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I really hate to admit it, but I need and have to wear glasses. I have a love/hate relationship with glasses. I love that I can see clearly when I wear them, but I hate my glasses with a passion! Seriously, I want to throw them out the window of my car, and run them over many, many times. Oops!! My old glasses have a double metal and plastic frame that is way too small for my face, and pinches the daylights out of my head. I don't wear them, and I get the "really" look from my hubby everyday. If only I could find a pair that I didn't find a fault or flaw with, I would be perfectly happy, and would wear them everyday! But wait, I think I may have found that pair, and they come from one of my favorite designers, Cynthia Rowley with Rowley Eyewear.
I've been a huge fan of Cynthia Rowley's designs for years, but I some how had no idea she had an eyewear line. I was ecstatic to be able to review a piece from her line, so I chose a few of my favorite pieces, and waited anxiously to see what pair of glasses I would get to review.
I was sent their No.07, classic wayfarer design in red. It's normally sold as sunglasses, but I got the chance to review them as glasses, and they are really cool! The glasses come safely packaged in a black case with a rugged, plastic zipper with a long silver zipper pull. It's one of the best cases I've seen in a long time, and it is very interchangeable.  A lot of thought and consideration went into the case and I appreciate the small details.

Cool Case!

Here they are, No.07 in red!

I chose the red No.07 because it is so far out of my comfort zone. I never thought I would look good in larger framed glasses, but since they are all the rage at the moment, I thought, why not? The frames are made from durable acetate and are very light weight. Surrounding the rounded rectangular lenses is the red front of the frames with two small screws in either top corner, connecting the opaque white sides to the frame.  Sometimes my old frames would give me a headache after a long day, but with my new glasses, I can wear them all day long without a single twinge of pain!

View from the top!

The glasses are not overly large, they're a good size if you are transitioning yourself from a smaller frame to a larger one. I was a bit unsure of them at first because generally my hubby says I look like a bug in large glasses, but these are just the right size for my face. They are very trendy and I've had several compliments on how well they fit my face, and that they don't look like your typical everyday pair. I even had a friend tell my they are a step up from my old glasses. I told her, No, they are a MAJOR step up from the old ones!

Getting ready to meet Cory for dinner

Another thing that helps these No.07s from Rowley Eyewear stand out is that they are durable, and able to handle my crazy, accident prone life! My very large, 75lb puppy jumped at me as I walked through the door the other day, and his paw knocked the glasses clear off my face and onto the floor. It was like a slow-motion scene, I was trying to grab for them, and he was jumping wildly at them thinking they were a toy. They landed with a hard thud on the tile in my kitchen. I just new they were cracked, or scratched, but to my surprise and excitement, there was nary a scratch or crack. I'm not saying that they will always end up unscathed, but I'm glad to know that they can take a good beating!

Me while working on this review!

These glasses look great with everything, and they actually give me a bit of a confidence boost. Since the hipster, glasses trend is on the rise, it enables people to feel confident that they have to wear glasses. Finally, being a four-eyed nerd is cool and Rowley Eyewear is definitely helping this movement!

Just a quick Selfie!
(By the way, I hate that word, "Selfie")

If red wayfarers aren't your thing, don't worry. Rowley Eyewear has several gorgeous and distinct styles for you to choose from. Here's how it works; once you are at their site, you can choose from either their women's collection of optical and sunglasses, or their men's line called Mr. Powers. There are several styles and colors to choose from, and if you are having a hard time deciding what styles you want, you can either try them on virtually or you can try them on at home a pick the one you like the most. Or pick all of them if you really want to. Once you've decided on a pair, either optical or sunglasses, you have the option to add your prescription for an additional fee. You'll also get free shipping and have 30 days to return them if there is a problem. Here are just a few of the many styles you have to choose from:





My ophthalmologist has a three to four month wait, so it is a lot easier for me to order a pair and take it to the assistant for adjustments, rather than wait to see him. Rowley Eyewear has changed how I "See" glasses. I no longer view them as something that I have to wear, I view them as something I want to wear. And you can wear them with confidence too, because one lucky MBP reader is going to win a pair of Sunglasses.

Want It? Buy It!

If your fancy has been tickled, then head over to Rowley Eyewear
and have fun picking out your new frames! I know I'll be heading there
 very soon to pick out more for myself! While you're at it, how bout giving them a like on Facebook, and Following them on Twitter and Instagram!

Want It? Win It!

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Rowely Eyewear sunglasses. Remember, if it's BOLD, it's mandatory!

Thank you kindly to Rowely Eyewear for allowing me to review their No.07 glasses, and for sponsoring this fantastic giveaway.

Good Luck



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  1. My favorite pair are the white NO. 58

  2. I have not ordered them online but I'm not opposed to it :)

  3. Nope, never ordered them online before. :)

  4. I love the No. 10 and No. 30. :D
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