Step into Spring with Riudavets Avarcas: Leather Sandals for the Whole Family: #Review & #Giveaway

Ladies (and possibly gents who may be reading), I am pleased to announce that today, we kick off our first annual MBP Spring Style Guide! After a very long, super cold, snowy and icy winter here in the heart of North Carolina, we finally have a warm and sunny day! My toenails are freshly polished, and I am ready to trade my beloved boots for endless summer days and nights spent in fabulously comfortable sandals! Here in NC, it's not uncommon to live in sandals year-round, so having to have our tootsies confined for so many months has our feet jumping for joy at the word 'sandals!'

In the early winter months, I found an amazingly stylish and unique sandal company called Riudavets. Riudavets is home to the iconic Avarca sandal, with its origins in the Menorcan countryside. Menorca is a beautiful island in the Spanish Meditteranian. The terrain there is rough and rocky, so the need was great, for a strong, flexible, yet comfortable and stylish shoe. Avarcas were truly ideal for this purpose- as they were light, and comfortable, had a simple design and kept the villagers' feet cool. Over time, the economy changed, and so did the people's needs. Several laborers moved to the mainland to learn new trades, one of which happened to be shoe-making.

Bep de Binixems was one of these laborers. He is the grandfather of the third generation of José Riudavets SL, a family business and one of the key names in the history of Menorcan Avarcas. Binixems worked for many years on the farm before leaving the countryside to learn the trade of shoemaking.

Established in the late 1920s, and currently run by the third generation, this family business has always guaranteed authenticity, durability and a proper fit. The authentic Avarcas Riudavets of today still carry many characteristics of those worn yesterday: a classic tire sole, a fine suede inner lining, greased leather and a hidden border stitch. -From Riudavets

Our very own Riudavets Avarcas!

I was thrilled to connect with Isabel, who helped me learn a bit more about Riudavets and their Avarcas. She offered to send a pair for me, and a pair for B to try out and review! I was thrilled! For each of us to have such a unique pair of leather sandals like this was going to be wonderful as we transitioned into spring!

First up, the women's Avarcas in natural. I loved the simple packaging, made from natural material, which could easily be re purposed for a craft project or recycled.

Women's size 39, Color- Natural.

These Avarcas are gorgeous! If you love the smell of leather like I do, you will love these!

The Women's Avarcas are available in sixteen colors! Yes, you read that correctly! From warm neutrals like black, brown, natural, tan, etc., to beautiful orange, green, yellow, light blue and red, you can have the perfect share to go with just about anything you might wear this spring or summer. As I picked the Avarcas up, I admired the craftsmanship. I love the beautiful side stitching, and the slingback strap. The peep toe style is perfect for anyone who wants a sandal and shoe feel in one!

The Avarcas are sturdy, but flexible. When I tried my Avarcas on, I immediately noticed how deliciously comfortable they were. I liked knowing that my feet would be both comfortable and well protected. One of the hardest things about being an active mom, is trying to keep up with my child in flimsy flip flops... they just aren't practical.

This particular size wound up being a tad too large on me, but they were the perfect fit for my mother-in-law!

I was bummed that the Avarcas were sliding off of my slender feet in this size, but I was beyond thrilled that they fit my m-i-l! Gretchen is really very earthy. She's beautiful and smart, and she's a no fuss kind of lady. She loves to live in bare feet, and if she's going to have a shoe or sandal on, it has to be comfortable, because she's a librarian and she's on her feet all day long. She and I both loved the way the Avarcas looked on her. A bit tight at the strap the first time wearing them was no big deal. If you have ever owned leather sandals, then you already know that they stretch  over time. The more often you wear them, the quicker they become like a mold to your foot!

The gorgeous women's Avarcas go for about $120.00, and are well worth every penny! I have a feeling that the Riudavets Avarcas are going to be Gretch's go-to sandal all spring and summer (and possibly fall) long!

Avarcas for Kids

And if one pair wasn't enough, here's a peek at the second pair of Avarcas, which were sent for B!

Children's Avarcas in Brown

These Riudavets Avarcas for children feature the same style and craftsmanship as the adult Avarcas.

They're so handsome, but what will my handsome little fella think of these?

I am always worried about how B, who's three years old, will react to a new pair of shoes. I actually hate buying him shoes without trying them on first, because it's hard to know what will or won't fit his thick feet. B's feet are just like his Grandma Gretchen's- a bit wide, and thick or tall from top to bottom.

When I presented the children's Avarcas to B, he was so excited! He thought it was super cool that he and Grandma G were going to have the same shoes!

If you're happy and you know it, show off your Avarcas!

The Avarcas sort of blend right in with my dark hardwood floors, but I have to tell you, they look great on B! They fit pretty perfectly, too! There's a little room for his feet to grow into them, and the straps fit extremely well! Those will loosen up on him the more he wears them during the spring and summer months. He couldn't wait to show off his cool dude style in his new Avarcas from Riudavets!

Here's a better look at B in his Avarcas and blue jeans... stylin'!

B said he felt like an astronaut cowboy in his jeans, white tee and brown Avarcas! Love it!

And here is B's very favorite 'model pose' for the camera in his Avarcas.

As a parent, I feel great knowing that B will have a durable, flexible and comfortable sandal shoe that he can wear during the spring and summer months. The great thing about the Avarcas, is that they are so beautifully simple, that they pretty much go with just about anything, no matter what your style. B obviously loves wearing these with jeans, and they look great with a dressier khaki pant, and look so chic with shorts, too!

For the ladies, the Avarcas look beautiful with Bermuda shorts, a sun dress, maxi dress or skirt for spring and summer. Guess what? Avarcas are made with men in mind, too! The men's style is the same as the women's and children's and is available in eight different colors! I think my hubby and dad would both love these!

Features of the Riudavets Avarcas

Riudavets rustic sandals are the result of three generations of experience in shoe making. Known for its exceptional quality and comfort, Riudavets’ Avarcas have several unique features: — Hidden side stitch — High quality leathers — Recycled car tire sole.
*Kids Pairs $88.00
Adult Pairs $120.00

Riudavets is poping up everywhere! They were recently featured as a Zulily favorite brand, and they've also been featured in The New York Times! There's certainly quite a lot to love about their beautiful, simple design that will take you from the picnic table to a day about town, from the coast to the mountains! Riudavets Avarcas are a must- have for your spring collection, and are an essential basic to pack for your summer travels this year! Invest in a pair, and they'll be with you for life!

Want Them? Buy Them!

Head on over to the Riudavets website, to learn more about these beautiful Avarcas, how they are made, and more! Remember, there are tons of available sizes and styles for men, women and children! You can also connect with Riudavets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Want Them? Win Them!

One lucky MBP reader will win (1) Adult Pair of Avarcas AND (1) Child's Pair of Avarcas from Riudavets! A pair for you (or your spouse?) and a pair for one of your kiddos! How awesome is that? Just use the handy dandy Rafflecopter entry form below to enter for your chance to win! The giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older.

Special thanks to Style Guide Sponsor Riudavets, and Isabel, for introducing me to their wonder Avarcas and outfitting my family for warmer weather! We also thank Riudavets for sponsoring this wonderful spring style giveaway for our readers!
Good luck!
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  7. I learned that the Riudavets Comfortable, durable and handmade from premium Spanish leather and 100% recycled rubber that is made from Car Tires!

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  10. I learned that the Riudavets Company is located in Spain!

  11. Riudavets come in a variety of colors and were made for the hard terrain in Spain for the people to walk around in. They are really comfortable walking on a hard ground.

  12. Ruudavets are made from genuine Spanish Leather that feels very comfortable on the feet!

  13. The first Ruydavets has its origins in the Menorcan countryside-a small island in the Spanish Mediterranean.

  14. Riudavets was established in the late 1920s, and currently run by the third generation. It has always been a family business.

  15. Riudavets are made of a classic tire sole, a fine suede inner lining, greased leather and a hidden border stitch.

  16. Ruydavets can be worn by women or men for a comfortable walk!

  17. Riudavets are even made for children and they can walk in these and be very comfortable! Cute colorful styles!

  18. This sandal can easily take you from the beach to the city – making it the ultimate wardrobe staple.

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