Big Style for Little Gentlemen by Andy & Evan #Review + #Giveaway

It never fails... Saturday evenings roll around, and I am running around like a crazy lady, trying to make sure everyone's clothing is situated for church on Sunday morning. We go to two different worship services at our church- one being contemporary with a laid back vibe, and the other being traditional. When we go to both worship services in a given Sunday, I want to make sure that B is comfortable, and dressed appropriately. Being at church for 4+ hours can be kind of tough on a three-year-old, and with every member of our family being involved in the worship services (yep- me, hubby, Grammy, Papa, Grandma, Ampa & Papa Willi), let's just say that Sundays are wonderful, but somewhat stressful sometimes.

                 I never want B to feel overdressed or underdressed for either service, so I try to coordinate outfits that can work well, no matter which service we're attending. Lucky for us, our mix and match collection for Sundays and dressier occasions just got a whole lot snazzier!            

Dynamic design duo Andy & Evan left the corporate world behind in 2009, as they were on a mission to build an apparel company that was customer-service, and product-driven. They began traveling the globe, searching for the finest fabrics for men's clothing, and developed a high quality line of men's custom tailored shirts. Andy & Evan quickly gained a loyal following, and in their success with the debut of their brand, they began to notice a void in fine boy's clothing. They set off on a new journey to offer quality, stylish, and comfortable clothing for little gentleman. This cool collection is based on their knack for design, creativity, and attention to detail.

I was thrilled when given the opportunity to work with Andy & Evan. They have a wonderful team in place, and they put together some truly cool (and adorable) outfits for B. 

Here's our big box of boy's apparel from Andy & Evan! 

Cute card enclosed with our package, encouraging customers to send in their photos of little guys decked out in Andy & Evan designs!

I couldn't wait to see the Andy & Evan apparel pieces in person. I had closely worked with Casey over at Andy & Evan, and she chose some wonderful pieces for B, which could easily be mixed and matched- even with some apparel pieces we already owned, or could be worn together as complete outfits.

Here's a preview of what we were sent... I love the blue!

When I receive new clothing, I love to lay it all out and sort of take stock of what I've purchased. When the clothing from Andy & Evan arrived, I wanted to do the same thing, so I could see the different items, and how we might coordinate them for outfits. Each item of clothing was tagged, and individually wrapped in plastic, for protection. I really, truly appreciated this, because no one wants new clothing to arrive dirty, from dust or dirt that has made its way into the shipping box!

The entire assortment of apparel/accessories we received from Andy & Evan- seven pieces total.

Here's a glimpse of a pair of pants and button down shirt...

A second button-down shirt, pair of shorts, light sweater, and not one, but two ties!

As I removed the clothing from their packaging, I noticed that each piece was very soft, and that they felt durable. Durable clothing for children is music to mom's ears-especially clothing for boys, who can be super duper tough on their clothing. It's almost like, if there's a way to snag it, rip it, stain it, etc- they'll find it!

B was very excited to see that he received these special new pieces from Andy & Evan. He loves getting new clothing, and he's sort of starting to have an opinion over what he wears- especially on Sundays! He always tells me that he needs to look like 'a super cool dude' when we're headed to church... must be the drums and guitars. I let B decide which outfit he wanted to wear first, and after he made his selection, I couldn't wait to snap some photos!

Outfit #1- casual, and cool...

B first chose to wear the Andy & Evan Nothing Else Madras Short-Sleeved Button Down Shirt, and the Oh, What a Twill Pant in Aqua. B is wearing a size 4T in both the shirt and the pants. The Nothing Else Madras shirt has quickly become one of B's favorite shirts. Aside from wearing it to church, he has casually worn it several times already. He asks to wear it again and again, and I don't mind leting him wear it outside of dressy occasions. It's very light, and comfortable, and he has lots of room to move freely in it. I absolutely appreciate dress shirts for boys that are wide enough across the chest and shoulders, and still allow them room to move... because they're boys and they like to move... a lot. This particular shirt is also available in blue, yellow and coral! I wish he had this shirt in every color- it's perfect for spring and summer, and with mixed colors, he can wear it with just about any pants or shorts!

The Oh, What a Twill Pants in Aqua are a gorgeous color! Every time I see them, I want to be where the water is! The twill pants are so, so soft... like touching satin! They are super stretchy, and fit B sort of like my skinny jeans fit me. He was so tickled when I told him, 'they're like skinny pants,' because a college age boy at our church sometimes rocks skinny dude jeans, and B thinks they're so cool! He couldn't wait to show said college boy that he now had his very own big boy skinny pants, as well.

Lookin' super cool in the Oh, What a Twill Pants and the Nothing Else Madras Shirt by Andy & Evan.

As I mentioned earlier, one of the nice things about these pieces, is that we can also style them with some other clothing pieces that we already own. B was itching to wear the Nothing Else Madras shirt again, though the pants were in the laundry. So, we made it work with another pair of pants, and styled it with T'eye Glasses neck tie, which we were also sent from Andy & Evan!

When B wore this outfit to church, everyone went crazy over it... especially the tie!

B loved wearing the tie so much, he wouldn't take it off after church.

The adorable T'eye neck tie clips closed behind the neck. It's a super easy on/off for parents, and quite frankly, looks so much nicer than a clip-on tie. The glasses design on the tie is really what won everyone over when they saw it. Everyone was asking me where that tie came from! Some moms don't like to spill their style secrets, but it's part of my job to share about these wonderful pieces, so I was happy to tell the other moms about Andy & Evan's awesome pieces for little guys! This particular tie is also available in orange, red and green!

Outfit #2- Adorably Handsome!

Our second outfit is another brilliant combination of pieces by Andy & Evan, again, perect for spring and summer, and perhaps even early fall (definitely here in NC!). This outfit is made up of three pieces, and a tie, including:

Seer-Here Seersucker Short Sleeved Button Down Shirt
License to Twill Shorts in Blue
Cardinal Grey Sweater
*Blue Solid Tie

The Seer-Here Seersucker Shirt in red, is a modern twist on a classic summer staple. I love seersucker fabric, and especially love to see little boys looking oh, so dapper in seersucker shirts, and/or shorts or pants. This is a light, adorable shirt for summertime, featuring a front pocket, and a band collar. B was completely comfortable in this shirt, and enjoyed wearing it and showing it off on Easter Sunday! This shirt is also available in blue.

The License to Twill shorts are a classic-fitting short, made of cotton and spandex, which give them a slight stretch. They are just as super soft as the Oh, What a Twill Pants. The pants feature a red and white striped waist band, which compliment many other pieces from Andy & Evan, including the Seer-Here shirt. The License to Twill shorts are also available in five colors.

Put a little 'prep' in your step- the added cardigan and tie are the icing on the cake!

My stylish little dude enjoyed pairing the handsome Cardinal Grey Cardigan with his special new pieces. I was happy for him to have a lightweight, comfortable sweater to wear along with his Andy & Evan outfits. It's great to have light layers for springtime, when the air is still cool in the mornings. This sweater is very soft, and B wore it comfortably all morning long on Easter. B has also enjoyed his solid blue tie, but has favorited the T'eye neck tie, and insisted on wearing it for photos.

Pictured here: Seer-Heer Shirt, License to Twill Shorts, Cardinal Grey Sweater, and T' Eye Neck Tie.

We also had some fun playing around with these pieces, pairing some of them with pieces we already owned. We paired the Seer-Here shirt and Cardinal Sweater with a pair of khaki pants for another handsome option.

All buttoned up- another stylish outfit, thanks to the versatile pieces for little guys by Andy & Evan...

Three generations of style- B, my dad (Rob), and myself...

Andy & Evan have an incredible variety of dapper apparel for infants and children. B has so enjoyed these wonderful pieces, and has definitely stolen the spotlight when wearing them.

Check out some of these other adorable options from Andy & Evan...

Product Details
Easter Argyle Sweater

Product Details
Infant Lime Puckered Gingham Shirtzie

Product Details
Glasses Embroidered Tee

Product Details
Striped Shirt w/French Cuts

Product Details
Striped Polo

With so many handsome options from Andy & Evan, your little gentleman will be well dressed for special occasions like weddings, holidays, family photos, celebrations, or every day casual attire. Andy & Evan's committment to terrific design and quality will keep you coming back for more! I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to be introduced to this fantastic line of apparel and accessories. The next time we have a special family gathering or celebration to attend, we'll be looking to Andy & Evan for another wonderful ensemble.

Want it? Buy it!

Head on over to Andy & Evan to learn more about their wonderful collections for little gentlemen. To browse even more awesome apparel for your little guy, or to purchase a few Andy & Evan pieces, shop with one of their preferred retail partners. Andy & Evan are social and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Win these snazzy outfits from Andy & Evan- One Winner gets it all!

Want It? Win It!

One lucky MBP reader will win not one, but two outfits from Andy & Evan, with accessories, simlar to those pictured above! Please note that outfits will be based upon availability in the winner's selected size, therefore substitutions may need to be made, according to inventory levels. Accessory items are also based on availability, and final selection will be made by the Andy & Evan team. Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Andy & Evan for allowing us to experience their dapper designs, and for offering this wonderful giveaway for our readers!

Good luck & stay stylish!


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