Nākd Snacks from Natural Balance Foods #Review

Hello, my name is Vanessa and I am the mother of two pretty finicky eaters! I really think there should be some sort of support group for parents of picky eaters. Many people, our pediatrician included, have told us not to worry so much because kids will eventually eat when they are hungry, but I have a really hard time being chill about it when bedtime rolls around and Drew’s stomach is growling or Reese is signing and saying “eat”. Drew is the more picky of the two, but Reese has been picking up on how Drew reacts to certain foods, and is starting imitate the behavior!

Besides dinner, one of our biggest struggles is trying to figure out what to send Drew for lunch. She is in the first grade, and I imagine most of her peers love getting school lunch, however, Drew has never been interested. The “main meal” portion of her lunch is often a sandwich, leftovers from the night before, or crackers with pepperoni and cheese, that is the easy part. The difficult part is finding healthy snacks to include, so that she is not eating fruit snacks or something else that is not as good for her as I’d like. 492.jpg
Thankfully, we recently got to try some Nākd healthy snacks from Natural Balance Foods. Natural Balance Foods is a “young British company devoted to increasing world happiness with yummy healthy snacks, humour, and helpfulness….” With their Nākd bars, they are surely changing the low taste expectations of healthy (and I mean actually healthy, not so-called healthy) snacks.

        The Nākd Sampler Case

I was a little hesitant to offer these bars to my girls. Since they are so picky, I was anticipating the turned up noses and the “no thank you” or “that’s not my favorite” behavior I am sadly all too familiar with. Drew does not normally eat cereal bars, even with all the extra sugar and other additives many have, so the thought of giving her one without any of those things made me really anxious. She tried the Strawberry Crunch bar first and she LOVED it. She loved it so much, she was asking me to pack one in her lunch bag for school the next day!  Reese tried the Banana Crunch bar, which was also huge hit! I am calling this a success- Mommy, Daddy and Nākd healthy snacks were the victors in the latest snack time battle!


  Drew Loves These Bars!  

Rhubarb Custard Thumbs Up!


Reese Was So Excited, She Almost Ate the wrapper with the bar!      


Thankfully, Only the Bar was Consumed.

Want It? Buy It!

Nākd bars are available to order online on the Natural Balance Foods Website. They are currently offering FREE SHIPPING throughout the United States (until 4/30/14) and their 13 bar Sampler Kit (what we have) is just $9.99 (until 4/30/14)!
Don’t forget to keep in touch with the company  on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


A HUGE thank you to Shehnaz and the amazing team at Natural Balance Foods for working with us and giving us the opportunity to introduce our readers to your wonderful product!

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  1. Looks great! I need to order these for my little ones.


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