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Day Trips and Destinations: Fair Oaks Farms, IN

Fair Oaks Farms
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With summer right around the corner, I know a lot of you are starting to plan some trips with your kiddos and family. Well, I have an awesome day trip for those of you that live in or around northwest Indiana.

 Fair Oaks Farms. This dairy themed one tank trip will show you how modern day farming is done, and where some of your favorite foods come from. It is full of adventure and fun. This trip would be great for people of all ages! I take my Kindergarten class for our spring field trip and they love it! There isn't much walking or climbing to do so its great for older folks as well.

Once you're at Fair Oaks, you will get scheduled to go on many of their awesome adventures. One of which is the bus tour. An air conditioned bus picks you up from the adventure center and takes you out to see the cows in their barns, as well as the milking station.

Here is the inside of the bus that takes you to see the cows. 
This is the "poop" pond. The entire farm is run off of methane gas made by cow manure. Pretty cool! 

Older babies in their pens. 

This part makes me a little sad, but they know cows better than I do and they seem to have pretty happy cows. 

The bus drives right through the cow barn!! 

Here are the cows on the "dairy-go-round". Its a really interesting process! 

Outside when it is nice and warm, there is an awesome play zone open. The outside play area includes a rock wall, a maze, a train, and the coolest bouncy bubble! There is also a gorgeous new public garden to sit in and enjoy.

Inside, you get to experience a 3D/4D movie called from Grass to  Glass, all about where milk and dairy products come from. This movie experience is one that will leave lasting memories, let me tell ya! After the movie, you walk through a few rooms that tell you some more interesting information about the nature around the farm and cows. After the informational rooms you will also get to spend time in another kids play area where kids of all ages can play on the dairy-go-round, try their hand at milking, and play some Kinect games to get them mooving.

When you're all tuckered out from playing, you can grab a bite to eat. There is so much dairy goodness to pick from; fresh ice cream, hand made cheese, or some seriously amazing grilled cheese. Don't forget to browse the gift shop after you munch!

My favorite part of the entire trip is always the indoor birthing center where you can sit and watch live births. Im always surprised at how the kids enjoy this part too, even though it is slightly messy to watch.  Just off the birthing barn is a nursery where you can see baby cows just a few hours old. I just want to snuggle all of them, they are SO cute!!!

Two cows about to become mamas.

You really can get up close and personal in the birthing barn.

Both mama's had little baby girls, aka Heifers. 

I want this persons job! This little guy was being fed in the nursery right off the birthing barn. 
 New to Fair Oaks in the last few years is the Fair Oaks Pigs! I haven't seen them yet because thats not part of the field trip, but I've seen the videos in the cafe and boy are they cute!!
This is the bus that takes you to the piggies. 

There are tons of other things to do at Fair Oaks Farms during the spring and summer months. Coming up in July there is an air show, and there is usually a summer concert. Right now they are building a new restaurant on site, as well as a bakery. I can't wait for our field trip next year to see what other amazing foods they have for sale.

Below is some basic information you will be interested in, but if you want more, you can always visit the Fair Oaks website at fofarms.com

Fair Oaks Farms

856 N 600 E
Fair Oaks, IN 47943

(877) 536-1194

P: (219) 394-2025
F: (219) 394-2026
E: info@fofarms.com

Adventure Hours (CST):

Regular Schedule
Mon - Sat
9AM - 5PM
Bus Tours
9:30AM - 4PM
10AM - 5PM
Bus Tours
10:30AM - 4PM

Mon - Sun

Cheese Factory:

Admission Type
One Day Pass
Kids (2 and under)
Seniors (62+)
School Groups
$10 both adventures or $6 per adventure
Groups of 20+
$20 both adventures or $15 per adventure
Senior Monday 55+ (Monday only) 
Active Service Men and Women

$50 per person

I hope you enjoyed this day trips and destinations post, and I hope you get mooving to Fair Oaks Farms this summer! Its truly an awesome experience!!

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  1. totally awesome. we have friends with a large dairy farm and i love to visit with my LO.


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