Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India Review

MBP loves to share our world with you, our readers. Sometimes our readers reach out to us and share their own products, which is truly exciting. That is the case with Kyra, who was looking to share her first adventure, publishing a board book, with a friend and fellow mom, Malini. They call themselves 2Lokas and are focused on providing children from birth to four with engaging and exciting experiences with both print and digital books. Click here and here to read more about Kyra and Malini's story.
Kyra and Malini reached out to MBP because they wanted to hear other moms' perspectives and feedback for something they created. Together, these entrepreneurs realized the need for more multicultural books and experiences for their little ones and wrote a beautiful board book called "Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India"
This book is the first in The Little Loka Series. It features Maya and Leela who are two fearless sisters that love to explore and celebrate their world and what's around them. While this book is set in India, The Little Loka Series has plans to travel around the world.
MAYA is a thoughtful, creative explorer who is always up for a new experience.  Maya gently and easily makes things happen,  bringing the best out in her little sister and everyone around her.
LEELA is an adorable explosion of innocent goofiness!  She wants to jump into everything all at the same time.  She is never afraid to try something new and her energy is infectious.  
S and I had the chance to read through Maya and Leela Present: Dances of India and we were very impressed. The cover is gorgeous with its colors and design, this translates the same through the whole story. The gowns and clothing throughout the story are beautiful and bright. S really enjoyed the rhythm of the story and was bouncing in her seat as we read it. She could even tell me what some of the words would be before we got there because she easily grasped the beat. It also reminded us of our Kindermusik classes, with the variety of instruments, scarves, and movement. We both really enjoyed the story and while it was easy to read, there was so much more to learn. On the back of the book it explains the four distinct dance types in India
  • Bharatanatyam (Buh-ruh-tha-naht-yum) - Ancient classical dance form originating from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Dandiya Raas (Don-dee-uh Ross) - Traditional folkloric dance from Vrindavan in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, most popularly performed during the festival of Navratri in Gujarat.
  •  Chhau (Ch-o) - A tribal martial dance form indigenous to Eastern India.
  • Bhangra (Bung-rah) - A folk dance from Punjab originally associated with the celebration of the harvest.

The Little Loka Series is off to an amazing start and we wish them the best. To make this creation even more special, Kyra and Malini are paying it forward in a big way. Part of what they earn through the Little Loka Series will be going to support two young leaders/social entrepreneurs in India. AMAZING!
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Keep exploring more by visiting You can shop the 2Lokas store for Maya and Leela items too. Find 2Lokas on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for even more information, photos, and ideas.
Thanks to Kyra and Malini for sharing with us!

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