Weekends with the Wigglesworths: Precious Moments

Yay, it is Saturday again! I know that many people love the weekends because it means less running around and it is a time for them to be a little more relaxed. I love the weekends because it means family time. It’s not always relaxed,sometimes we have pretty busy weekends, but we are always together and enjoying our time. Our weekend starts right when Drew comes home from school on Friday afternoon, shortly after she has been hugged/tackled by Reese, who has missed her like crazy! There is no rush to do homework (usually because she doesn’t have any), we snuggle for a little while, then have a snack and watch a movie or play a game. When Matt finally gets home a few hours later, and the four of us are all able to unwind and just be together...that is the greatest feeling in the world. Even just thinking about it brings such  joy to my heart.

When we wake up Saturday morning, that is probably the most relaxed part of our weekend. We have breakfast together, which is a nice change of pace from the Monday through Friday routine of rushing around to get Drew ready for school and making sure that she and Reese can at least enjoy breakfast together. After breakfast, we start to plan our day out. Drew’s favorite thing to do, besides art projects, is to visit the toy store. Reese’s favorite thing is whatever Drew wants to do because she just wants to get in as much time as possible with her big sister! Matt’s favorite thing is relaxing because his job is very demanding. My favorite thing is still just being with my family, I don’t care if we are watching a movie for the millionth time, going for a walk around a toy store, or creating a huge mess with glue and other arts and crafts pieces. These are the moments I will miss when they are gone, so I try really hard not to take any of them for granted!

Sundays are generally our busy family day. We have church in the morning and then we spend the rest of our day visiting with family members that live a little farther away from us, but not so far from our church. Drew and Reese sometimes visit with Matt’s parents on their own, so that they can have their own bonding time, which I love and don’t all at the same time. I miss them when they are gone, but I know that it’s a good experience for them to have so while they are gone I keep reminding myself of that.

What are your weekends like? Do you have anything specific planned out or do you just wing it?

Have a beautiful weekend, all!

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