Let Boba Carry Your Baby Review and Giveaway

Handling three children in public can be a challenge and for the most part one I can manage. I get the usual comment "Looks like you have your hands full," to which I always want to respond "You should see my heart" but never really do. I have also been a fan of baby wearing since B was born back in 2006. I love having my babies close to me and know that they are safely tucked in to me. I enjoy it not only for walking, but also for errands, and even chores. I remember when we bought our house I was cleaning carpets in our basement, with S in her carrier at 8 months old. Baby wearing is such an easy way to get around with all three of the kids in tow.
With a huge boom in baby wearing, there are many options out for parents to use. I personally have only tried two brands and have been happy with both, but when I found my most recent company, I have been even more thrilled and wish I knew about them sooner.
Boba was founded by husband and wife team Elizabeth and Robert. Looking for an adventure in 2007, that left them traveling the world with two children on a very tight budget, Elizabeth had the idea and Robert the plans to create a business. This business was baby wraps. While they were traveling and starting their business at the same time, they sold their first wrap and continued to grow what they had created. When they arrived back in the US, they were based in Michigan and over the last five years have really grown into a large team that oversees it all. To read more in depth about their story, click here (it is really interesting and inspirational)
I was in touch with Bethany, the Project Manager with Boba. You can see more of the Boba team here. Bethany let me know what products they would like to see featured and had me choose what I felt would fit our family best.
Boba is made to accommodate many different sizes of babies and toddlers depending on the style. After browsing the styles, which include: Boba Baby Carrier 4G,  Boba Wrap, and Boba Air, I knew exactly which one I would go with.
Our Boba package has arrived!
Is this for us?
What could it be?
Mommy gets something to use with Baby C!
I decided that the BobaAir was the best carrier for our families needs. The description online was what sold me "The BobaAir is simple to use, ultra lightweight and ergonomic! The perfect carrier for travelers or any parent on the go – when you’re done, just fold, zip & stash. The BobaAir is intended for children 15-45lbs." It met our crazy lifestyle of sports, school, dance, Cub Scouting, and travel, all while being the perfect size to support Baby C now and for quite the time to come.
The BobaAir comes in a zippered pouch that folds in to itself and is one piece. This is so perfect for me to keep in the diaper bag for quick grabs at the store or anything else we decide to do at a moment's notice. It does not take up any more room than my wallet or a package of wipes do. It is also very lightweight (just 0.7 lbs)  making it almost unnoticeable when added to the already full diaper bag. The BobaAir is made of 100% nylon which makes it lightweight, breathable, and durable (also a huge plus when you are on the go often).
My first time using the BobaAir was during a family trip to play Monster Mini Golf. I can't carry a baby and swing a golf club, so this made a great time to try it out. I got out the easy to follow instructions which involved buckling and fitting the waist belt, placing C inside the carrier, and placing, fitting, and buckling the shoulder straps. I could easily accomplish this all on my own and in a short amount of time.
The BobaAir offered great support to keep C snug and secure the whole game of golf. She has fallen asleep on other outings now too, because she is so comfortable. I will have to say that this wouldn't be my go to for long hikes like we did in the Smoky Mountains because the padding is not there. I am completely happy with its performance for running errands and quick activities.
The BobaAir can be used for front or back carrying. Since C is currently only meeting the front carry weight requirements, we haven't had a chance to try out the back carry, but I know she will love to try it out when she is bigger. This girl does not like to miss out on the world!
Check out these Amazing Ways that Boba Inc. is committed to practicing green business.
  • Boba Inc. Management team’s commitment to using bicycles for at least 50% of their local transportation needs. They are lucky to live in Boulder which boasts nearly 100 miles of linked bike paths within city limits.
  • All packaging supplies are now being recycled or donated for re-use
  • Boba Inc. invested into a new green server in April ’09 with Rackspace. It offers carbon neutral hosting and energy conservation. Data center emissions and power consumption can have a significant environmental impact so they opted for a carbon neutral low-voltage server and a processor with an energy efficient drive and memory. Although the website hosting costs increased almost 3-fold it is worth it for them to know that they are running a carbon-neutral website.
  • Boba Inc. supports and donates to local Eco-Cycle and their efforts to build Zero Waste communities
  • They use only CFL & LED lighting in all office and warehouse space 
  • They sponsor the Holistic Moms Network (www.holisticmoms.org)

The BobaAir retails for $65 and comes in 3 color choices: white, blue, or black. You can find the BobaAir online through Boba or in many local stores. Boba also carries other items to increase the greatness of their carriers. Check out the Boba Vest, Boba Hoodie, and more.

Want It? Buy It!
 Locate your nearest Boba retailer by checking out the store locations here. Do you know a store near you that would be perfect for carrying Boba's products? Follow this to refer your store and Boba can be right at your fingertips. Visit and Like Boba Inc. on Facebook, Repin Boba on Pinterest, Follow Boba on Twitter, and check them out on Instagram and Google+ too.
Want It? Win It!
 Thank you for your interest in the Boba Blog review giveaway! This giveaway is not just for MBP readers, but shared among many other blogs. This giveaway will run until March 31st.
Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Wrap or a Boba Air! All products can be seen at www.boba.com. With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products.
To enter to win, follow the Rafflecopter instructions.

Thanks so much to Boba!
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