Not-so Wordless Wednesdays: The Family Garden

Our weekend weather was pretty gorgeous last weekend, and instead of making big plans to run here and there, I made plans to stay at home and work in the yard. All of my plants are starting to come up, which makes me so happy! I have hostas poking up in the back yard phlox and a ton of other flowering plants in the front, my irises are in full bloom, and my roses are looking so very lovely! I can't wait for everything to have buds and blossoms!

We usually plant an annual veggie garden. It winds up saving us a lot of money during the summer months, and we always wind up with a bounty of fresh, home-grown veggies! Last year, it rained so much, that we were unable to prepare our garden plot, and we just didn't do a veggie garden. This year, we moved our garden plot, to give our son more space to run around in the back yard. We dug out narrow strips along our fence to give us a new veggie garden space.

My husband is turning into a gardener!

We decided to try broccoli, before it gets hot outside!

B, helping daddy plant the veggies for the very first time!

Being very gentle with the delicate plants...

Straightening them back out...

This year, we're looking forward to broccoli, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini squash. We also planted asparagus, which is perrennial. It won't be ready for us to harvest until next year, but we're excited to see what it will do!

I'm just getting started with my gardening for this season. 
Do you like to garden? What types of things do you typically plant?

Have a great Wednesday!

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