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Stylish Comfort from Cory Vines Activewear #Review

I love spring. It's my favorite season, second to fall. Everything is coming up green, and we're experiencing warmer days, which really motivates me to get moving. I move a lot during springtime months- indoors and outdoors, I am doing everything from cleaning in the house to prepping my garden, taking walks with the family, and playing with my son. I used to have an office job, and of course, dressed the part everyday. As a work from home mom, I can wear whatever I want, but I have to say, it's been tough not 'dressing up.' Having comfortable, stylish clothing that allows me to be active and helps me transition through seasons is a must, and I've just added a fantastic new style essential to my spring wardrobe.


I found Cory Vines a few weeks ago, when I began looking for the best of the best in women's fashion for our Spring Style Guide. Since being active is a part of my everyday life, activewear that is stylish, comfortable and practical, is very important to me. Cory Vines believes in rethinking active life- making high quality, comfortable activeweatr that won't break the bank. Cory Vines actually gets its name from the beautiful Kauri tree, which is native to New Zealand. All trees resemble beauty, but there was just something about the way the Kauri tree embodied strength and balance, that really struck the folks behind Cory Vines. Cory Vines keeps it simple with their clothing... quality over quantity, a seemless shopping experience, giving the consumer what they want and need, and not what they don't need.

Looks like I've got mail from Cory Vines!

I was so pleased to connect with the team at Cory Vines. They were kind enough to send me one of their most popular women's items, the Neighborhood Boatneck in slate. I love boatneck styles, and knew right away that I was probably going to love this top!

My boatneck top from Cory Vines...

Packages and sealed to avoid any damage during the shipping process, which I always appreciate!

I couldn't wait to get this top out of the package, so I could take a better look at it. On the Cory Vines website, the shirt looked wonderful, and I had a feeling that it was going to be pretty darn amazing in person. Knowing that Cory Vines uses quality materials, I had high expectations of this boatneck top.

Beautiful, smooth colors, and hardly any lines! Gorgeous!

I laid the top out on my dining table to look it over, and was already impressed.

Right of, I noticed how creamy and smooth the fabric felt. I kid you not- it felt buttery soft and extremely light.The top was almost seamless, which I knew would make it fit and flow beautifully against my body. The top was tagless, which I love, because that means there's nothing rubbing or irritating the back of my neck while I'm gettin' my moves on! I couldn't wait to put the boatneck top on and just wear it in comfort at home.

Here I am, wearing the Cory Vines Boatneck for the first time, just lounging at home...

I was right on the money about the softness of the shirt. I mean, I really didn't even want to take it off at the end of the day- that's how much I loved wearing it! The shirt fit me beautifully. It's a longer length, which is awesome for anyone who has a short torso, like I do... it gives a longer middle appearance. The sleeves were a great length, too- a little longer than most of my tops, which means that this top actually covers my wrists! So many of my shirt sleeves wind up being too short, because I have long, skinny arms.

Perfect to pair with activewear, and sophisticated enough to pair with skinny jeans and designer flats!

I loved lounging and being active in the Neighborhood Boatneck from Cory Vines. It actually wicked moisture away as I sweat, which was fantastic! I was comforable the whole time I wore it, which made me want to wear it again later in the week. So, I washed the top, and it came out looking as lovely as it did when it arrived. We had some late winter weather move through our area late last week, and I knew we were going to have one of those 'I just want to be comfy and cozy days,' as it snowed and sleeted. So, I paired the Neighborhood Boatneck top with my designer skinnies and designer flats, paired it with some of my favorite jewelry pieces for a little extra oomph, and I was set to be stylish and comfortable at home, yet ready to be my usual fabulous self, in the event that I needed to run somewhere.

This has quickly become one of my favorite tops, and I know it's going to be an essential basic for spring, summer nights, and to take me into fall and through next winter! It's a year round top that's great for active lifestyles, can take you from daytime at home with the kids to a dinner and movie date with your hubby. Just dress it up with your favorite accessories, add a cute jacket, and have a great time!


Features of the Neighborhood Boatneck by Cory Vines

Inspired by big city living . With its body-skimming fluidity, extreme softness and performance-enhancing benefits, Cory Vines created this lightweight Viloft® shirt to work as hard as you do.

Thermal Insulation
4-Way Stretch
Flat-Lock Stitching
100% Biodegradable
Available in 3 colors and sizes XS-XL

I am so impressed by this top, that I will definitely want to add more Cory Vines pieces to my collection, and I have been looking at some of their men's collections for my husband, as well. He loves quality clothing (actually, he's really picky about it), and I think he would love Cory Vines!

Check out some of these other items we're loving, available from Cory Vines...

Racerback Tank

The Crop Legging

The Neighborhood Henley

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The Workout Sock

Whether you're looking for performance enhancing activewear for your workouts, comfy activewear for your active lifestyle, or sophisticated comfortwear for your everyday comings and goings, Cory Vines has got you covered as far as comfort, style and performance are concerned. You'll love their dreamy fabrics, and their eco-friendly pieces, as well as their price points. They have styles and essential spring basics to fit every budget!

Want It? Buy It!

Head on over to Cory Vines to browse all of their beautiful collections of everyday comfort and activewear! PS, if you're looking for a great gift for your guy- those V-Neck Tees look yummy! Cory Vines is social, and would love to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also check out what's new and stay in the know through the Cory Vines blog!

Special thanks to the folks at Cory Vines for allowing me to experience and share about their lush activewear!

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  1. That's a cute top. I like the cropped pants and socks too lol. I would live everyday in workout clothes if the Mr. would let me, they're so comfy!

  2. Got the Cory Vines top also and im in love with it really feels so soft and so luxurious and makes the perfect pairing for my yoga pants


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