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When it comes to fashion and style for my little guy, I have been pretty blessed to have worked with some wonderful designers and clothing companies. Since B was just a tiny little babe, I have enjoyed picking out adorable outfits for him, and many of them have been handmade and personalized. Personalized children's clothing has been all the rage through the past few years, and I don't see the trend disappearing anytime soon. From appliqued designs to embroidered names and monograms, we've enjoyed being able to personalized many of B's shirts with adorable designs, and best of all- adding his name, which is slightly uncommon, helps others pronounce it correctly and learn how to spell it!

I knew that B would be way to tall to fit into much of anything that we had left over from late summer/fall of 2013. As I began to look around for some new clothing options for him, for this spring and summer, I ran across an adorable boutique- Adorable Designs Custom Children's Boutique Clothing. I was drawn in by the bright, cheery website, which was so welcoming! I began looking through the designs for boys clothing, and loved what I saw- adorable spring and summer t-shirts and shorts for boys. I connected with Bettina, owner of Adorable Designs, and she offered to send us an outfit of my choosing for B!

I had a hard time narrowing down my choices, but really thought about what would be special to B, and correspond with his likes. We have really been into pirates lately- from playing pretend, to watching Disney Junior's Jake and the Neverland Pirates, so I thought a pirate ship shirt and pair of matching shorts would be a great choice!

Our package from Bettina of Adorable Designs...

I couldn't wait to take B's new outfit out of the plastic protective packaging that it arrived in, so I could get a better look at it. From what I could tell, the design looked wonderful!

Here's the outfit, with an Adorable Designs business card, and a coupon for 15% off my next order!

 I chose an outfit that I really thought B would love wearing, but I also wanted to choose something that I could break up, meaning the shirt and shorts could be worn together, or separately. The pirate ship shirt is adorable on its own, and when paired with this pair of lightweight gingham shorts, it makes for one cute little outfit! I figured the shors could also be paired with other polo shirts or t-shirts, and can be worn to church during the summer months.

Black and white gingham shorts, which match the ship on B's new shirt.

Adorable pirate ship shirt, with matching black and red gingham appliques, embroidery outlines, and personalization with B's monogram.

Here's a closer look at the actual design on the t-shirt...

What I love about the t-shirt by Adorable Designs, is that it's simple, but so, so cute! You can tell by looking at it, what it is, and I love the way B's monogram is incorporated into the sail! The t-shirt is 100% cotton, and super soft. We went with a size 4T for B, and it's a tad roomy on him, which is great, because that means that he'll be able to wear this shirt through the summer months. 

I knew the true test for this shirt, and the whole outfit, really, would be B's willingness and want to wear it. When I presented B with his new outfit, a huge smile swept across his face. 'Is that my pirate ship shirt?' He was so excited for this new shirt, and asked to wear it right away. We did try it right on to make sure it fit, and then we saved it for later in the week, so he could wear it to the Pirate and Princess Adventures Live Show we'd be attending.

Here we are at the Pirate and Princess Adventures Live Show. B was wearing the shirt, only, because it was still too chilly to wear the shorts just yet.

B felt very special wearning his personalized pirate ship shirt to the pirate show! It fit him so well, and lots of other moms were asking us where his shirt came from while we sat in the arena, during the show's breaks. Once the weather warmed up a couple of weeks later, we were finally able to wear the entire outfit together!

Let's go, matey!

'We're off to find some gold deblouns!'

Both the shirt and shorts look incredibly adorable together! My little buckaneer really loved wearing this outfit. The shorts have an elastic waist, which I love, because they makes for easy on/easy off for potty breaks, etc. They're also super comfortable, and are lightweight- perfect for keeping this little dude nice and cool on a hot spring or summer day. The length is another plus about the shorts. B is really quite tall for being three years old (most people think he's four, going on five and are astonished to hear us say, 'He's three and a half.' I am so happy that these shorts fit him well in the front and back, in the lenth and are comfy in the waist. I know that he'll be asking to wear them again soon!

Sweet little pirate boy in his sweet little outfit from Adorable Designs!

The whole outfit held up well for all-day wear!

Through breakfast...

...and afternoon snack...

...and late afternoon play/bird watching from our front porch.

B's outfit really impressed when he wore it to our Weekday Church School program, as well. There are always lots of adorable outfits being worn by the other children, and he was very proud to show everyone his special new shirt!

After a day of playing at home, at the playground and after three meals and a couple of snacks in the pirate ship outfit from Adorable Designs, I knew it would need a good washing! Since the t-shirt is white, I knew it would wind up with a few dirty spots, but they were nothing that our spray and wash stain remover couldn't handle. I washed both pieces of this outfit in the washing maching, and turned the shirt inside out before placing it in the dryer, on low. They both came out of the dryer looking beautifully clean, and they're ready to be worn again!

There are tons of cute, cute designs for little boys and girls over at Adorable Designs Custom Boutique Children's Clothing!

Green Whale T-shirt and shorts

Polka dot Dress with Crawfish

A-Line Dress with Melon

Pink Disco Dot Bib and Burp Set

Gingham Birthday Longall

Girls Bubble with Anchor

Bettina has created so many adorable pieces for boys and girls for the spring and summer season. If you're looking for super duper cute apparel that can be personalized, or with super sweet little designs for summertime, look no further! I would love to stock B's closet with some of these cute tees for little boys. I am in love with the little girls dresses, as well! Any one of these apparel pieces or outfits from Adorable Designs would make a special gift- perfect to kick off the summer season, celebrate a birthday or special event, wear for a photo session, etc.

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Adorable Designs to take a look at all of the cute designs for children! You'll be pleased as punch with the selection, and customization options. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, just let Bettina know- she is so sweet, and she'd love to hear from you and work with your ideas. Don't forget to sign up to receive the Adorable Designs Newsletter- Bettina loves to share what's new with her business, and sometimes sends out coupons and discount codes, so don't miss out on your chance to save! You can also connect with Adorable Designs on Facebook!

Special thanks to Bettina of Adorable Designs for making and sending us this incredibly cute personalized pirate ship outfit for B. I can tell that we'll be wearing it all summer long, as it's already one of B's favorite outfits!

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