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When I was pregnant with B, and found out that we'd be welcoming a baby boy into the world, I was overwhelmed with joy. I thought for sure that our first child would be a girl... and *boy* was I wrong. Luckily, I had some previous experience with little boys, from my professional babysitting days, so I had an idea of what I might be in for. What I didn't account for, however, was that my son would be his own little person, with his own opinions, ideas, and style so soon!

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B is three, and will be four in October. He's quickly developing his own style. He loves music, loves to be active, is sort of high-strung (like his mom), likes everything to be in its place (also like mom), refuses to let us cut his hair; but he can also be chill- doing kids yoga with me, or veging out with his daddy to watch a movie. B's style is definitely sort of laid-back and easy going, which is why I fell in love with Masala Baby, which offers modern kids clothing.

Masala Baby was created in 2009, with a simple goal in mind- to create modern, eclectic, stylish, yet werable clothing for kids. Masala Baby is known for its signature colors, and for taking Indian cuts of clothing, and adapting them to make them modern. The fabrics used are sourced from India, and are constructed of only natural materials. Masala is a combination of unique ingredients, blended together to create surprising results.

We were very excited to have been offered the opportunity to work with Masala Baby. I connected with team member Emilie, who sent us a great spring and summer outfit for B!

Our package from Masala Baby...

...and here's B, very excitedly taking the little packages out of the box.

B was way more excited about receiving a package of some new clothing, than I ever expected him to be. He looked over the individually wrapped clothing items, and smiled at them. He asked if he could wear his new shirt to church the following Sunday, and of course, I said 'yes.'

B's new Masala Baby shirt and shorts came to us individually wrapped.

I like it when clothing arrives all wrapped up... it seems much cleaner. The plastic wrapping keeps dirt off of the clothing. I was excited that B's new clothing items from Masala Baby had arrived, and couldn't wait to open them up, and check them out. It's always a gamble having clothing sent to us, not knowing whether or not what I have selected will fit. I was happy to see that both the shorts and tunic shirt looked like they would fit B just fine.

My first pick for B- The Tabla Tunic Multi Check Red

I really liked the Tabla Tunic Multi Check Red for B, as soon as I saw it. It has a sort of breezy summery look and feel to it, that's perfect for NC summers! It's the kind of shirt that can be worn to church, would be perfect for vacation at the beach, or great for everyday wear. One of the reasons I picked this tunic, was the cut of the shirt. It's wide throughout- the same width pretty much from the top to the bottom. B is in the middle of another huge growth spurt, and is growing about an inch a minute. I exaggerate, of course, but he really is growing quickly. The length of this tunic is perfect for him... I don't have to worry about him showing of his belly, if he puts his hands up. B has wide shoulders, and this shirt fits him perfectly!

B, showing off his new Tabla Tunic Multi Check Red by Masala Baby... handsome in his new tunic!

B loved wearing the Tabla Tunic to church a couple of Sundays ago. It was soft and comfortable, and we really got a lot of compliments on it. I like the unique collar with the buttons, and the solid colored bands around the sleeves. B was enjoying wearing his new tunic so much, that he insisted he leave it on after church. We were able to pair the tunic with a pair of navy blue pants that we already owned. It was a little bit too chilly to wear shorts the morning that B first wore the Tabla Tunic, but it still looked great with pants!

'I'll just take a nap in my new shirt, mommy.' Such a light, comfy shirt!

Details of the Tabla Tunic Multi Check Red

 Light weight soft cotton check, this tabla tunic has a comfy fit. Pre-washed soft cotton. This cotton only gets softer as you wash it. Pair it with our Seer Sucker shorts for an island look or Slim Bermuda for everyday wear.


We also received the Slim Bermuda Shorts- Blue Chambray...

I am always happy when I find a great pair of shorts that will fit B, and that he'll be able to wear all the way through the summer. We often wear shorts into October, here in NC, so they're a big summer staple in our wardrobes. B lives in shorts from the moment it gets warm enough to wear them, to the moment it gets too cold for them in the fall. 
Happy as a clam in his new Masala Baby outfit!

B, feelin' like one cool little dude in his Slim Bermuda Shorts and Tabla Tunic...

I was surprised to see that B was so willing to try on the Slim Bermuda Shorts- Blue Chambray from Masala Baby. They're a great length on him, which is a huge plus for us! The shorts feature a bit of a stretch waist, with a button closure at the front. The material is lightweight, which is great for hot summer days. The blue color is a wonderful color, because it will go with so many other colors, or pieces that B already owns. I can already see B wearing these with other button down shirts, a t-shirt, or even a polo shirt. These shorts are an awesome compliment to the Tabla Tunic!

Perfect for playtime, too!

B moved comfortably in the Slim Bermuda Shorts by Masala Baby, which I was happy for. I never want to stick him in an outfit that makes him uncomfortable, just because I think it looks cute. He was happy and carefree in his Masala Baby outfit, which made me happy, as well.

Details of the Slim Bermuda Blue Chambray Shorts

These shorts feature stylish side pockets for a laid back, modern look. They are also so comfy, will want to stay in them all day long. Pair this with our Neat shirts or Tabla tunics for the ideal summer outfit. Perfect for party or play.


I love Masala Baby's style... it's so unique, and laid back, just like my child! I know that I'm not going to see anything at Masala Baby, that I could go pull off the rack at a local children's clothing store. My son will definitely be one of the only kids in town, rocking this super cool outfit!

Masala Baby has a huge selection of unique looks for infants and children. Take a look at some of these must-have pieces for summertime!

Baby Girl Rhythm 2 Pc Set

Baby Boy Groovy 2 Pc Set- Anchor Indigo

Girls Gypsy Dress- Chevron Pink

Boys Neat Shirt 2 Pc Set- Fishy Aqua

Chevron Moksha Quilt- Turquoise

Masala Baby not only has beautiful, unique clothing styles for infants and children, they have some gorgeous accessories for moms! Check out their lovely quilts, diaper clutches, quilted toes, burp/bib sets, and more! One outfit from Masala Baby will surely set your child apart, and other parents will definitely take notice, wanting to know where you found such a neat looking outfit for your child! From laid back everyday looks, to outfits for special occasions, the perfect style awaits you & your little one at Masala Baby!

Masala Baby accessories would made beautiful Mother's Day gifts, and any one of their unique clothing pieces would make a great gift for a special child in your life! We can't wait to add even more Masala Baby clothing to B's closet!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Masala Baby to browse their entire collection of infant and kids clothing, plus their beautiful accessories! You can browse by age, category or collection! Be sure not to skip over the sale page, for great deals! Masala Baby is social, and would love to connect with you through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Win a $50.00 Masala Baby Gift Certificate!

Want It? Win It!

Thanks to the kind folks over at Masala Baby, one lucky MBP reader will win a $50.00 Masala Baby Gift Certificate! We're so excited that one of our readers will have the chance to pick out something extra special for their special little one, or to select a special gift! Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter entry form below, to enter for your chance to win!

Special thanks to Emilie & the Masala Baby team for outfitting B in this adorable summertime outfit, and for offering our readers the chance to win a Masala Baby gift certificate!

Good luck & stay stylish!

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  1. I love the CHICKIES BIB AND BURP SET in NAVY! I also like that all items are crafted by local artisans in India

  2. I like that they're constructed of only natural materials.

  3. I LOVE their clothes! The little bloomers and dresses are precious - I haven't seen any line I've loved more!

  4. I love their colors, quality and that their clothes is comfy and breathable.

  5. I would probably get the Fusion Dress - Kolam Navy. so pretty and the blue brings out the color of my daughters eyes. :)


  7. The styles are adorable -- great prints, comfortable materials.

  8. Best brand ever!!! You can buy it on nordstrom as well! Designs are amazing clothes quality is beyond the best one! Masala Baby is the best brand!!!! We love it!!!


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