Haba firmly believes in giving children the opportunity to play and grow naturally, right from the very start. HABA's toys are loved by parents and children, alike, and are available all over the world. 

Haba also has a beautiful line of soft toys, and we were lucky enough to be able to preview some of their newest additions!

Our package from HABA has arrived, and B is ready to help mommy open the mystery box with his play scissors.

B, tearing through the packing paper to reveal the goodies from HABA...

Let's take a look...

B was so excited by all of the colorful packages that were inside of the box from HABA. He had been so bummed out that we had to come inside once it started raining, but this special surprise made his day! As we began to remove the small packages from the box, B noticed right off that he had been sent new play food! I had a feeling that within minutes, he'd be asking me if he could make me some lunch!

Special treats from HABA: looks like we have a hot dog, ketchup and mustard, and even sushi!

Many of HABA's soft play foods have a little European flavor, which I think is so neat. B has a bit of German blood in his veins from both mine and my husband's families... and my parents are about to head to Germany on a 10 day trip, so it was fun for me to explain a bit of history about where these new toys came from. As I looked these new soft toys over, it became clear to me, that HABA makes it a priority to educate children through experience and role play. My child doesn't know a whole lot about Japan, but giving us a sushi soft play food set, opens up the door for conversation about that country, other customs, etc.

B was immediately drawn to this awesome Sushi soft play food set! He couldn't keep it little hands off of it- he's so curious!

HABA's newest soft play food line includes a few All American favorites, like hot dogs, apple pie, and even ketchup and mustard. Even though B is not a hot dog fan (yet), I had a feeling that he would love the soft hot dog set, and hoped that maybe he would even become interested in trying them again.

Colorful soft play food hot dog set... complete with pickles, cheese and roasted onions! Yum!

B was also excited about receiving his very own play bottles of ketchup and mustard! These aren't just any little play bottles, though... HABA is always thinking up wonderful ways for children to learn as they play, and how to make their toys as realistic as possible. 

The lid to both the ketchup and mustard play bottles unscrew... when we removed the tops, we found a red string attached to the ketchup bottle lid, and a yellow string attached to the mustard bottle lid.

The ketchup and mustard toys by HABA are so clever! When the lid is on the bottle, and the top is open, you simply give the bottle a little squeeze, and the red or yellow string pops out of the top, just as mustard or ketchup would squirt out of the bottle, when squeezed! To play again and again, simply pull the string downward underneath the lid of the bottle, replace the lid (with the string dangling into the bottle), and squeeze again! Isn't that smart!? Now children can do exactly what they see grown ups do with ketchup and mustard, without the mess!

I couldn't wait to see B's reaction over the ketchup and mustard. He gave the ketchup a squeeze, and was so tickled by what happened! We must have played with the ketchup and mustard, alone, for twenty minutes!

After having with with the condiment bottles, B was ready to prepare a meal for mommy. He's a great little helper in the kitchen, and loves preparing meals of his own! I so enjoyed watching him prepare a little meal. He gave me a step by step break down of what he was doing, as I often do, when  B is helping me in the kitchen. 

Here's B's prepared hot dog, with all of mommy's favorite fixin's!

A little squirt of ketchup, and a bit of mustard, and we're all ready to enjoy this special treat!

After we had fun with the hotdog, B was ready to check out the Sushi play set! As soon as he saw the colorful play pieces, and the chopsticks, he was sold! B is slightly familiar with Japanese (sushi) rice, and how to use chopsticks. He quickly became interested in my chopsticks, so I bought him a pair of children's chopsticks for his Christmas stocking last year. He uses those (with assistance) all the time!

The 10 piece sushi soft play food set by HABA

B had a lot of fun exploring the pieces of the sushi set, as I explained what they were. We talked about the sushi being presented on the board, instead of on a plate, like we're used to. The sushi set came with four different sushi rolls, fish, decorative leafy greens (or grass) for presentation, a small bowl, and wasabi! We had a quick talk about how hot wasabi is! B had so much fun setting up the sushi on the serving board, and placing it on the table beside his kitchen play set in his bedroom. He announced that my lunch was served (he is so very polite when we play restaurant together), and asked if I would please join him at the table. How cute it that!?

おいしい Oishii: "delicious" in Japanese.

After I was seated at the table, B informed me that some of his friends, like Clifford and Chiily the Snowman, would be joining us for our lunch! How lovely! Sitting together at the table gives us time to work on etiquette and good manners. I have always been proud of how polite B is, for the most part. I smiled as I watched B concentrate on fixing the hot dog just the right way, making sure the ketchup and mustard bottles were out on the table for his guests, and that the plates were placed in just the places. He is so much like his mommy sometimes- a place for everything.

B, moving the chopsticks over to the sushi board...

...but not before trying to turn the ketchup bottle right side up with them!

When my husband came home from work later in the day, B was so excited to show him his new soft play food from HABA, and was even more excited to show him what the ketchup and mustard bottles were capable of! B and daddy played, and laughed, until our real dinner was ready. We had a great time talking with B about hot dogs, and the ones he'll get to try for the first time when we visit our family in NJ this summer!

The HABA soft play food items we received have seen lots of play by Chef B in the past week or so. I can tell that he won't become bored with these anytime soon! They have certainly opened up a world of safe, imaginative play time, and raised lots of interesting questions about other regions of the world! Once again, hats off to HABA and their award-winning toys for children! Well done!

Check out some of the other soft play food items by HABA that B would love to add to his kitchen...

Apple Pie

Breaded Veal with Fries


Veggie Basket

Any of these soft play toys by HABA would be a wonderful starter set or addition to your little Chef's kitchen! Food play is a wonderful way to learn and explore other parts of the world, learn good manners, etiquette, and sharing! HABA's attention to detail, commitment to safety and unique designs set them apart, and these pieces or sets are at incredibly affordable prices! You and your little ones will be enjoying HABA play sets for years to come!

Want them? Buy Them!

Head on over to HABA usa to browse HABA's wonderful products for children, and to learn more about their wonderful company! HABA has quickly become one of our favorite brands of children's toys, and once you see them for yourself, you'll know why! HABA toys can also be found in many specialty stores in the US. HABA is social and would love to connect with their fans through social media on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

Want them? Win them!

One lucky MBP reader will win the very same HABA products we received for review: Sushi Set, Hot Dog, and Ketchup & Mustard. What a delicious giveaway! Just use the easy peasy Raflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win. This giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to HABA usa for allowing us to once again experience the fun and magic of their wonderful toys, anf for offering this tasty giveaway to our readers!



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