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Thanks for dropping by to get to know the MBP team of bloggers a little better. This week, we're catching up with MBP Founder, and Sr. Contributor, Ondria Witt.

Good Eats- What's For Dinner Tonight? 
We have musicians rehearsal tonight for our worship team at church, and my mother-in-law will be watching B, while we rehearse, so I will probably go ahead and make up some meatballs this afternoon. My m-i-l is great about starting dinner, so it's ready for us when we get home, and if I make those ahead of time, all she'll have to do is drop them into the pan. We'll plan on having squash, and maybe mashed potatoes with them.

Whatcha Reading? 
I am about 75 pages from the end of Allegiant, 3rd book of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. I'm excited to have just found out that they will be releasing a series to compliment the Divergent series, with the first book coming out this summer, from 'Four's' point of view!

Listening to Anything Good?
Victor's Crown by Darlene Zschech
Still Believe by Kim Walker Smith

Whatcha Been Watching? 
Not a whole lot- we've hardly been home. When we are home, and we're not outside, enjoying the gorgeous weather we've been having, we've been watching series on Netflix. We're seriously considering ditching cable. Have any of you done that? What's been your experience?

I Dreamed a Dream of...
I haven't had any wacky dreams lately, which means that I have actually been sleeping, thank you very much!

What I'm Lovin' this Week... 
That the week is almost over! I'm excited over my mom and dad's excitement over their trip to Germany, which is coming up in a few weeks!

I am so Done With... 
Seasonal allergies. My hubby, son and I all suffer from them, and they're really terrible this year!

Silliest Thing this Week...
Seeing B enjoy his Hot Wheels. I never realized that he'd be into them at this age, but he loves them, and has been playing with them non-stop, since the Easter bunny brought him his first track set last Sunday!

Thanks for catching up with me this week! I'd love to hear how you've been doing this week, too! Leave me a comment, if you feel like it! You're encouraged to select one of the questions above, and answer it in the comment section!

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