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Who Needs Luck When You've Got Style? Lacey Kaye Creations #Review + Discount Code

Part of MBP's St. Patrick's Day Guide

We're just days away from St. Patrick's Day, and believe it or not, our entire family has been wearing a lot of green. Green happens to be my favorite color, and it's one of my hubby's favorites, as well. It comes as no surprise that our son also loves green, or anything that has green on it or in it! Green is one of those colors that is classic, and never goes out of style, which is why we three Witts wear a lot of green. We're not really Irish, though my hubby has a bit o'Irish blood... and I do mean a very tiny bit, but no one wants to get pinched on St. Patrick's Day, so we're planning a little celebration of our own!

Lucky for me, I was able to connect with Lacey Davis, owner of Lacey Kaye Creations. Lacey is a talented lady, who hails from Texas, and believes that there is no limit to what she can do. She loves to try her hand at all sorts of creations, which is why her items aren't just limited to what you may see for sale in her shop! Lacey proudly states that she can make just about anything, and if you can't find what you're looking for, just let her know- she can probably make it for you!

Lacey was sweet enough to make a special, personalized St. Patrick's Day themed t-shirt for B, and I couldn't wait to see his reaction! He is totally loving anything and everything with his name on it these days, and I knew this shirt was really going to make him feel special!

Someone's got a special surprise from Lacey Kaye Creations!

I really wanted to let B open up this package, since it was technically for him, but when we receive apparel, I usually open it myself, so I can take a photo or two, and then re-package it, so he can easily remove the item, without having to mess with trying to open it.

Here's what was in the package- B's special shirt and a nice note from Lacey.

Lacey's note was to thank me for taking the time to feature her shop- I should be thanking Lacey, though, for sending us such a cute shirt!

I really appreciated the fact that Lacey took the time to send me a personal note, and along with thanking me, she sent me all kinds of information about how purchases through her Etsy shop usually work. Good to know ahead of time, for sure!

I just wanted to show off Lacey's business card, because I love the bright and colorful logo!

To the shirt... I previewed the design that Lacey used for B's shirt before she sent it to us. It looked so adorable, listed in her Etsy shop. I thought the colors used in the shamrock were very spring-like, not too green, not dark, and then outlined in the brown, which I really liked.

Here's a closer look at the design of the applique and embroidery. Don't you just love the plaid?

The blue in the embroidery for B's name is picked up from the blue hues in the shamrock!

I could have wanted to feature different shirts for St. Patrick's Day, but this design really stood out to me. First off, it was more about celebrating my child than anything else. If you haven't already noticed, he's sort of my whole world. B's name is front and center in the whole design, and I really like seeing his name running right through the shamrock on this shirt. This design is preppy and cute. The shirt says 'Happy St. Patrick's Day,' without having to be loud and in your face about it, or just downright rude.

The t-shirt is a soft, 100% cotton tee, which is awesome, because both my husband and son have sensitive skin. Also, cotton wears well and washes like a dream! I knew B would want to wear this way after St. Paddy's Day has come and gone.

I wish I had captured B's expression when he first saw the shamrock shirt from Lacey Kaye Creations. As I expected, he noticed his name typed across the front of it, right off. 'My name! My name!' he screamed excitedly. We were able to talk about the 'green flower' as he called the shamrock, on the shirt, and I tried my best to explain its meaning and why people wear them as charms, or wear green for St. Patrick's Day. After our impromptu history lesson, he was ready to try his shirt on!

'What do you think, mommy?'

My handsome little fella...

Even though it was quite a task to get B to sit still to snap some great shots of this adorable St. Patrick's Day t-shirt, I consider myself the luckiest mom in the world! The t-shirt fit him so nicely, and his blue eyes just sparkled when he wore this special shirt. He enjoyed it so much, that he didn't want to take if off, and insisted keeping it on for the rest of the day, so he could show it to all of his friends at Weekday Church School!

A little room to grow, means lots of time to wear this special t-shirt!

B actually kept his shirt clean all day long!

Everyone who has laid eyes on B's shamrock shirt from Lacey Kaye Creations, has asked about it. I love that he feels so very special in this very special shirt, and that's he able to proudly display his Irish heritage, no matter how small the bit of Irish is in his veins.

Lacey Kaye Creations features all sorts of adorable t-shirts, gifts, and more, for all sorts of special occasions and everyday wear!

Custom Hand Painted TOMS

Super Soaker Shirt

Diaper Cakes

Hooded Towels

Whether you're looking for a special shirt for a holiday, special celebration, or you're looking for a gift or personalized item for someone special, Lacey has got you covered! Lacey is so incredibly talented- I mean, did you see the above photo of her twist on a diaper cake? Genius and adorable! Lacey would be happy to make a special creation, just for you, so don't be afraid to ask for something, if you don't see it listed in her shop or on the Lacey Kaye Creations Facebook page!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Lacey Kaye Creations on Etsy or to the Lacey Kaye Creations blog to browse more of Lacey's super cute designs! You can also browse photos and connect with Lacey through Facebook, and follow her on Twitter! 

That's not all, Lacey is offering a special discount to all MBP readers! Receive 10% off your order by e-mailing Lacey directly with your Lacey Kaye Creations order. Mention code MOMMYBLOK10 when you contact her!

Special thanks to Lacey Davis of Lacey Kaye Creations for creating this very special St. Patrick's Day tee for B, and for offering this special discount to our readers!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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