Wordless Wednesday: Easter Fun for the Family!

We're gearing up for Easter weekend, but since our family doesn't get to spend Easter Sunday together, we've been having a bit of family Easter fun at home this week!

Check out some of the fun things we've been doing...

Easter Egg Hunt at St John's Weekday Church School

Special Easter donut for breakfast last Saturday...

Easter Egg hunt for the kiddos in our neighborhood...

Goofy photo with the Easter Bunny on the Easter Bunny Express...

Fruity Pebble Easter Egg Treats

Roll an Easter Egg Pre-K Game

Tissue Paper 'Stained Glass' Easter Egg

Holy Week (the week that leads us to Easter Sunday), is super busy, and my dad's birthday is this week, too! We're excited to roll a birthday celebration into our Easter festivities, too!

What types of things have you been into this week?
Hope you have a beautiful Wednesday!

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