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Me Mondays: Heart of a Gardener

I have come to realize that many of you may only come to know the voices behind MBP through our reviews. We seldom have extra time to post about ourselves, our interests, our daily lives, and I am ready to remedy that. As a writer, I truly miss writing, so I hope that you'll indulge me, and the other gals here at MBP, by coming back week after week, and getting to know us a bit better.

Today, I am thankful for a light rain we had early this morning. The sun is breaking through the clouds, and it reminds me of God breaking through the darkness in our lives, shining His brilliant light when it seems like the darkness will never end, and we won't be able to escape it. He overcomes the darkness. So, if I am so thankful for the light, why I am also thankful for the darkness that brings the rain along with it?

Me, with my beautiful mom, Leslie. Here, we're in the kitchen, but we love to be in the garden together, as well.

I am a gardener at heart. My mother grew up, a farmer's daughter, spending much of her time helping out on the farm, with everything from chores, to caring for the animals, to tending the plants and veggies. My mom taught me everything I know about gardening. I took an interest in it as a young girl, and she welcomed my help in her flower beds and gardens. Many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I would dig my hands into the fresh earth with her, turning soil, pulling weeds, relocating plants, or carefully planting new ones. She encouraged me to take more of an interest in learning about flowers and vegetables, and once I was out of her house and on my own, I had the knowledge and skill to begin designing my own flower beds, landscaping plans, or vegetable gardens that would provide us with a bountiful harvest through the summer. I have a close relationship with both my mother and my father- their interests are somewhat different, but I like that about them... because it allows me to have a special bond with each of them, in regard to different hobbies.

I snipped my first rose blossoms of the season to enjoy indoors. The white rose is so delightfully fragrant.

When my husband came home from work on Friday, I asked him if he felt like he needed a weekend, just to be home to relax and get a little organization going. He had piles upon piles of sheet music all over the house, which really needed to be sorted through and filed away. We agreed to not do a whole lot this past weekend, to allow him the time he needed to be home, and rest. So, we quickly ran to my favorite local greenhouse on Saturday. It's owned by our friend John, who attends our church. He has the most gorgous plants of any gardener I know! I enjoy walking up and down the aisles at his garden shop, dreaming up large gardens. I only have small spaces to work with, but enjoy planting life, where there wasn't any before.

We loaded up a flat with oregano, basil, cilantro, rosemary, zinnias, mystic mix, marigolds, and a few others. We had already planted our vegetable garden, and I didn't need to do too much in the way of planting lots of flowers this season. I have mostly perrenials in my beds, which come back year after year... they are more gorgeous each season than they were the last. When we got home, hubby and little B hung out inside, and I got to work, extending one of our beds along our patio (which my handy hubby built last year).

My potting bench... one of my favorite spots in our yard.

Lucky for me, I sort of had everything right where I needed it. My husband surprised me for Christmas two years ago, by giving me a beautiful wooden potting bench that he built himself. I have wanted one for years, and he took the hint and prsented me with this special gift. I love spending time at my potting bench. I am looking for ways to dress it up and give a little decorative touch here and there. Mostly, however, it's a work space for me, to get my new plants into pots or reclaim soil, etc. I planted everything else we purchased as well. I wanted to try my hand at zinnias again this year. I have never had much luck with them. They claim to be easy to grow, but mine never seem to survive. My husband's grandmother, Donna, always has the most beautiful zinnias, and I long for some of my own! I planted them in a different area, so I am looking forward to seeing what they may or may not do. The marigolds aren't a favorite flower of mine, but their colors are bold, and I am hoping that they will help to keep the mosquitos away from our patio area.

Azaleas don't bloom for long, so why not clip them and enjoy them in your home? Aren't these beautiful?

My roses are about to be quite showy! I have six rose bushes, total, and cannot wait to see their gorgeous blossoms! I tend to plant flowers that bloom all through the spring and summer, and sometimes even into the fall, because I love having flowers to cut, bring into the house and arrange, and then enjoy. I also enjoy having flowers that I can cut and give away. I have planted most of my favorite flowers in my yard, except for hydrangeas and calla lillies. Perhaps I'll try hydrangeas next year. My mom and grandmother-in-law both have huge, gorgeous hydrangeas, which they kindly share heads from with me.

I'm no master gardener, but gardening is something that I truly enjoy. I find peace and harmony, and feel tremendous joy when I am throwing myself into the mix of God's glorious creations. I know that He doesn't need my help, but I am thankful that He instilled a hard-working gardener's heart in me, my mom, and my grandfather. I'm thankful, too, that my three-year-old son, loves to be my little helper in the garden. Four generations of gardeners would be music to my ears. I know that my grandpa is looking down on us, smiling, knowing that his legacy lives on through his children and grandchildren.

B, helping his daddy plant some broccoli...

As for being thankful for the darkness that brings the rains... we need the rain. The rain nourishes the earth, which springs forth new life. We wouldn't have lush green grass to walk barefoot on, beautiful trees and flowers to enjoy, or plants and veggies that we rely on for survival. The earth wouldn't be sustained without the rain, so if that means that we have to encounter dark periods in our lives, that's okay... because we know that the light will always break back through.

Wishing you a beautiful day, filled with God's glorious light...


  1. It's so nice that you can share that with not only your mother but your kiddos too! I miss having my garden! Hope to read more post about you :)

    1. Thanks, Rebecca! It's one of life's little blessings that has a big impact on the heart! Hope you have a great week- thanks for dropping by today!

  2. What a beautiful picture of you and your Mom!! The Azalea's are so beautiful. There is nothing like a fresh vase of cut flowers they smell so good throughout the house! I'm hoping to start our garden soon. It's a raining day here but I'm just so glad to be able to wake up to see it! Wishing you a Blessed Week!

    1. Thanks, Lisa- I love her, so! I never liked Azaleas until this season, when someone brought in clippings to decorate our cross at church on Easter Sunday morning... they're beautiful, and I have no idea how I didn't see their beauty before. What types of things will you plant this year? Agreed- each new day is a blessing! Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Those are some beautiful flowers. I wish I could have a garden.

    Micehlle F.

  4. I would love to have my own potting bench. Very jealous over that. Beautiful flowers!


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