Monday, March 3, 2014

Jess' Journey; The Road To A Healthier Me

What Can Shoes Do For You?

Seriously, what can shoes do for you? I know they cover your feet and keep them from getting hurt but what else can shoes do for you? 

Shoes make me feel good about myself. Honestly, they are one of the only things I can try on for hours and not really get upset because "nothing fits me". I mean how many times have you gone to try on clothes and ended up hating how you look and leaving the store downhearted because "nothing fits"? A lot of times if you're me. 

That being said let me introduce you to a line of environmentally responsible shoes that will not only make you feel better but look better too! Therafit Shoes are fabulous with a capital F! Our senior contributer Ondria introduced me to Arielle Egozi from Therafit and I am overjoyed that she did. I have never worn a more comfortable pair of athletic shoes. I feel like a kid again! Remember when you tried on a pair of gym shoes and you said they made you run faster and jump higher? Thats exactly how I feel! I swear these shoes are the best! I've worn them to school all week, where Im on my feet all day, and not once have my feet hurt at the end of the day. That is a miracle! Where have these shoes been all my life and why don't I have like 80 pair?!
Nothing makes me happier than this sight.
New shoe smell! 

Therafit Shoes are totally different than any other pair of shoes you can just run to the store and buy off the shelf. These B-Corporation shoes have been co-developed by Lisa Masterson of the TV show 'The Doctors'! Endorsed by the National Posture Institute, Therafit shoes are designed to cushion and supprot your feet while reducing the aches and pains from every day activites. The coolest part of Therafit is their patented Personalized Comfort System or PCS. The PCS allows you adjust the cushion level and impact protection. Basically you decided how you want your shoes to work for you. I mean really, how much cooler can you get?! Click here to learn all about your specific kind of pain and how Therafit can help you.

Im really hoping my new Therafit shoes will help get me motivated to start walking again. When the treadmill doesnt work and you have either 3 feet of snow or -30 windchills, getting outside is pretty difficult! But with my new Therafit hopefully Ill get back on track as soon as Indiana thaws out!! 

Want it? Buy It!
Therafit has some other amazing shoes available to buy. Check out some of my favorite styles.

Want it? Win it!
One incredibly lucky winner can win their own pair of Therafit shoes just by filling out the easy entry form below. Come on... you know you want a new pair of shoes! Who doesn't?!

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Special thanks to Therafit for sponsoring this awesome giveaway and review! Also thank you to Arielle and Ondria for introducing me to Therafit! I LOVE MY SHOES!!!