Smile Brilliant! Review and Giveaway

When I was younger Steph and my Grandma A. (Ondria’s G.G. in law) used to tell me “You’re so beautiful! Especially when you smile.” I smile a lot more now that I'm older but I'm always worried that my teeth aren’t up to par. Id love to have a professional whitening treatment done but they are expensive. I’ve used the strips before and they work great but it takes days and sometimes weeks to get results. I'm a results right now kind of lady.

Smile Brilliant! is a right now product that any adult can use! Its super easy to use and it works. To get brighter whiter teeth of your own you just follow a few easy steps.

LED Accelerator Kit

1.     Brush the whitening gel onto your teeth (it feels and tastes like the gel on the back of the whitening strips)
Whitening Gel

2.     Insert protective mouth guard into your mouth so it is covering your teeth.

The mouth guard helps keep the gel in place and off your lips

3.     Turn on the special LED light and put it into your mouth.

Don't look directly into the light!!!
4.     Sit back and relax while Smile Brilliant does all the work.
Disclaimer: not all of you will look as beautiful as I do while whitening your teeth.

Watching The Walking Dead while I whiten. 

I chose to whiten my teeth for the shortest amount of time just to initially see how white it got my teeth. I think it worked pretty well. They aren’t the whitest I’ve ever seen but this system is defiantly something I’ll use again. Next time I use it, I’ll go longer to see a more drastic result.

Before Smile Brilliant! (Gross I know) 

After Smile Brilliant! (Much better right?!)

Smile Brilliant! is a national dental lab that helps customers receive professional strength teeth whitening without going to the dentist. Smile Brilliant! wants to make teeth whitening affordable for everyone. Their lab can even create custom fit bleaching trays for you to use in your own home. Now, when it comes to whitening, you can be your own dentist.

I like by Smile Brilliant! whitening kit but I still strongly suggest seeing a dentist yearly for all of your other oral needs. Your smile is very important and Smile Brilliant! and MBP wants it to stay that way.

Want it? Buy it!
Smile Brilliant! has a few different types of whitening kits to pick from. You can purchase the LED Accelerating Kit (pictured above) for $39.99 or customize your kit for different prices. You can also pick the Custom Fit Kit(pictured here) for as little as $89.99.

At home custom fit whitening trays

Want it? Win it!
 One lucky reader will win their own LED Accelerating Kit just like mine! Just fill out the easy entry form below and get the teeth you've been longing for! Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Special thanks to Smile Brilliant! for sponsoring this awesome review and giveaway! My teeth look great! 


  1. I smile with my teeth when I'm truly happy, without teeth when I'm putting on a face or trying to cover my displeasure

  2. I used to smile with teeth but I'm getting more self conscious, too much coffee drinking!

  3. Yes, I would do an at home bleaching kit if I had one.

  4. with teeth

  5. without but i don't smile hat much since i have the worst smile ever.

  6. Yes, I could def. use an at home bleaching kit.

  7. yes, i would love to do an at home kit. Too much coffee drinking :)

  8. i smile without teeth. mainly because my mouth is really small and when i attempt to smile with my teeth, it looks like i am forcing it.

  9. yes, i would use an at home bleaching kit. i was just recently looking into it.

  10. pinned a photo on pinterest :)


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